Silent Screams

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Celeste was your normal teenage werewolf. Or so she let everyone believe. Until something changed her life completely. Can she survive? Or will she end up killing herself?

Fantasy / Drama
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Chapter 1

The ground beneath her was cold and damp.

She couldn’t hear or see anything around her.

She didn’t know where she was or how she got there.

The last thing she remembered was leaving the nurses office.


She was what she considered a normal 9th grader. Although her life wasn’t exactly what people would considered normal or healthy. But she never let it hold her back from getting good grades.

Her classes seemed to go on forever. Honestly she could have sworn she was in a Charlie Brown movie. But she knew that wasn’t the case.

She didn’t get much sleep the night before. Her dad was on one of his binges.

Her dad used to be the Beta of The Crimson Moon pack. Things turned south once her mother was killed in a rogue attack when she was 5 years old. The Alpha truly felt for his beta but he couldn’t let him continue his duties with how his behavior became.

Drinking from when he woke up till he passed out. That was his normal now. The Alpha couldn’t allow him to continue with how he was getting. He had went against several orders. Instead of detaining prisoners he would torture and kill them.

She had stayed in her room with the door locked, not that that stopped him normally. But it seemed she wasn’t his target this time. But still she couldn’t take any chances.

He had went quiet around 5am.

Which meant she had an hour and half before she had to be up and get ready for school. She figured she’d just take a nap during lunch like she normally did. After all this was her normal routine.

She got dressed, putting on a pink tank top, black boot cut like yoga pants, and a black hoodie that was 2 sizes too big on her, not that she really minded. She liked her clothes a bit baggy even though they looked dirty and wrinkled most of the time. She grabbed her black and pink sneakers and her backpack and headed out her window. She didn’t trust going through her door. Though she made sure to grab her keys.

She vaguely heard the bell ring as she roboticly gathered her things and walked out the door not hearing her name being called from behind her. As soon as she reached the hallway and turned right, a hand grabbed her arm and pulled her to face them.

To her surprise it was her best friend. Well, her only friend really.

“Huh?” Was all she said when she looked into her friends eyes.

“Didn’t sleep again?” Her friend asked with a frown.

She shook her head. “No, not really... Why are you so chipper, Kiley?” She asked trying to change the subject.

“Mark just asked me out in front of the school this morning... I turned him down and walked away...” Kiley said as she flicked her long blonde hair over her shoulder.

“Why? I thought you liked him?” She asked.

“Oh please!” Kiley waved her hand dismissively. “Girl, he’s a player and I am not going to be another notch in his bed post...” Kiley said linking her arm with hers. “You going for a nap since it’s lunch time?” Kiley asked.

“You know me... If I want to be able to function for the rest of the day I need some sleep... I can barely walk I feel like I’m going pass out any second...” She said.

“Yeah, yeah... Come on, I’ll take you to the Art room...” Kiley said as she led the way.

She laid her head on Kiley’s shoulder as they walked. This was their normal too. No one ever batted an eyelash when they saw them. Though she could feel herself starting to doze off as she was walking. She tried to warn Kiley before her legs gave out and she fell.

But for some reason she never hit the floor. She felt like she was floating. But she couldn’t open her eyes to find out what was going on. So she just let herself drift off into a nice sleep.

She felt like she was being shaken. She groaned and painfully opened her eyes to the brightness that burned her eyes making her hiss.

“About time sleepy head... Lunch is over come on before we’re late...” Kiley said.

“Really? I feel like I literally just fell asleep for a few seconds...” She grumbled.

“Nope... Lunch is over... In fact you fell asleep before we even got to the Art room...” Kiley said in a slightly scolding tone.

“I did?” She asked surprised.

“Yup...” Kiley said as she popped the ′p’.

“How did I get here then?” She asked.

Kiley sighed. “Mark carried you... He came around the corner as you began to fall and caught you before could hit the floor... Now I owe him a date for helping... Thanks for that by the way...” Kiley grumbled near the end.

