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Fate Stained - Part Two

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Stained Series - Book four. Marry Jayce? I was already his mate and Luna…but marriage? That was another thing entirely. But how could I say no? I wanted to be with him for the rest of my life, that wasn’t even a question. In sickness and in health, til death do us part - but forsaking all others? That was a vow I could not keep. A proposal. A choice. A baby. An ultimatum. Quinn is in the ultimate love triangle, but little does she know, the choice of her final mate is not her’s to make. Alpha Wolf Jayce or Panther Prince Kyanite, who will be the man to ultimately win Quinn’s heart? Who will Zeus chose?

Fantasy / Romance
SJ Brand
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Chapter 1 - The Proposal

Welcome to Fate Stained - Part Two.
This book has not yet been edited and is a work in progress - please don’t leave negative reviews in relation to grammar or spelling etc - THIS HAS NOT BEEN EDITED 😂🤦‍♀️

This book touches on the following themes that could be considered triggering for some:
- Rape

This book is fantasy, it is not real. If possessive partners, BDSM themes, dominant males, swearing etc offend you - then please don’t read and leave negative comments.
I’ve worked extremely hard writing these books and don’t need them put down by readers who get offended by this genre. You’ve been warned 😂

For everyone else — ENJOY!

Quinn POV

“Jayce, I— I don’t know what to say” I breathed, staring at the stunning ring in his hand.

The stone in the middle was the exact same colour as my eyes and surrounded by tiny little diamonds, all set into a flawless white gold band.

As little girls, Cami and I had planned out our futures with our imaginary Prince Charmings. At the age of twelve we’d drafted everything from the ring, to the wedding dress, to the flowers we’d plant in the front gardens of our first homes. I remember my mother saying we were too young to be thinking about such things, but we’d grown up on Disney and ‘Happily Ever Afters’, if only I’d known what my future actually held.

Staring down at the ring, I recognised it as the one I’d designed as a child, just a little more tasteful and refined. Tears burnt the corner of my eyes and I let out a shaky breath. How much planning had actually gone into this moment? How long had Jayce been thinking about this?

“Just say yes” he answered, his voice gravely and raw.

Marry Jayce? I was already his mate and Luna…but marriage? That was another thing entirely. But how could I say no? I wanted to be with him for the rest of my life, that wasn’t even a question. In sickness and in health, til death do us part - but forsaking all others? That was a vow I could not keep.

I opened and closed my mouth several times but no words came out. A look of confusion passed over Jayce’s features and the hand that held the magnificent ring lowered slightly as he studied my face.

“This is all so beautiful Jayce” I said, my eyes sweeping the sea of rose petals and flickering candles, “so beautiful…”


Jayce rose to his feet and the ring disappeared into his large palm as he fisted his hand by his side.

“When we spoke, before you left, it was all about our future…our life together and trying for another baby” he started, “what could possibly have changed in the last twenty four hours?”

More than you could ever imagine.

“Jayce, I told you it’s been a lot longer than twenty four hours for me..for us

Us? You mean you and Kyanite. Don’t you?”

My shoulders dropped and I broke eye contact. I felt horrible, monstrous. Jayce had organised this beautiful gesture, something so romantic and caring…and I was about to throw it all back in his face. He’d proposed to me! Wolves didn’t get married, it wasn’t in their culture and didn’t fall in line with their traditions. So, for an Alpha of a wolf pack - a powerful Alpha of Jayce’s standing - to forgo all of that and break tradition for the woman he loves…well, it was monumental.

“Yes” I answered quietly.

My heart broke as he recoiled from me as though I’d slapped him.

“Did you fuck him?”

I opened my mouth to answer but I couldn’t form the words. I knew this conversation was coming, but now that it came down to it, I was a coward.

“You know, I smelt him all over you when you ran into my arms. But not a single part of me thought that you would—” Jayce’s voice cracked and I squeezed my eyes closed at the sound of the pain etched in his words.

“Jayce” I sobbed, refusing to look up at him, “I’m sorry-”

“Are you?”


I wiped the tears away and looked up at my mate; the look on his face making me wish I hadn’t. He was broken. The sadness in his features was almost comparable to the look I’d seen after we’d lost Delilah. Why hadn’t I expected this? I’d expected - and wanted - rage. I wanted him to yell, to scream, to grab me and shake me and tell me I’d fucked up. To demand that I never speak to Kyan again and to punish me for breaking my promise. I wanted him to be angry with me, to yell.

I needed him to yell.

Because then I could yell back.

I’d scream at him that Kyan was my mate too and the gods had fated them both to me for a reason. I’d tell him that I wasn’t his property, that I wasn’t a possession of his…that I was my own woman. I’d drill into him how much Kyan had changed in the last three years and the tenderness he’d shown me whilst in Hell. I’d fight back when he tried to punish me, our wolves going head to head as they tried to force a shift on us.
That was what I needed…what I thought I’d get…but not this.

“I’m sorry that I have betrayed your trust and I’m so sorry that I’ve hurt you like this. I never wanted to hurt you. I love you Jayce, with my heart and soul, I love you so fucking much”

“But…you love him more?”

