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wait, what?

“When did you get so strong?” Sebastian asked me while we were driving from the police station. I just stared at my bloodied shirt silently. Never have I ever slipped like that before, heck I’ve never even fought a person. Well, apart from the verbal one I have never engaged someone physically.

" You just kept punching the poor guy even after he begged for your forgiveness”

" He did?” I asked suprised

I swear I never heard a thing apart from Claire’s scream. All I saw was a red punching bag which kept struggling underneath me. His struggles were like a fuel to that strange anger I had. What was up with me exactly?

" You snapped and blacked out in a way….what did he do or say?”

" He pushed me and...and grabbed my shirt. I think he provoked me” not a good reason to send a person to the ICU

“I push you all the time and you’ve never rained blows on my head” Sebastian rolled his eyes still confused. If only he knew I was even more astonished at myself than he was.

We found my dad with two other men in our living room. From their attires, I ruled them as doctors who were here to test my blood. I was even more unsure than ever about the blood test, I felt like I won’t be lucky following today’s recent events.

" Where were you?” my dad fired the moment we stepped in ” you have blood on your shirt?” He more of asked than said.

Sebastian mouthed at me a ‘call me’ before he rushed outside. I sighed then proceeded to sit on the table, the comfy chairs would lull me to sleep as tired as I was.

I found the two doctors staring at me like I was some sort of an overgrown beetle or some sort of a cure to a certain untreatable disease, maybe it was the blood on my shirt surprising them. I was just about to snap at them that it was unprofessional of them but then I remembered, I didn’t have my glasses on. My eyes were the magnet that attracted their gazes. My shoulders hunched when I recalled the glasses being broken earlier.

" You must be Michael Marcus” one of them faked a smile and said. The other one who had an overgrown mustache like he was from London was still gazing at me with lots of curiosity, and it was starting to get disturbing.

" Can we skip to the part where you test my blood? I have to watch a movie” I said agitated. I was already feeling mutant-y and a bonding session with two doctors wasn’t exactly on top of my list at the moment.

" I apologize for that, he’s always that way” my dad jumped in and apologized respectfully. Mustache man who didn’t appear annoyed by my demeanor waved his arm dismissively.

" We won’t take much if your time” he said whilst taking out a syringe and a small-sized glass tube, the kind we use in science labs. He also took out a glass bottle half filled with a strange gold liquid.

" Is it sterilized?” I asked before the doctor poked my vein

He nodded with a smile

" Are you sure?” I asked stopping him once again

" Just sterilize it while he sees” my dad smiled bitterly noticing my unwillingness to get poked by the needle

The doctor shook his head with a tired sigh then opened a new packet of needles. He intentionally took out a needle in a very slow motion and waved it infront of me before he attached it to the syringe.

To get things straight, I don’t fear needles, I just fear getting sick and my cautious behavior was a result of my fear.

After the doctor drew my blood, he opened the glass bottle with the golden liquid and added some of it into my blood which was now in a separate glass tube.

For a whole full minute, nothing seemed to happen. Not even a slight change, no sizzling or dramatic scientific colouration, it was as if my blood ate all the gold from the liquid. I half expected the combination to burst into a giant cloud of blue colour but it didn’t. From the doctor’s confused faces, I realized that the no change was not normal.

Mustache man shook the contents once again while adding more of the golden liquid. Still, no change even after thirty seconds of intense gazing.

" Give up already, my blood is normal” I couldn’t help but say with a relieved smile. I’m as normal as a normal person gets.

" Normal blood gets blue” the doctor almost whispered.

He poured my blood mixture into the glass bottle with the remaining golden liquid then shook it. That was when my smile froze.

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