“Sorry... I guess I was tireder than I thought...” She said pushing up from the floor.

“You still look tired... Maybe you should skip next period... We have a sub anyway... And it’ll just be turned into a study hall anyway...” Kiley said waving her hand in the air.

“No... It’s fine...” She said getting to her feet on wobbly legs. “Come on before we’re late...” She said dragging her feet to the door.

“Stubborn girl...” Kiley mumbled as she followed her out of the Art room. “We have gym after next period... You sure you can make it through... We’re supposed to be playing dodge ball...” Kiley reminded.

She groaned. “Greaaat!” She said as they entered their next class and took their seats.

“You could always skip the rest of the day...” Kiley said with a shrug of her shoulders.

“I can’t do that... I’d get in trouble...” She said shaking her head.

“Hey girls...” A male voice said from behind them.

The girls looked behind them and saw a taller boy with dirty blonde hair, brown eyes and smile to die for.

Kiley rolled her eyes. “Mark go away...” Kiley said as she faced forward away from him.

“Aw... Come on Kiley...” Mark whined. “Celeste, tell her to lighten up!” Mark said as he laid his head down on his arms on the desk.

“Leave me out of it...” Celeste grumbled and turned around taking a book out of her bag that sat on the floor.

Celeste opened the book and set it in front of her to stand as a shield in front of her. She crossed her arms on her desk and laid her head down on them and closed her eyes.

“Is she alright?” Mark whispered.

“She’s just tired... Let her be...” Kiley snapped in a whisper.

“Geez, you act like it’s my fault...” Mark grumbled.

Kiley sighed and shock her head as the teacher walked into the room.

The teacher’s eyes landed on Celeste who was sleeping soundly. The teacher started to walk over to the sleeping girl until she was blocked by Kiley and Mark.

“Excuse me... If you could possibly leave her be it would be great...” Kiley said with snap to her tone.

“There’s no sleeping in school especially in my class young lady...” The teacher snapped back.

Mark cleared his throat. “I’m sorry but considering you’re not actually our teacher and the rule is if it’s a sub the class turns into a study hall, which there’s nothing against the rules of sleeping in a study hall...” Mark said with a charming smile.

“I’ve never heard of such rule...” The teacher snapped.

“Please be my guest and check with the office... But the classroom phone has never worked in this room so you’ll have to physically go to the office...” Mark said as he glanced behind the teacher quickly to see one of his friends disconnect the phone cord from the phone and wall, hiding the cord out of sight.

The teacher glared for a moment before going to the phone on the wall checking if it worked and it didn’t. She huffed and with one final glare she marched out of the classroom to head to the office.

Once the teacher was out of sight the class started to laugh until they got a glare from Kiley and Mark. They motioned to the sleeping Celeste with their hands making the class nodded in understanding.

There was a snort as a blonde haired, brown eyed girl stood from her seat with her arms crossed.

“Why are you protecting that reject?” The blonde hissed.

“Oh shut it you barbie wannabe...” Kiley snapped.

“Now, now girls...” Mark said with a chuckle as he stood in between the 2 girls to keep each other out of the sight line of the other. “Everyone, I’m sure, saw how Celeste passed out earlier in the hall before lunch... Now she is still tired so we will be respectful and leave her be...” Mark stated in a hardened tone.

“Why should we? She doesn’t belong here!” The blonde hissed.

“Enough Karen... Just sit down and shut up for once...” A boy with black spiky hair with blonde tips and hazel eyes said from the desk next to her.

Karen growled ready to snap at him until the door opened making them all stop and stare at the figure that was walking in.

“What’s going on in here?” A girl with strawberry blonde hair and dark blue eyes asked from the door.

“Nothing Sam... Just Karen being her normal bitch self...” Mark said with a sigh of relief.

