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Do you like dark magic? What about ghosts only one person can see? Read more to find out.

Fantasy / Adventure
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The Book

The Book

I warned her but it was too late. It all started when a stubborn , blonde, highschool girl came to my library. “ Hey guys wait up!” yelled Natalia. Natalia had been trying to catch up to the twins since their class ended. They finally saw her trying to catch up.

“ Hey blondie.” chuckled James. “ Hey what are you guys doing later? “ asked Natalia. “ Nothing . What about you?” replied Jamie. “ I want to check out this new library. You guys wanna come with me?” , Natalia said. “ Yeah .” Jamie and James replied in unison.

“ Your hair looks really pretty today Natalia.” James and Natalia had a crush on each other since fourth grade, but neither of them knew how the other felt. Natalia blushed and said,

“ Thanks James.” James cheeks turned red. School finally ended and the twins waited for Natalia at her locker as she grabbed her things. Then they headed for the library.

When they were right across the street from the library Jamie said, “ I’ll race you across the street to the door.”

“ You’re on.” boasted Natalia and James.

“ 1,2,3, Go!” yelled James. Natalia zoomed past Jamie and James and made it to the door first with James right behind her.

“ First!” Natalia yelled in triumph.

“ Second!” James boasted.

“ No fair, you guys run track. “ whined Jamie.

“ You wanted to race” James scoffed. “ Natalia that was amazing. You are amazing.” James said. When Natalia looked at James and smiled she noticed his ears and cheeks had gone pink.

Natalia kissed James on the cheek and whispered “ Thanks.”

“ Eww get a room people.” Jamie laughed. Jamie ran inside the library leaving Natalia and James on the sidewalk. Natalia grabbed James hand and ran after Jamie pulling James with her.

“Wow. There must be thousands of books in here.” Natalia exclaimed. There were hundreds of bookshelves filled with books. Natalia and James looked at each other remembering they were still holding hands. Natalia smiled and gazed into James’s dark, and soulful brown eyes. James smiled back and gazed into her light , blue eyes that sparkled like sapphires. When Jamie turned around James pulled his hand from Natalia’s and whistled suspiciously.

“What’s wrong with you two?” , Jamie asked.

“ Nothing.” Natalia and James replied in unison. “ Let’s find the clerk. Maybe he or she can help us find where everything is.” Natalia suggested. They finally found the clerk’s desk and saw a small woman with blazing red hair sitting there.

“ Hello welcome to Mr. Linden’s Library. How may I help you? “ asked the clerk.

“ Hi, can you tell me where the fantasy section is?” replied Natalia.

“ And the romance section.” Jamie chimed in. James and Natalia stared at Jamie in confusion , Jamie usually read comics. “ What ? I’m in my romance phase.” answered Jamie.

The clerk took a long breath and then spoke quickly, “ Fantasy is located in the fiction section, which is upstairs to the right and in the third row. Romance section is upstairs to the left and first row is high school romance . Do not enter the second to fifth row because that is for Adults only.” the clerk emphasized. “ Anything else?” the clerk asked.

“ No, Ma’am .” replied Natalia.

Jamie , James , and Natalia went up the stairs and went to their sections. James and Natalia headed for the Fiction section while Jamie was knee deep in romance. Natalia couldn’t find a book so she started to leave the fiction section. Then she saw an old book hidden under a shelf.

“ Come to me. Come to me. Read me . Read me.” the book whispered. Natalia crept slowly over to the book, intrigued by the whispers. Natalia picked up the book and the title glowed. The title read “Fantasy and Fairy Tales”. Natalia was about to open the book when she heard footsteps behind her. And surely there was an old man with a black cane standing in the shadows of a corner. Natalia screamed.

“ I’m sorry . I didn’t mean to frighten you. I’m Mr. Linden I own this library.” Mr. Linden said. Mr. Linden smiled a crooked smile that showed his crooked , and yellow teeth. Natalia smiled back uneasily. “ Did you find anything you like?” Mr. Linden asked.

“ Yeah this one seemed to call to me.” replied Natalia. Mr. Linden’s grey eyes grew wide as he registered what book she was talking about. “ What’s wrong?” Natalia asked.

“ I should warn you about that book. I don’t know how to destroy it .” Mr. Linden warned.

“ Why does it need to be destroyed?” Natalia asked worriedly.

