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Blind rage

In a split second, my knuckles connected with a bony jaw. The collision was followed with a loud shriek and then a body being hauled some meters away. I closed the distance between us almost at the same instant and rained down punches on the guy’s face. All I saw in my eyes was a red haze and nothing else. Another kind of rage and anger had filled me so much that I angrily enjoyed punching the guy’s face. It was like the person had snapped some kind of a trip wire in me that could never be reconnected. I couldn’t control what I was feeling at the moment, I just wanted to beat this person endlessly for pissing me off. Blood spurt out of his nose under the constant punches I rained on him making his face extremely bloodied but this only served to make me want to punch him more. His attempts of throwing me off him were negligible, he struggled until his arms started growing weaker and pale. Unfortunately for him, I couldn’t stop what had gotten into me.

A very loud scream brought me to my logical mind, I then clearly saw what I had done. Someone threw me off the guy who lay on the ground. I widened my eyes in horror then rushed to pick my spectacles that got thrown off during the fight. I had never fought in school or at home no matter what, I had never fought before in my life except for now. Did I just kill the man? My heart started beating faster and the tingling sensation on my arms grew rapidly.

" I’m… I’m ” I stuttered backing up some steps. Sebastian sprinted towards the boy who lay unconscious on the ground. He placed two of his fingers on the guy’s neck probably to check his pulse. He quickly proceeded to dial a number on his phone.
" I … I didn’t mean….I didn’t want to kill him, I’m so … I’m so sorry. He just came at me...and ...and I just snapped….” My voice trembled seeing Sebastian’s reaction.
" White lane, uhm yes, street 83, house number eight. He is still alive but weak...yes, immediately” Sebastian said to the phone. He turned to look at me angrily after the call
" Dude, you could have killed him” he shouted. I gulped bitterly words getting stuck on my throat. Claire was staring at me eyes wide open like I was an alien. She was the one who screamed stopping me from killing his ex boyfriend. Well, I was even suprised at me. The guy’s nose was smashed , blood was all over his face, his eyes were swollen shut and his upper lip was cracked into two parts. How was I even that strong to do that?

The sound of sirens some minutes later made me train my eyes at the driveway. A police car followed behind the ambulance that was just making entrance. The guy I had just beaten was loaded into the ambulance immediately by the men. After only one glance at my bloodied hands by the police men, I was handcuffed and pushed into the police car. Sebastian’s fragile tries to try and defend me saying I did that in self defense bore no good results. Nevertheless, he still followed us on my car to the police station.

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