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The Gaea Chronicles : Hajimari

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Chapter 2 :To the New World

She drags me to the living room .Then below us appears a magic circle and in a blink of an eye, we are standing on a cliff facing a city .We can see the sunset from there and it was quite a view from there.

"Welcome to Gaea, the world of myths " she smiled

"Wow, this is something rare to see especially when you're in town" I take a deep breath of the fresh mountain air

"Down there is the town of Estrella ,the guild is there where we can take jobs "

"I see ,well if this a fantasy world can I do magic here ?"

"You can try to imagine your magic that you want to use .I just remembered at first you can only learn one magic because of the guild's rule but when you rank up in the guild you'll gain the permission to learn other magic " explained Thanatos

"It just like RPG games ,then let's try magic "

I concentrate on getting my magic then I imagine that I was holding a weapon. At that very moment, a katana appeared from thin air in my grasp and because of that Thanatos look very surprised .

"You can do creation magic the first time I said you can do magic here ?!"she looks very surprised when I created that katana with my magic . I wonder why she said that when it's not that hard.

" Why did you say that? it's not that hard "

" Creation magic is hard because it's difficult to maintain a solid image of a thing for a long time especially if you don't have a good concentration",she explains.

"Well or it just has to have a huge amount of imagination"the katana that I created disappears like a mist .It's almost night then Thanatos said

"Why don't we go to our house then ?".

"Sure I need to unpack my things" I lift my bag from below the tree.

We walk on a path in the forest from the cliff from far I see a building at first I thought it was a good house but when we got there I was shocked to see that it is an old house practically like a haunted mansion

"What is this ?!"

"This is our house "

I look at her and then I look at the house again.

"Don't tell me that you have been living in here before I got here "

"Well that is true since I don't have any member of my clan, I just live here since it's free," she said that as if it was nothing

"I believe it " I sighs

"But then again it's my choice to live all of my guaranteed things behind" and I follow her to inside .

The building is old but at least it isn't a wreck. So I follow her to the second floor right beside the stairs she stops in front of a room

"Ok this is our room from now"

I'm very surprised when she said that and I couldn't believe it that I will be using the same room as her

" You're joking right ?"

" Why would I joke about it ?"

We enter the room and there are two beds there.

"For an old building it isn't such a bad place to be," I said it and then throw myself on the bed

"Come on sona ,I'll give you a tour around here "

"Ok coming"

I get up from the bed and follow her around the house .I'm quite surprised because it's well preserved for an old building. The kitchen is still in a good condition, every room has full furniture so it wasn't very bad after all

"Hey, Thanatos is this really abandoned ?"

"Yeah I found this house years back"

"You must be very lucky "

"Yeah I think so too ,by the way, could you cook again?".

"You're hungry again ? that's fast"

She just nods and so we're going to the kitchen so I could make some food .while cooking, I ask her about the guild

"Thanatos" I called her when she was looking at the food that I make

"Hmm? you wanna ask something?"

"Yeah you said if I rank up I should get a permission to use more magic and what is the benefit of ranking up besides that?"

"Well the higher your rank the more profitable quest you can get and you can access more places"

"More places? you mean there are some places that we can't enter?"

"Yeah the guild establishes that rule so the low-rank guild member won't wonder off to a place where there's monster they can't hold ground against it" she explains it while looking at the food again.

I serve the food on the plate and then she eats it .I sit there too and then drink some milk while watching her.

"Anything else you want to ask?" she said it with her mouth full

"I told you before right don't talk while eating food" I sigh then drink all of my milk .she have finished her food so I wash it in the sink since there is no dishwasher of some sort.

"So anything else you wanna ask about it?"

"how do you rank up ?"

"well first take some quest then when in the right amount of quest is fulfilled you can take a promotional exam.But, in some cases, there is a quest that called promotional quest if you can do it you can instantly gain a rank."

"then why don't we just search for a promotional quest ?"

"Easy for you to say that .Promotional quest is rarely seen because it's hard and it takes a lot of time to do it"

"You doubt my strength about that?" I smiled

"Well if you're so confident about it why don't we search for a promotional quest then tomorrow?"


"As for now let's just sleep tomorrow is a big day after all"

"I agree"

So Thanatos and I turn in for the night so then next morning we can go to the guild.

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