“ That book contains a darkness that lures people into reading it. It is unpredictable of what it might do. Once someone had bad luck, another an illness, some have been cursed. I try to keep it hidden but it magically appears luring it’s next victim. Then Mr. Linden turned and left, leaving Natalia confused. She decided to get the book anyway. She thought the old man was just a crazy, old nut job. But what she didn’t know was that the worse was to come.

Natalia found James and they talked about their books. Natalia kept the mysterious book to herself. “ Umm, Natalia. Do you like me ? “ asked James.

“ Yeah, of course.” Natalia replied as she sat next to James on the couch in the lounge.

“ I meant as more than friends.” James asked hurriedly. Natalia looked into James’ soulful brown eyes and smiled.

“ James do you like me, more than a friend? “ Natalia asked cheerfully. James looked down at his hands and nodded.

“ I do Natalia . I like you more than a friend . I have since fourth grade.” James whispered. Natalia laughed and James frowned.

“ I’m sorry. I’m not laughing at you, I’m laughing at myself. I’ve liked you since fourth grade too. I was just scared of being rejected. And then you started to date Emily , and I just tried to push those feelings to the pit of my stomach. But every time , every single time you smiled or laughed with me those feeling would rise to the edge of the surface waiting to be let out.” whispered Natalia. Natalia looked at her hands afraid of looking at James and find him laughing at her. “ But now were in tenth grade and now I know you like me too. It’s really hilarious. I have a question .” Natalia whispered. “ Did you break up with Emily because of me?” Natalia asked.

“ Yes. I did. I thought that I had gotten over you but I couldn’t get over the butterflies in my stomach when I was around you.” James whispered.

Natalia looked back into James’s brown eyes. James smiled then glanced at Natalia’s lips then back to her eyes. Natalia licked her lips instinctively. James began to lean towards Natalia and closed his eyes. Natalia’s heart pounded as he inched closer. She could hear her heart pounding in her ears. She closed her eyes and as her lips met James’ an explosion of sensations burst like fireworks on the Fourth of July. When the kiss was over Natalia opened her eyes and saw James was smiling at her.

James laughed softly then Natalia rested her head on James’ shoulder and said , “What does this mean?”

“I think it means that you guys are boyfriend and girlfriend now.” chuckled Jamie. Jamie was standing their squealing excitedly and was bouncing up and down like a kangaroo on a sugar high.

“ Umm , how long were you standing there?” James asked nervously.

“ Long enough to witness you guys pour your hearts out to each other. It took you guys a long time to realize your feelings , it was totally obvious .” replied Jamie.

“ Well okay. So is everyone ready to go?” James asked.

“ Yeah. Let’s go guys.” replied Natalia. They checked their books out and left.

As they were leaving Natalia noticed Mr. Linden watching her leave with sad eyes.

James seemed to notice at the same time she did and asked , “ Who’s that old guy?” .

“ No one just some guy.” Natalia replied. “ He thinks some bad things are going to happen to me if I read this book. But I think that he’s just some old, crazy , rich guy who likes to scare kids.” Natalia said. Natalia saw the concern and worry growing James’ eyes . “ James , I’m fine.” Natalia said.

“Okay.” James replied. When they reached Windy Drive, Natalia and James kissed goodbye and walked their separate ways .

When Natalia turned the corner she saw the little blue house with dozens of daisies planted in the garden. Natalia grabbed her keys and unlocked the door. Sparky Natalia’s puppy barked at Natalia as she walked in the door.

“ Mom ! Dad ! Are you here ?!” yelled Natalia. “ Come on Sparky let’s check dad’s office.” Natalia encouraged. Sparky jumped into Natalia’s arms. Natalia ran up the stairs to her dad’s office. Natalia peeked inside her dad’s office and saw her father sitting at his desk, looking frustrated as usual.

“Ugh. How are we gonna pay for everything? We need to get a loan or sell some stuff.” said Natalia’s dad.

“David we can sell my car and sell some of the antiques around the house.” said Natalia’s mom who was standing in the corner looking out the window.

“ Mom …. dad what’s going on?” Natalia asked. Natalia’s mom and dad looked at her surprised that she had heard their conversation.

“ How much did you hear?” Natalia’s mom asked in her soothing voice she used when something is wrong.

“Enough. I’m in high school mom you can tell me things now.” Natalia replied a little harsher than she meant. Her dad and mom looked at each other then spoke .

