The Secret Ingredient

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Toby, a 17-year old that lives in a world where people have bestowed powers by eating a meal prepared by a god. And Toby is the only one who has ever eaten the table. And now he is captured by Luke, who has now become a part of the Icebreakers.

Fantasy / Action
Grant Ayers
4.7 60 reviews
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Chapter 1 Godly Dispute

Goros POV:

“Food. One of the best motivators that the world has ever known. It can make a whole planet rotate and survive. It can bring happy times to a starving moment. It is the drive that makes a person do what they can to get to the next day. Especially in a world created by another monster such as I.” I state as I look down upon the earth. By my side is my golden spatula. “I made the meals that now dictate the very thoughts of all that you have made… Father.” I turn my head and in the vast star light-filled void I see my father, the true creator of the earth, Ayers. He’s more muscular than me and looks like one of those Greek god statues. Except with short black hair and a goatee.

“You are a fool. My very own son and you let a mortal eat a god-like tool. Do you know what kind of havoc you have brought to what I made!” He shouts at me. His fists curl and was ready to strike me down where I stood.

“I’m the fool? You’re the one that made him. You went down to earth and you-” My father didn’t even wait a second. He was on top of me and the air was knocked out of my doe-like body.

“You will not speak a word!” He declares out loud like a thundering herd of animals. I clench my teeth and growl angrily.

“Why choose him? You made me your slave’s slave. But what really strikes me as odd,.. Is that you are not involving yourself in his life. Instead, you make me watch him!” I push him off of me and I flout back up straight.

“Because like it or not Goros, you are the one that is going to bring an army here. And that boy. I don’t know what is telling me that he is going to help us, but I’m going with my gut feeling on this one.” Ayers says as he turns his back on me. His voice is filled with pride and wisdom.

“You’re the fool. He’s just a kid. Who’s just going to abuse is an amazing gift. And not like he could even match our strength. I checked up on him and he’s no longer your mold. He’s mine. Even with your type of body, he’s shown weakness over and over again. He joined a gang called the Icebreakers. He nearly killed people in his path. And hasn’t shown any sign of irregular behavior then any other person that would have inherited this kind of power. He’s a brute that fights in an arena! Your chosen one is just a fat kid who got powers and a body and became a monster.” I say heavily as anger flows out my mouth.

“Son. You’re a god to those people down there. I made the first few. And much like you, the first thing I make is not always the best. But after millions of years, the humans have always impressed me. Their ingenuity, the adaptability, and the sheer will that they have. That’s something that we can merely only copy. And Goros, Toby is the first human that I’ve seen since you brought your food down there that has shown that he has all three of those wonders that made me fall in love with that creation the most.” He says whimsically. I can’t see his face with his back turned towards me. But I have a feeling that he is smiling.

“Toby,.. Are you really going to be the one to tip this war of ours?” I ask underneath my breath. I stare at the planet and then as the world comes closer I spot him,.. “Oh my. What kind of trouble have you gotten into now?”

Toby’s POV:

“AAAHHHH!!!” I shake in my steel black chair that binds me. The room is dark and I can’t see much. Not so dark that it’s completely black but dark enough to make my skin crawl and not be able to see a few feet in front of me.

My ankles and wrists are purple from tirelessly trying to wretch them out of the iron links. Right now the pain that rushes through my head is something that is making it hard to think. The flashing thoughts come to my mind. One is my mother and father. My mom could make everyone look like a sinner compared to how nice she was. And my father. He was protective and stern. Both are so beautiful. One frequent memory of them was when Helios brought me inside my house. I just got out of a car crash that he orchestrated. He put a bag over my head and then when the bag opened up,.. He killed them with a gun.

The machine that is hooked up to my once known psychiatrist keeps sucking the blood right out of her from tubes. It’s disgusting. And the sound of the fans running and the blood slurping is sending my hair straight up.

“So you’re screaming already? Good.” Luke states. He brings in a single knife. It’s not long but not tiny either. “His werewolf demon-like appearance makes my heart skip a few beats. The inside of my mouth dries up in an instant filling it with a sandy sensation. And in that instance sounds didn't come to my ears. Just the unremitting thumping of my heart going faster and faster. My eyes widen in fear as he calmly walks towards me.”

“Please don’t do this.” I plead. My heart is pounding against my broken ribs. My body is swelling and in pain! “I know that I screwed you over before. But I don’t want to be a person that is just producing you drugs!” I shout out. My restraints are not giving.

“Yeah, you definitely ruined my life. After all you got me arrested. Got my powers taken away. And let’s not forget that you let Roxy die.” He walks over towards me. The room gets smaller as he comes closer. It’s already small as is and now it’s suffocating to the point where my head feels like it’s going to explode. His knife twirling around as if he’s carving the air.

“She was an angel. And there was nothing I could do.” I sob. “I didn’t mean for her to die.” Tears fall down on the cold concrete floor as a new pain emerges in my heart.

“Well, now you’re dealing with the Icebreakers. And I’ll enjoy every second that the cops don’t find me to torture you.” Luke says menacingly. He presses the knife on my chest dragging it slowly and gently over my body.


A giant beam of light strikes down through the rustic steel roof. As the light fades away a fat man wearing a chef’s apron and hat, wielding a golden spatula appears.

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