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There's been a war that had been going on between supernatural beings, the vampires and werewolves since they were created. Constantly fighting and constant death. No one has hope that the war will end until there is a prophecy that a girl would be born and be born to lead all supernatural beings, and her mate will be the strongest alpha king of them all. Now, of course, every Alpha king with the authority of provinces (there are multiple) is training their sons, every one of them to be the next King of Kings. None of them know who she is, what she looks like, or what supernatural creature she would be. All they know is that she is coming and will save their world against their enemies. But it's never that easy. Because nothing is fair in love and war

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1


It was 12 p.m Friday and we were finally packed up and ready to take the 30+ hour drive from Miami. Going from the beach to mountains and forests is going to be so different. And not being able to swim whenever I wanted to, that’s a life I can’t imagine. The beach is just down the street. I don’t know how I’m going to cope. But it wasn’t the fact that my parents decided to randomly pick and leave my childhood home. There are underlying reasons as to why we are leaving, but it doesn’t make the move less hard. This was where I had all of my first memories and the only place I have ever known.

I took one last look around my room. The room I grew up in, where I had my first sleepover, got ready for my first homecoming and prom. I’m really going to miss being here. The lifelong friendships I have made, especially my best friend Elizabeth. I couldn’t tell her the real reason I was leaving and it tore me to pieces, I wanted her to know where I was so that she could find me. But I knew it was against the rules...one of many. I had to say goodbye last night because she’s at work right now and wasn’t able to get off to come to see me leave. I start to think about all the memories we made and I felt my eyes start to water and a tear slips down my face. She was all I have ever known. I didn’t need to make 30,000 new friends because I had her. We had weekly beach nights and late-night drives. We would blast music in her jeep as we watched the sun go down. I trusted her with my life, more than anyone else.

“Alice! Come on honey we need to get on the road now if we are going to get there before Monday!” My mom yells from downstairs. I grab the bag that’s going to be in the car with me and head downstairs. I take one last look at my home and closed the front door and headed to the car with my mom and dad. I slid in and get it my headphones and phone and get ready for the long ride ahead. “You ready kiddo?! This is a big step for you.” My dad says looking back at the rearview mirror. “Yeah, dad. I know.” I sighed. I closed my eyes and snuggled into my seat and waiting for this ride to be over with. “Doesn’t make it any better.” My dad looked in the rearview mirror and I saw him give me a sorrowful look. “I know this is hard for you. We are all adjusting.” He added in.

Sunday Afternoon

I woke up and leaned my head from the window. All I saw were mountains and trees, it was beautiful. But I miss the sound of the ocean and the sand This new elevation was truly messing with my head. We finally made it to Colorado, we had to take a few stops on the way for an hour or two of rest in a hotel. We were about to pull into the mutual territory of all the supernaturals and then my life will be forever changed. I could already tell the people living there could smell that I was a newcomer. My mother was given permission to move into the North Evermoon pack, underneath Alpha Jameson and soon to be Alpha Jason. My mother grew up in this pack and her brother is the Delta of the pack. They have an extra house for us to live in close to the castle where the alpha, beta, and delta lives.

In between the territories, there was high school, it was huge. It looked as if there were about 5 floors and different sports fields surrounding it. A huge parking lot and the school is surrounded by huge trees full of green and slowly changing colors. Seeing as it’s almost fall. I can’t believe that’s the school I will be attending on Wednesday. “Wow, sweetie look at that SCHOOL! It’s huge. It’s gotten bigger since I left all those years ago.” My mom said looking at it in awe. But just imagine what the alpha castle would look like. And I soon as I thought that, there it was. The castle was huge. It was a gray stonewall, a large gold fountain in the middle. There were three stories but the house was huge in length and you could tell there were at least 20 rooms on each floor.

We drove past it and about 3 mins later we were in front of our new house. It was two stories with tan paint and brown trim. A two-car garage and for some reason, there was a new red Mercedes 2019 in the driveway. My dad pulled in with our car. We sold all of our furniture because the house would be fully furnished. All we needed was our clothes and shoes and other essentials. “Dad why is there a car in front of the house?” I asked as we started getting our luggage. “I don’t know, guess we’ll find out in a second.” He said opening the front door and we were greeted with a loud SURPRISE! From my mother’s family. I have never met anyone from her family before only because once she was pregnant with me the moon goddess said that she needed to move to Florida where my dad lived.

“OH MY GOODNESS! You guys are all here! I missed you soo much!” My mom yelled running inside. While she was having a much-needed reunion with her family I looked around our new house. It was really nice and looked kind of like my old one so it would be easy to get used to. “Mom and dad this is your granddaughter Alysandria!” My mom said I have never met my grandparents in person other than an occasional phone call every couple of months. “Hi, it’s nice to finally meet you!” I said. My grandmother was beautiful, she had beautiful brown skin with curly hair, hazel eyes, and she was very fit for an older woman. And grandpa he was handsome, he was bald but has a full beard of gray that works for him, and he was still pretty tall and has a nice build. I was introduced to some more family. Like my uncle Fox who is the Delta of the pack, and his kids, my cousins Mariah and Marshall, who were twins.

“Alysandria I hope you like our gift! The car is for you! This way you can begin your senior year in style!” My grandma said to me. “Oh, um thank you. But you didn’t have to.” I grabbed the car keys from her slowly and gave her a small smile. “Look, we haven’t been as present as I hoped. But I would love to get to know you more. So please, take the car. It’s the least we can do.” I gave her a slight nod and a smile and she pulled me into a huge hug. “Alright then, I think it’s time we all head out and let you get settled. I have a meeting we need to get to with all the alphas in 20.” My uncle fox walked over to me and my mom and rubbed our backs. “Alright, Fox I’ll see ya! Thank you guys for coming, I really appreciate it.” My mom said walking the family to the door.

I took my bags and walked up to my room and it was pretty big, I had my own bathroom and walk-in closet. I’m guessing my grandma decorated my room because it has the exact style that I wanted and hoped for. The rest of my mom’s family stayed for about 4 hours after we arrived and by the time they left, it was almost 9 o’clock. I decided to get my pj’s out and take a quick shower and go to bed to rest. I was too tired to be any more social than I already have since been here. I get into my bed and slowly drift off to sleep, dreaming of what this week will hold for me.

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