“ We might be losing the house.” explained Natalia’s mom. The news knocked the wind out of her , and she felt that she might faint. She lived in this house since she was born. All her childhood memories were here. All her friends were here.

“Isn’t there something we can do? Everything is here my memories, scrapes and bruises, even…” Natalia said. Natalia didn’t want to say his name because she knew her dad would be upset when she found out she had a boyfriend. Natalia’s cheeks turned as red as a cherry.

“ We know, it’s just that since your mom got laid off of work it’s been hard to pay the rent.” Natalia’s dad replied.

Natalia’s mom began to smile understanding why Natalia had turned red. “ Who is it? Tell me.” Natalia’s mom begged.

“ What are you talking about?” Natalia responded. Understanding flooded through Natalia and she pulled her mom into a corner. “ It’s James.” whispered Natalia. “ Don’t tell dad you know how he over reacts . Just like when I told him I liked a boy in fourth grade.” Natalia explained.

“ What is it Carmen?” Natalia’s dad insisted.

“Nothing honey.” giggled Natalia’s mother.

“ Natalia Marie Francois tell me what’s going on.” Natalia’s dad commanded.

“ I have a boyfriend and his name is James. James McCarthy. Dad I’m in high school now. I think I am old enough to have a boyfriend now.” replied Natalia. Natalia’s dad stood there gaping at her with his mouth wide open. Natalia walked over to her dad and shut his mouth then kissed him on the cheek. Natalia went to her room and called James.

James was cooking when suddenly his cellphone rang. “ Jamie can you grab that for me ? “ James asked.

“ It’s your girlfriend. Here take this I can finish the pasta for you.” Jamie insisted . James grabbed the phone and ran to the secrecy of his room taking two stairs at a time.

“ Hey Natalia what are you up to?” James asked.

“ Nothing. But I just told my dad and mom that we are together. My mom seems thrilled but my dad isn’t that thrilled about the idea of his little girl having a boyfriend.” explained Natalia.

“ He’s not gonna kill me or anything is he?” James asked nervously.

“ No . Hey do you want to meet up at the park and go for a walk in say 20 minutes?”Natalia replied. “Sure I’ll meet you at the park.” James answered. “ Well see you in a few babe. I mean ….ugh I am making a total fool of myself aren’t?“ James asked.

“Yes but you’re my fool. See you soon.”giggled Natalia. James changed clothes and so did Natalia. Natalia got to the park and found James waiting for her at the gates. James waved to Natalia and Natalia ran and gave him a hug. James lifted her off the ground and spun her around like she was an airplane.

“ Put me down.” Natalia giggled. James set her down and they began to walk down the path.

“ Hey , what’s wrong ?” James asked when they reached the fountain .

“ This is horrible. We just started dating and I ….. I might be moving.” Natalia whimpered.

“ What?! Why?!” James exclaimed.

“ Remember how the law firm started letting people go and my mom got laid off. Well since she got laid off my dad says it’s been hard paying the rent. We either have to move or live with my Grandma a couple towns away. I’ll still be able to go to the same school but I will have to leave everything and everyone I love.” Natalia cried. Natalia began to cry softly. James hugged and comforted her until she stopped crying.

“ We will still be together at least . You can’t scare me away that easily.” James said.

“ Yeah and I can come and visit on the weekends , and in the summer.” Natalia encouraged. James and Natalia continued walking along the lake until sunset. They talked about how their crushes developed, when they first met, the first time they had a party, everything.

Natalia and James didn’t leave the park until 10pm . “ We should be heading home.” Natalia whispered.

“ Yeah. Come on.” James said. Natalia and James began to walk home. When James walked Natalia to her door he gave her a hug . “ Don’t worry I’m sure everything will work out.” James encouraged. Natalia shed a tear and James cupped her face with his hands and wiped it away. James kissed Natalia once softly then rested his forehead on hers.

“ Okay . I….” Natalia whispered. Natalia didn’t want to say I love you afraid that she only felt that strongly about him.

“ I love you too.” James replied. Natalia smiled and let his strong arms cuddle her once more before going inside.

“ Bye.” Natalia giggled.

“ Bye.” James replied. Natalia went inside to find her mom standing in front of her.

“ So how was your date?” her mother asked.

“ Mom!” Natalia exclaimed.

“ Fine , fine don’t tell me.” her mom replied.