My eyes widened and I gasped, shaking my head frantically as I took a step in towards Jayce. He stepped back, keeping the distance between us.

“Oh goddess no! Jayce, I’m not choosing him over you! That was not a ‘I love you, but’ statement. I fucking love you!”

Jayce groaned, rolling his head back and pinching the bridge of his nose.

“Quinn. What are you trying to say?” He ran his fingers through his dark hair and looked at me again, “you say you love me, but you fucked him. I propose to you, but you won’t give me an answer. If you are not picking him over me then what the fuck do you want?”

“I want you both”

A heavy silence fell between us. Jayce’s whole body froze and his eyes locked with mine as if he was waiting for me to say something else. What more was there to say? I wanted them both. I loved them both.

“This has got to be a fucking joke” he said finally, his eyes still focused on mine.

“Do you hear anyone laughing?”

“I’m sure that bastard panther is laughing. What does he think about this? Does he even know you want both? Of course he does! Of course he’d be happy to share you, as long as he is getting his dick wet, right?!”

There was that anger.

“Being in Hell for three years changes you. He is not the Kyanite that we once knew, he’s changed. He understands that I didn’t choose to have two mates. There is a bigger picture here Jayce. The gods fated—”

“The gods fated you to me! You are my mate, my one mate. Quinn, you are the blood in my veins, you are the air in my lungs…you are what keeps me waking up every morning and has me looking forward to the future, our future. Delilah…she was made from us, from our love for one another. When you told me before you left that you wanted another baby— Aghh! FUCK! how could you do this to me…to us?”

I stood frozen as Jayce dropped to his knees, the thud of his heavy body hitting the floor sending painful vibrations through my body. I closed my eyes as a heartbreaking howl echoed through our bond. It was Jayce’s wolf, crying out in pain as though he was mourning the loss of someone he loved - because to him, he was - he was mourning the loss of his mate and their relationship the way he knew it. But he was also mourning the loss of the children that he thought he may never again have.

I dropped to my knees in front of Jayce and scooted myself forward until our knees touched slightly. Jayce didn’t even flinch, didn’t even react to my movement.

“Please look at me” I whispered, my hand gently cupping his stubble covered jaw. “I cannot live a life without you in it, I don’t want to live a life without you in it. You are the blood in my veins and the air in my lungs. If I were to exclude you from my life then my wolf would cease to exist. I would forever have a hollow void in my heart and soul. I know Kyan would never ask me to lost a part of myself for him - just like you would never ask me to lose a part of myself for you”

Jayce’s body remained still. I needed him to hear me, to really hear me. There was no way I was losing him, it was not an option but this chasm between us was growing too fast and if I didn’t do something soon then everything we knew and built would be lost within it.
I lifted my other hand to Jayce’s cheek and held his face softly in my grasp. Craning his head slightly, I pressed my lips against his and let all the love for him, all the warmth, pass from my body to his.

Jayce. Feel me. Feel this, my love for you. My need for you. Don’t give up on me. Don’t give up on us.

My fingers moved from the sides of his face - when I was satisfied he wasn’t going anywhere - and into his thick, dark hair. I moved my lips gently against his at first, and to begin with, Jayce didn’t respond - but he didn’t push me away either.
I savoured the way Jayce’s lips felt against mine, the way the skin warmed with my touch and the unmistakable sparks of energy that prickled between them.

Our chemistry was undeniable and it wasn’t long before I felt Jayce’s lips begin to soften and part against mine. I rejoiced internally as one of Jayce’s hands moved to my waist and the other one gripped the back of my head as he deepened the kiss. He groaned into my mouth, pulling my body towards his until I sat on his lap, legs straddling his waist.

The energy that pulsed between us ignited everything inside my body. The bond called to us, pleaded with us to reinforce its tethers and reconnect our wolves. I wanted Jayce, not just in an animal way, but in a way that made my body feel like it would combust if I didn’t feel him inside me again, didn’t feel him filling me entirely and mending that hole that his absence had left behind.

I moaned and rocked my hips, my centre grinding into Jayce’s firmness. A sound, almost like a growl rolled from Jayce’s chest and his hands tightened on me, holding me still against his body.

Jayce. Please don’t stop” I pleaded desperately against his lips, “I’ll die if I don’t feel you inside me, please!”

Jayce growled again and his grip tightened on my waist.

Fuck!” He hissed between clenched teeth.

With one swift move, he scooped me up, standing on his feet with my legs still wrapped around his middle. I gasped and he closed the distance between us and the bathroom, kicking the door open like it was made out of nothing and stepping inside.

“What are you doing—”

“You stink of that fucking panther. If you want me to fuck you - then fine! But not while you reek of him”

With my body still gripped tightly to his, Jayce leant forward and reached into the shower, turning the water on and letting it run until steam fogged the glass and thickened the air around us. Then, still fully dressed, he stepped into the shower. I gasped at the feeling of the hot water as it poured over my skin, washing away the layer of filth that Hell had left on me. I raised my eyes, looking into Jayce’s as he held me against him. The second our eyes locked I saw his change, his usual rich, dark brown being replaced by a black, dark as night.

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