Hellish Queen

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Isadora, or Iz has a bunch of problems. Between managing certain...appetites, evading police, mysterious men in white suits and surviving on the streets of Rayton now, her friend is killed protecting her. That spurrs on a series of events that no one can foresee like Iz being the only succubus in history and also the future queen of hell. Now she has a whole new set of problems. +18 plus only. Trigger warnings include: language, violence, sexual scenes, dub con (the main character does use sex as a defensive power.), very loose take on Christian mythos.

Fantasy / Romance
Stephanie Sharpe
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Chapter 1: A day in the life...or not.

The bricks behind me scrape into my back as whatever-his-name-is thrusts into me. I think his name is Craig, maybe Clarke, or Brian. I have no idea. Don’t judge. You don’t even know what’s going on yet. Sure, I could be some girl slutting it up but I could also be drunk out of my mind or I could have short-term memory loss. Either way, it’s none of your business. It’s my life and I’ll do what I want.
This guy however isn’t really a stalwart citizen. He’s using me to win some kind of bet with his buddies in the bar. I don’t care as long as I get some. My hunger has been riding me hard. It was either this guy or one of his skeevy friends and he is much better looking. I knew if I waited any longer I would end up killing someone again and the goal is not to let it get that bad. Give a man a good orgasm once a week and I’m as good as gold. Unfortunately, I've been going through a rather dry spell.
I feel my orgasm building but I also feel his coming too and faster than mine. Looks like I gotta take the reins on this ride. It'd be a shame if I didn’t have a good time too.
I grab his face in my hands and pull him into a kiss and pull. I pull at whatever it is inside of my partners that fuels me and I drink it up. As I take I come hard against him as he falls to his knees coming and coming and coming. I leave him lying there panting in his afterglow as I fix my skirt and panties and head back blissfully full.
I reach the shelter and find a few more people have gathered outside next to the trashcan to keep warm. I take out the few newspapers that I took from a cafe on my way back from my bag and pass them to Gary. He'll make sure they last long enough to hopefully keep them all warm for a bit.
“Thanks, Iz.” He grunts before pulling a few pages out and tossing them in. I nod to them and head inside. Peyton said she would save me a room since I was sick this morning. I definitely looked sick this morning but after an alley romp with what’s-his-face, I am in prime fighting condition. Still, I'd be an idiot to pass up a chance for a warm bed.
Passing Nancy the shelter coordinator I make my way inside. I’ve known her since I was thirteen and got kicked out of the group home. I’ve come a long way since then I know my way around, I know where to get a decent meal and a warm shower if I need it. I know who to stay away from and that everyone is out for themselves. It’s not personal, it’s survival.
“Heya Iz. How was your night?” Nancy smiles marking me down on her clipboard
“Not bad.” I shrug before heading inside and holding my backpack in front of me. The shelter is packed which means it will be even warmer. Thank God because my legs are freezing. It’s true what they say, only whores and penguins don’t feel the cold. Even though I don’t charge for my meals my short skirt leaves very little to the imagination but I felt every breeze. I’m worried about chapped lips.
Peyton is waving me over to a spot against the wall. Prime spots, she must have gotten here early. Peyton is a sweetheart. A cute little redhead with balls of brass. We hit it off a few months ago and have had each others’ backs ever since.
“Hey, Doll. What’s cooking for tomorrow?” She asks patting on the cot at her head.
“I got a job washing dishes at the diner on Eighth then bartending at the bar on Church. You?”
“Nothing. Couldn’t find anything on my end of town.” She shrugs.
“Wanna do the dishwashing?” I offer.
“Thanks, Doll. I really need some green.” Don’t we all.
“No problem. They want you there at noon.” I say laying down my head at hers.
“You’re the best.”
“I know.” I chuckle before settling down to sleep still clutching my bag. I can’t afford to lose anything I have. It’s all been hard-earned and no thief is going to take it from me.
Waking up to silence is the worst feeling when you know there are supposed to be sixty to seventy people in the room with you. Something is wrong. I can feel it. Awareness has the hairs on the back of my neck itching.
I look up and see the room is full but still. Too still. What is going on? I don’t bother to move in case someone sees me.
There’s movement at the edge of my periphery that I can’t make out. I roll my head to the side like I'm still sleeping and instantly regret it.
They’re back. Those terrifying men in white.
I first ran into them when I started getting hungry for not-food. If ya know what I mean. I was sixteen and had killed a man. He was a lot older than me and wouldn’t take no as an answer. After a while, I didn’t take no for an answer either. I drained him of everything he had leaving the scariest grinning corpse. Like he died happy while my skin crawled.
I had just stopped crying and was turning the corner away from him when three men in crisp white suits arrived out of nowhere. They said that the death looked right and fresh and that “she” should be around somewhere. I could only assume they meant me so I ran.
They show up every time I leave a body behind but I didn’t this time. What’s-his-face was alive. I didn’t kill him so what are they doing here?
Maybe they aren’t looking for me. Maybe they're after someone else. Yea, right. I should be so lucky.
I hear footsteps come closer and I shut my eyes feigning sleep again. Fighting my pounding heart to slow my breathing.
Don’t find me, don’t find me.
“Stay still and stay quiet.” I hear Peyton whisper next to me a few moments before I hear a hit. Peyton.
“Ow fuck!” She cries. Shit.
“Well, hello little Hellspawn. My brothers and I are looking for someone.” A smooth voice explains. I hear her whimpers but I stay still. I do as I’m told but I hate every minute of it.
“Where is the succubus?” He asks.
“Fuck you.” Peyton hisses.
“Now now, is that any way to speak to your betters?” Oooh, I wanna kill this guy.
“Oh, my apologies good sir. Fuck you, you fucking Pidgeon!” She spits instead. There’s the unmistakable sound of skin hitting skin before I hear her cackling.
“You’ll never find her. With my death, someone good will come to look for her and they’ll know her on sight.” She laughs maniacally before a heavy wet sound echoes around the room.
The men in white start cursing and then there’s nothing. Silence. Then the sounds of the shelter fill the air again paired with a scream.
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