“ It was amazing.” Natalia confessed. Natalia went upstairs to her room and decided to read some of her books she got from the library. When she saw the small black book she hesitated at first . Then she opened the book and began to read. It was just a fairytales book. It included the regular fairytales such as Snow White, Rapunzel , Cinderella , Sleeping Beauty and Beauty and the Beast. Natalia decided to read Snow White first. But as she continued reading she discovered that the stories were different . The princesses were their own heroes instead of always waiting for their princes to come rescue them. They defeated their villains and partied all night long. Natalia began to grow sleepy and fell asleep reading the book.

The next morning everything went wrong. Natalia woke up late and had to school without breakfast . Then at school she lost her phone. She forgot her homework in her folder on her desk at home. She was grateful when the school day was finally over. As they walked home Jamie couldn’t stop laughing.

“ I guess you have bad luck now” Jamie chuckled. Jamie moaned like a ghost. Natalia stopped dead in her tracks and said

“ Oh my gosh.” Natalia exclaimed .

“What?” James asked.

“ The book , James . The book.” Natalia replied. James eyes grew wide as he understood what she meant.

“ Am I missing something? Guys tell me what’s going on. What’s wrong ? I was just joking with you.” Jamie said.

“ It might not be a joke.” James replied.

“ I need to visit someone , I’ll meet you guys later.” Natalia said. James grabbed her hand and said,

“ Not without us you’re not . You aren’t doing this alone .”

“ I’ll never be alone as long as I have you guys.”Natalia exclaimed. Natalia , James , and Jamie ran straight to the library. When they busted into the library it was empty . There was nothing, all the books and bookshelves were gone, but standing in the corner was the old man who warned her about the book. “ Hey! Hey you! Are you doing this? Are you doing this to me?!” Natalia yelled. Mr. Linden turned around and had tears in his eyes.

“ I warned you! I told you! Why did you read it?” Mr. Linden replied angrily.

“ I thought you were some old crazy guy! The book are only fairytales and fantasies.” Natalia answered angrily.

“ No they’re not, they’re curses.” Mr.Linden said .

“ No they’re not, there are stories like Cinderella and Snow White.” Natalia said.

“ What is going on? What happened to the library?” Jamie asked impatiently.

“ She read an evil book that I told her not to get and read. But she did any way. And when the book left, the library fell apart. I used to be stubborn like you. I read it and my curse was that if it left then everything in my life would fall apart. I tried destroying it but like I said I don’t know how.” Mr. Linden replied. Jamie began to laugh . Everyone looked at her like she was crazy.

“ Wait. This isn’t a joke.” Jamie asked.

“ What do we do Mr. Linden?” Natalia asked.

“ You must find a way to destroy it. Now leave me alone.” Mr. Linden said.

“ Let’s go guys I’m done listening to this dude.” Jamie argued. Natalia and the twins left Mr. Linden alone and walked home. When they got to Jamie and James’ house they sat down on the front steps .

“ What am I going to do?” Natalia cried.

“ Natalia we’ll figure it out.” James answered.

“ No , I have to figure it out. I don’t want you two getting involved.” Natalia protested.

“ Well we got involved when we became friends.” Jamie argued.

“ And my girlfriend.” James chimed in.

“ I gotta get home before i’m grounded for life. Bye guys. I have to do this on my own.” Natalia said as she ran home before they could stop her.

Natalia finally got to her house and went straight to her room, and grabbed the book. She quietly snuck into the garage. When Natalia got there she heard voices. It was her dad. And someone else was with him . It sounded like a man, then Natalia remembered today was the day her dad sold her mom’s car. “ What are you doing , Natalia?” her dad asked .

“ Umm nothing Dad I was just leaving. So bye.” Natalia replied as she ran out of the garage. Natalia decided she probably had gone crazy thinking that this book was evil. She took it to her room and began to read it again. She started to feel sleepy and drifted off to sleep. Then the book began to rumble and shake . Vines began to grow and spread from the book wrapping and tangling Natalia in the process. Suddenly a pool of darkness erupted from the book surrounding Natalia. The pool of darkness entered Natalia’s mind and waited.

When Natalia woke up she wasn’t in her room. “ Hello is anyone there?” Natalia whispered. Natalia then realized she had long golden hair. Natalia sat up and went to the nearby window. When she looked out she could see that she was in a tower. “ I must be dreaming . I’ll just pinch myself and i’ll wake up.” Natalia said. Natalia closed her eyes and pinched herself. But when she opened her eyes she was still in the tower . She kept trying pinching herself harder and harder until she cried. She then realized she was stuck here . Natalia wept and wept until she fell asleep.

