Sarah X Blade One Shots

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This is one shots on my Vampire charcters from my Vampire Series. I reccommend reading the series to amke sense of the characters.

Fantasy / Romance
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How Blade and Sarah Met

Sarah’s POV

I was walking through town going to Superstore for groceries. I was scrolling through my song playlist when I bumped into someone. Looking up, a guy who looks to be no older than twenty, stands in front of me. His wavy brown locks cover part of his eyes. His tall figure blocked my way from my errand.

“Excuse me,” I say politely.

He glanced down at me unfazed when I noticed his eyes changed to red before turning back to brown eyes.

“Excuse me,” I say once again, getting a bit inpatient.

“What?” he said rudely.

“You’re in my way,” I stated.

“Nice. Go around me.” He seemed irritated but I let it pass.

Shaking my head I went around him continuing when I glanced back at him while watching me. He gives me this creepy stare as if he’s plotting my murder. I stopped walking, giving him a “wtf” look but he kept staring at me.

This guy is creepy. A blue truck pulls up in front of him when the window rolls down and someone says something catching his attention. Taking one last look at me he got in the truck and left.

Weird. I kept walking to the store completely forgetting about that guy.

Bringing the list up on my phone I search for the items.

Blade’s POV

I’m waiting for my ride as I watch the cars go by. Checking the time on my watch I started to become inpatient with Keir. I told him to be here by one and it’s twenty past one. I’m going to kill him.

As people passed by, I struggled to control my hunger for blood. It didn’t help when a young woman fell off her bike and scraped her knee. I felt my fangs urging me to come out for a feast but I held back.

Definitely going to kill that shit head for keeping me waiting.

I lower my head concealing myself when someone bumped into me, losing my concentration. I glance up to see a young girl staring at me. Her brown hair shining in the light. I found my new distraction but it didn’t last for long when her scent reached my nostrils.

Damn she smells nice. I wonder what her blood tastes like?

“Excuse me,” she said, gaining my attention. By the way her voice sounded like she was trying to gain my attention.

“What?” I rudely stated. I don’t have the patience to be dealing with her.

“You’re in my way.”

Seriously? Is this bitch serious? I definitely don’t have time for her. However, taking a closer look at her, she seems oddly familiar.

“Nice. Go around me,” I stated bluntly. She shook her head moving around me. I watched her walk away thinking deep in my useless brain. I tried to pinpoint where I’ve seen her before.

She must have sensed me watching her because when she glances back, she gives me the “wtf” look.

“Blade,” Keir called for me. I look over trying to figure out how long he’s been here. I didn’t see him drive up. Taking one last glance at her I hop into the truck. He passes me a bottle of blood.

“Thanks. You made me suffer having to keep my thirst in check,” I say drinking up.

“Sorry man, but Dawn wouldn’t allow me to leave. Also, what were you staring at?”

“This girl. She looks oddly familiar.”

“There’s a lot of girls that you’ve seen around town.”

“No, yeah-but no. No, this one is different and I can’t seem to pinpoint where I’ve seen her.”

“What’s her name?”

“I don’t fucking know.”

“Didn’t you talk to her?”

“Kind of . . . Not really. She seems like a stuck up bitch.”

“What did she say?”

I clear my throat getting my best feminan voice, “Excuse me, you’re in my way.”

Keir burst into laughter as I chuckled while taking another sip of my drink. “Oh she probably is. Describe her to me.”

“Well, she’s shorter than I am. Looks to be mid teen, blonde wavy hair. Fair skin and sea blue eyes. Her face is almost an oval shape.”

“It seems like you’re describing the daughter of the Vampire leader.”


“Yeah. Sarah Harper. She’s scared of the forest.”

“Oh, it’s her.”


We get a lot of people, mostly teens, coming into the forest which is our territory. According to the law in town, created by the vampire hunter himself, Mr. Harper, vamps aren’t allowed to feed off of the people in town except when we’re in the forest. That’s where we snack on human blood.

