Dragon Versus Bacon

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Chapter 22: This is the Last Chapter

The cloud of dust dispersed, leaving a lone dragon hovering above the empty planet. It was a long, slender black salamander dragon with markings like a killer whale.

“She killed herself?”

“Ha. No. I made her kill herself.”

“You did?”

“Yes. She was a loose end.”

“Wait, who are you?”

“I’m the combination of our two subconscious minds. You are the combination of our two conscious minds.”

“How did you know that and how did I not and how did you make her kill herself?”

“Well, you see, a dragon’s subconscious is what governs the cunning drive to conquer and kill. It also is the cause of a dragon’s high intelligence and destructive powers. The conscious mind is friendly and simple. It’s why you’re an idiot. Normally, a subconscious would not be present enough to provide anything more than subtle influence on the conscious decisions, but, due to your constant screwing around, you’ve merged with your alternate selves three separate times. That last time finally gave me enough subconscious to build a complete self without having to supplement it with parts of your conscious minds. You are completely conscious, so you are just a playful little orca salamander dragon. I am the opposite, however. Because of this, I’m practically omnipotent, mostly omniscient, and totally evil as shit. Any questions?”


“Good. Let’s go back to earth. There’s an alien invasion coming and I want to see the carnage, the sweet beautiful carnage.”

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