While she was trapped Natalia’s parents came to her room and found her body covered with the vines coming from the book. They called the police, firefighters, and ambulance anyone who could help Natalia. They tried everything to cut the vines but nothing worked even the lasers didn’t work. Then they discovered that the source was the book. The tried burning it , ripping it but nothing worked . All they could do was watch their daughter trapped in vines. The doctors told Natalia’s parents that she was in some type of coma and that the vines and book had something to do with it. They also said that if she didn’t wake up within 2 weeks her body would begin to shut down. Natalia’s parents wept and didn’t leave her side.

Natalia soon realized what was happening. The book had trapped her inside the book of fairytales. At the moment she was Rapunzel and she was trapped in her tower. Natalia decided to escape instead of waiting for her prince to rescue her. Natalia searched all the bricks and tiles for secret latches that might open a passageway . When she came to the final black tile in the middle of the room she felt a latch and pulled it. There was a silence then the unlatching of a door and the tile moved to the side showing a set of stairs. Natalia grabbed a bag she had packed with food and extra clothes she could find. Natalia also slipped a small knife into her boots that she a closet. She ran down the steps and out the door that was at the bottom of the stairs. When she got outside she breathed in the fresh air then ran and she didn’t stop until she heard a voice calling her . It sounded like a boy .

“ James!” she yelled. But he wasn’t there .

Natalia’s parents decided to invite Jamie and James over and tell them what was going on. “ Can we see her?” James pleaded. Jamie and James cried when they had heard what happened. Natalia’s parents let them see Natalia. As Natalia’s dad opened the door Jamie and James could already see the dozens of vines tangled around Natalia and all over the floor. James walked toward Natalia and the vines began to move . “ Natalia what have you gotten yourself into?” James cried.

“ James? Where are you? Help! Help me! I’m scared.” Natalia yelled. Natalia’s parents screamed. James rushed to Natalia’s side.

“ I’m here Natalia . Can you hear me?” James whimpered. All they heard was her steady breathing.

“ Yes. James I can hear you . I’m trapped. Help me please . I want to be back in your arms and see Jamie and my parents. Please come rescue me ! You’re supposed to be my prince. Help me please!” Natalia answered. Natalia’s parents rushed to their daughter’s side . Then the vines began to move and thrash. The pool of darkness that had consumed Natalia began to come out of the book once more. Natalia began to cry and the darkness grew .

“ It’s ok Natalia , It’s ok .” Natalia’s mom said. Natalia stopped crying and the darkness faded.

Natalia spoke again, “ I have to go I can’t hold on much longer. I love you mom and dad. You too James and Jamie.” Natalia fell back into her speechless coma.

After talking to James and hearing her mom’s voice she was a little weak. But then she heard a rustle in some bushes. She grabbed all her hair and climbed a nearby tree. A woman came from the bushes. Natalia realized who it was, it was Mother Gothel the woman who stole Rapunzel from the king and queen because of her healing powers to keep her young. Natalia realized what she had to do. She had to find her parents and tell them that she is their daughter. Natalia put all her hair into a braid and then waited until Gothel was out of view to get down. When Natalia made it to town she was relieved that the hard part was over or so she thought.

Everyone left Natalia’s room and went back downstairs to the living room. “ My baby . My poor little baby.” Natalia’s mom said.

“ Why did she only react to you?” Natalia’s father demanded.

“ I don’t know.” James replied.

“ James we need to get home. It’s getting late.” , Jamie pleaded.

“ I’m so sorry. We have to go.” James said. James and Jamie left and started heading home.

“ James are you okay?” Jamie asked.

“ No, I’m not. I should have done a better job of keeping her safe when we found out about that book. I knew she was stubborn. But not this stubborn.” James replied.

“ Maybe we can see if Mr. Linden can help?” Jamie asked. “ Let’s go Jamie .” James said.

James and Jamie ran to the library and found Mr. Linden moping in the shadows.

“ Mr. Linden we need your help!” Jamie yelled.

“ Let me guess she read the book again . What happened now she can only walk to the right , she can’t remember school assignments?” Mr. Linden asked.