However, people, mostly teens, test out abilities by going deep in the forest then trying to outrun us. No one makes it out alive. There’s the odd person who’s smart enough to not go in the forest alone. They would go in a group which isn’t smart because we outrun them. More food for us.

We found out that this one girl is scared of the forest. I don’t know why but she is the smartest one. From what I’ve heard she sticks to the pathway through the forest with her two friends. She would not step in the forest for whatever reason.

Until now, I didn’t know that the girl I ran into is the same girl who’s scared of the forest.

Sarah’s POV

I walk in the house with the groceries. I set them on the kitchen counter unloading them. I turn the music loudly for me to sing along while putting away the groceries.

When I’m done I lay back on the couch watching tv when my phone rings. Checking the ID I picked up the call.

“Hey Sabe, what’s up?”

“Sarah, you’ll never guess what just happened!”

“What happened?”

“You’re supposed to guess!”

“Okay? You got a date?”

“No! Although I wish that was true- but no! Some guy talked back to Marie. Literally!”

“And this is exciting, how?”

“The vampires did. You know?”

“Kind of.” There’s these vampires that live in the woods which claim the land. Whomever tresspasses will die as there’s no escape. My father, who’s the vampire leader, told them that they mustn’t eat any human blood while off of their land.

“Okay, Sabe. I think you lost it.”

“I did not. Come to the forest and you’ll see, it’s happening right now.”

“Sabe, you know I hate the forest.”

“Okay, I’ll send Lennix to come get you.”

“Hey!” I heard from the other end. I guess he heard Sabe.

“I want Sarah here so you go get her now!” he argued.

“Okay fine. I’ll be there in five.”

Our town is small enough that most of us know each other. I know most of the people here, mostly because of who my father is. I hung up getting ready to leave when a horn honked outside. I ran outside, locking the door, then jumping into Lennix’s car.

“Hey Sarah.”

“Hey Lennix.”

He drove towards the forest when he was telling me how this guy, named Blade, was going off at Marie.

“He wasn’t remorseful. She does deserve it though.”

We got to the forest. We headed out together when I saw the crowd of people surrounding two people. We heard shouting coming from the crowd.

“No one likes a bitch like you.”

Marie gasps as the crowd oohs. We pushed our way through the crowd when the guy I bumped into earlier and Marie were standing.

“Well no one likes a stuck up asshole like you.”

“Unlike me, your sense of fashion needs addressing.”

She gasps again. “My fashion doesn’t need addressing!”

“Says the one who’s getting offended every five seconds.”

“I do not get offended.”

“Right, shorty. I’ll be going. I don’t remember having an arrogant bitch on my agenda.”

The whole crowd burst into “Oh’s” and “roasted.”

Maria storms up to him when he grabs her hand and whips her around so her back is facing him as he places his hand on her neck. “I wouldn’t do that if I were you. I’d just go home and forget this ever happens. I don’t want to die because some pathetic bitch wanted up size me.” He let her go, pushing her towards her friends.

“Go home everybody,” An African American yells at us before going to the guy’s side.

“So who are they?” I whisper to Lennix.

“That’s Blade,” he points to the kid who roasted Maria. “And that’s Keir, his friend,” the African American guy stood beside Blade.

I walk up to them when they notice me.

“Ah, look who it is?” Blade said, eyeing me down.

“I want to say congrats for saying something to Marie. She can be abitch alright.”

“Yeah she is. If it wasn’t for being on your land I would have snapped her neck within seconds.”

“I would be happy about that. She gets on my nerves.”

“Well, why don’t you do anything?”

“Are you kidding? None of us have the balls to speak up to her.”

“Well I think it’s about time, now is it?”

“I don’t know.”

He smirks. “The names Blade Ramose,” he introduces, sticking his hand out.

“Sarah Harper,” I say, shaking his hand.

“You’re Harper’s kid, aren’t you? The vampire leader?”


“Well, it was nice meeting you but like I said before, I must get going.”

“Nice meeting you, Ramose.”

“You too Harper.”

Then he and his friend left.

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