Red roses and the lust for life

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So life is life, there are nice people and nice places, and also Blood sucking vampires, man eating werewolves, and human slaughtering witches, just normal country life, 😅 welcome back to Oakmore for book three, for more death witchcraft, love and lust, and everything in between.

Fantasy / Romance
A. L Elmer
Age Rating:

Chapter 1 summer

I did not want to go to six form, and still, don’t,

One week left before six form, I was planning to meet Greg at the reck to play football,

Do do do!, went my alarm, mum came in, Freddy darling you can’t ignore your alarm anymore,

Said mum.

Hello my name is Fred yones, and I am not a vampire, but I’m not a human either, I have what some would call the normal teenage life, I play football, enjoy Netflix, and am about to head off to tix form, normal life,

However there are things about my life that really aren’t normal, things about my Girlfriend that really aren’t, normal.

Either way, I walked down stairs, mum was at the kitchen table, morning darling, said mum, morning I replied, sipping my tea, and making some toast, why did you set your alarm if you are just going to ignore it?, asked mum, I’m just trying to get ready for school life, however I am failing, I replied,

Why are you even dredging six form?, asked mum, it’s just school, I replied, she smiled, well it’s much better then school, your aloud to wear your normal clothes, and leave to go to the shop in-between lessons, and on top of that you get to see Marcy every day, said mum.

Now there is that too it,

I have been seeing her almost everyday this summer, for pizza movies and love making you know, normal stuff, of course there are some days we can’t, after everything that has happened we have grown closer, in a really good way.

Slightly later that day I left to meet Greg to play football, Jake still had a bad leg, this was more then annoying, I miss playing football with him.

God I’m dreading six form, I said, me to, replied Greg, one more week of laying in and playing endless games of football, said Greg, I know, I said, back to getting up at the crack of dawn and other shit, I continued, oh god why?!, shouted Greg as we played.

But I’ve got some news, said Greg, what’s that then?, I asked, you know I’m 16 now, Moana says she’ll let me use her moped when my license comes through, this is so damn helpful, no more taking the bloody bus to work, said Greg, happily.

We carried on with are game, and for once in my life I was beating him at a game, so you got any plans for later dude?, he asked, no not really, I’m gunna go over to see Jake though, he got his leg sorted yet?, asked Greg, no I don’t think so, damn how long has he had that?, asked Greg, I don’t know, I replied, before are exams, before all that stuff with the slayers kicked off, I replied.

We carried on playing for a little while, and after that went and got Pepsi, and stayed at the reck for a bit,

I walked home soon later, and played on my Xbox,

4pm, I went over to see Marcy, the highlight of my day 🥰, she made me a cup of coffee and we kissed, before going up to her room, and she finished her latest drawing of me, which was incredibly impressive,

Other then Autumn hovering in the kitchen we were home alone, this was nice,

So sixth form is in a week, you looking forward to it?, I asked, yeah but I’m also quite nervous, said Marcy, other then that really looking forward to it, she replied with that beautiful warm smile of hers, 😊, I’m so lucky to have her in my life.

Later that evening I went over to go and see Jake, we played football on the Xbox and watched pointless movies,

We also ate Doritos and Pringles, dude you got your leg sorted yet?, I asked, nah, replied Jake, we finally got a doctors appointment for next week, said Jake, finally, 😂, I laughed, I know, 😂, smirked Jake, I spoke to the doctor about it, he reckons I’ve got child hood arthritis or something, said Jake, shit dude 😂, no more football for you, I said, shut up, said Jake, giggling.

He said he can probably give me pills for it, said Jake, but obviously we have only spoken on the phone, he can’t do much until he’s seen me, continued Jake, anyway how’s Marcy?, he asked, with yet again another smirk, she’s fine, I replied,

I bet you two have had an eventful summer 😂😉, he laughed, shut up dude, I laugh.

This is going to be an interesting year I know that for sure, after everything that happened before summer and so on this is going to be strange.

And are lives just as we know them are normal at this point, a new year is a new start, and that’s the way it is, I just can only hope that nothing will go wrong, and I, ( we all) must just try to stay out of any trouble, and keep it normal.

End of chapter

By A.L Elmer

Ps sorry this chapter is a little short.

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