“ She’s in some type of coma.There are vines everywhere coming from the book and tangled around Natalia.” James boomed.

“ I told you kids that the book was evil.” Mr. Linden said.

“ But she spoke to me . How is that possible? She is in a coma, and she kept asking me for help. She could hear me and when she was scared it seems like the vines came alive and it hurt her. Do you know how hard it is to watch someone you love get hurt and there is nothing you can do but watch?” James cried.

“ Of course! My wife went through this because I couldn’t hide that stupid book. She left me and I never saw her again. My Amelia we had just had a daughter too.” Mr. Linden yelled.

“ Wait . What was her middle and last name?” Jamie asked

“ Her full name was Amelia Jane Linden but her maiden last name is McCarthy. Why?” Mr. Linden answered .

“ Our Grandmother’s name is Amelia Jane McCarthy. And everytime we try and ask about our grandpa she cries. She says she regretted leaving him over something he didn’t mean to cause and that he was as stubborn as a mule.” Jamie replied.

“ Can I see her? Please I just want to see if it is her.” Mr. Linden.

“ If you agree to help us to save my girlfriend.” James replied. Mr. Linden agreed.

Natalia decided to change out of the torn dress she was wearing into one of the others she had packed. She redid her hair into a neater braid then went back into town. But while Natalia was getting dressed Mother Gothel had caught up to her. Mother Gothel was wearing her usual black robe and asking people if they had seen me.

As she went from person to person Natalia wasn’t aware of the man behind her. “ So who are you hiding from?” the man asked. Natalia instantly reached for the blade from her boot. It wasn’t there.

“ Looking for this?” the man questioned.The man twirled the blade in his hands.

“ What? How did you get that?” Natalia asked. Then Natalia realized that this must be Flynn Rider the wanted thief. “ Nevermind I know who you are, Flynn Rider. You’re just a wanted thief.” Natalia scoffed.

“ And who are you?” Flynn Rider asked. Natalia realized that in this world she was Rapunzel not Natalia.

“ My name is Rapunzel.” Natalia answered.

“ Ok Rapunzel why are you hiding from that old lady?” Flynn asked.

“ Because I am the lost princess and I figured it out this morning and ran away. That’s why. She wants to use my …...nevermind.” Natalia replied. Natalia didn’t want to tell Flynn Rider about her hair powers yet. “ Can you help me ?” Natalia asked .

“ As long as you help me . You have to get the King and Queen to take the bounty off of my head.” Flynn said.

“ Fine I’ll help you.” Natalia agreed.

“ Then let’s go.” Flynn encouraged. Natalia and Flynn made it to the river that was near the castle when a few of Flynn’s friends caught up to them.

Mr. Linden and the twins walked in silence as they went to the bus station. They got on the bus and rode to James and Jamie’s grandma’s house. When they got there James knocked on the door. “ Who is it?” Amelia asked.

“ It’s James and Jamie grandma.” James answered.

“ Just a minute.” Amelia called. Amelia opened the door and when she saw Mr. Linden she dropped the pot she was holding. Mr. Linden looked at her like he was seeing a ghost.

“ Amelia?” , Mr. Linden asked.

“ What are you doing here? Why are you here Markus?” Amelia asked.

“ Your grandchildren needed my help with something that you are probably familiar with.” Mr. Linden answered. Amelia’s eyes grew wide as she realized that he was talking about the book.

“ You didn’t destroy it! Who did it hurt now?!” Amelia yelled as she walked towards Mr. Linden.

“ My girlfriend grandma. She is in a coma but she spoke to me when I went to see her.” James cried. James began to cry and his grandma gave him a hug. “ What do I do grandma ? I just don’t know what to do.” James cried.

“ I’ll help . Not for you Markus, for the kids.” Amelia replied. Amelia and Markus led the kids inside.

Flynn Rider’s friends didn’t look to happy. “ Where’s the crown?” one of the men said. Flynn grabbed at his satchel securing it. Natalia decided that the only way they were gonna get through this is to fight their way through. Natalia grabbed the second knife hidden in her pants pocket. She branded the knife at the men. The men laughed and said “ Go ahead girly you don’t know how to …..” the man said. Natalia had made a gash on the man’s cheek before he could finish his statement.

Natalia grinned at the man and the said “ Oh but I think i do know how to use a knife . Flynn I think it’s time to go.” Natalia said. Flynn ran towards the river but there was a waterfall . “ What do we do?” Natalia asked.

“ We jump!” Flynn yelled as they jumped the waterfall. Flynn saw a rock and grabbed Natalia’s hand and grabbed the rock. Natalia could see a cave in the waterfall and decided to slip inside. She pulled Flynn inside before the men could see him. Natalia put a hand over Flynn’s mouth and they didn’t speak until they heard the sound of footsteps walking away. “Nice job Rapunzel . Oww.” Flynn said. Natalia noticed that Flynn’s hand had a cut. Natalia decided to help him and use her power.

“ Give me your hand.” Natalia said.

“ Why?” Flynn asked.

“ Just do it.” Natalia urged. Flynn gave her his hand and watched with suspicion . Natalia undid her hair and wrapped a piece of her hair around the cut. Natalia began to sing her healing song. Natalia’s hair began to glow and Flynn watched in awe. When Natalia was done she opened her eyes and watched Flynn unwrap his hand and see that the cut was healed. Flynn began to scream but Natalia quieted him down before someone heard him. “Calm down.” Natalia said.

“ So he is our grandpa?” Jamie asked .

“ Yes. He is and Maria your mom is his daughter. I named her after I left.” Amelia said.

“ So her name is Maria.” Mr. Linden said.

“ So how do we help my girlfriend?”James said.

“ What did she say she read in the book?” Amelia asked.

“ Natalia said that she only read fairy tales like Rapunzel and Cinderella.” James replied.

“ The book has trapped her in fairy tales. When I read it , I read romantic stories like the Titanic.” Amelia replied. “ I had to make sure the characters fell in love with the intended character to get out. Maybe she has to defeat her villains.” Amelia said.

“ But how many stories does she have to do?” Jamie asked.

“ I don’t know.” Amelia replied.

Natalia and Flynn had waited an hour until they left. “ Come on .” Natalia said. Natalia climbed up the waterfall using nearby rocks. And Flynn did the same . When they got to the top they went back into town and headed for the castle. When they got to the castle they explained everything to the guards and they were let in to see the King and Queen. When Natalia walked in, the queen and king began to cry for their lost princess had returned. There were dozens of parties that day and the soldiers found mother gothel and she was put in prison. When Natalia went to sleep the story changed. When Natalia woke up she was in a room with a window and she wore maid like clothing. She realized that she was Cinderella.

“ James what did she say to you?” Amelia asked.

“ She said she needed help and something about me being her prince.” James said.

“ I got it! She said you were her prince maybe a kiss of true love will help her like in Snow White.” Jamie exclaimed. Everyone agreed to try it . That maybe , just maybe a kiss of true love can help save Natalia.

“ Let’s go .” James said. Everyone rushed off back to Natalia’s house. When they got there they explained everything to Natalia’s parents and they let them in. James rushed up to Natalia’s room to try and save her.

Natalia realized that she was Cinderella and went to do her chores like her evil stepmother instructed her to do. But when she got out of her stepmother’s sight she ran into the nearby woods to cry. She thought that by finishing the other story she could leave. Then she heard a voice . It was James again. Natalia tried to speak to him like last time but she couldn’t it was like someone was blocking her voice. Not someone , something . James began to lean to kiss her and the vines started to move away as if they couldn’t touch him or they would burn. James’s lips finally met Natalia’s . Natalia’s lips began to tingle then she was lifting off the ground. A blaze of light bursted out of the book and back into Natalia’s body. The vines shriveled and let go of Natalia’s body and went back into the book. James pulled away from Natalia waiting. There was nothing but the sound of Natalia’s steady breathing.

James stood and walked towards Natalia’s parents to apologize when he heard “ James?” . James turned back around to find Natalia looking at him with her blue eyes. She sat up then ran and hugged James.

She began to cry and said, “ You saved me. Thank you.”. Before James knew what was going on she was kissing him in front of everyone. When the kiss was over she hugged him once more then ran to hug her parents. They stood like that for a while.

Then Natalia asked, “ So what did I miss?”.

“ A lot.” Jamie chuckled. “ It turns out Mr. Linden is me and James’s grandpa.” Jamie said.

“ I think know how to destroy the book. A kiss of true love.” Natalia said. Natalia and James each held the book and then kissed each other . Then a pink liquid seemed to come out of there hands and surrounded the book then the book exploded. Everyone cheered for the book was finally destroyed. Or so they thought.


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