“What else is new?” Sam mumbled with a roll of her eyes. “Where’s...” Sam started looking down at a piece of paper in her hand. ” Celeste Chambers?” Sam asked as she looked up from the paper.

Mark and Kiley both looked to the sleep girl behind them.

“Why is she sleeping?” Sam asked absentmindedly.

“Long story...” Kiley sighed shaking her head.

Kiley was the only one who knew what Celeste’s home life was like. So she did her best to protect her.

“She hasn’t slept in a few days, let’s just say that...” Kiley said walking over to the her desk which was next to Celeste’s. She sat on her desk glaring at Sam who was now walking towards Celeste’s desk. “Don’t wake her...” Kiley growled.

“But she’s being summoned to the office Kiley...” Sam said taking a step back from the desk.

“I don’t care she can go during next period... She doesn’t like gym anyway...” Kiley said in tone that left no room for arguments as she crossed her arms over her chest.

“Just say you couldn’t find her...” Mark said with a shrug.

Mark didn’t know much about Celeste besides the fact that she always dressed in baggy, dirty clothes and never looked clean in the morning. It was only after gym did she look clean mainly because of using the showers in the gym. He got Kiley to agree to go out with him if he would help her with Kiley for the day and she had agreed. So, if protecting the girl for the day got him what he wanted he’d do it.

“I can’t do that... They said they needed her now...” Sam argued.

Mark sighed. “Fine... Don’t say I didn’t warn you...” Mark said as he pulled out his phone and dialed a number as he put it to his ear. There was a few seconds of a paused before Mark spoke again. “Hey, mom... Sam is here asking for Celeste... What do you guys want with her?” Mark asked into the phone. Mark nodded a few times. “Okay, but she’s not able to come to the office right now... She’ll be in next period during gym...” Mark said nodding again. “Alright thanks mom...” Mark said before hanging up his phone. “All settled, now leave her alone Sam...” Mark stated going back to his seat.

“Your mom works in the office?” Sam asked as she tilted her head to side in slight confusion.

“She’s the woman at the front desk...” Mark said with a smirk.

“No wonder you get away with everything...” Kiley said shaking her head.

“How did we not know that?” The boy next to Karen asked.

Mark chuckled. “Because I don’t announce it to the world...” Mark said shaking his head.

“We’ve all went to the same school since kindergarten and none of us knew this...” Sam said in disbelief.

“Again, I don’t go around telling people my mom works in the front office... I hardly ever call her and ask for favors like this... It’s actually the first time I did...” Mark explained shrugging his shoulders.

“Why don’t you use her more often?” Karen purred.

“Because despite what all of you think I’m not like that... I don’t use my parents as connections just to get what I want...” Mark snapped. “Matt handle your girlfriend before I rip her head off...” Mark growled.

“She’s not MY girlfriend...” Matt, the boy that sat next to Karen, said. “I can’t even stand her...” Matt added.

“Hey!” Karen snapped.

“Teacher’s coming! Sam get outta here!” A boy standing by the door said.

Sam nodded before running out of the door and down the hallway going the opposite way. Everyone who was standing went back to their seats just as the door opened and the teacher walked in. She didn’t bother saying anything she just walked up in front of Celeste’s desk.

Kiley jumped up from her seat to get in between Celeste and the teacher. Kiley wasn’t about to let her disturb her friend.

“Leave her alone...” Kiley hissed.

“The principal said I can do as I please when it comes to the class... So I will be teaching the class what they’re supposed to be learning... So she needs to wake up...” The teacher snapped.

“Oh? What are you going to teach us?” Mark asked with a smirk.

“What your normal teacher left on her desk...” The teacher snapped.

“Oh and what would that be?” Mark chuckled.

The teacher stomped over to the desk and grabbed a bright red folder off the desk and opened it but froze in her spot.

Mark smirked. “There’s nothing there is there? I told you, when there’s a sub its always a study hall...” Mark said tauntingly.

“What did you do with what was in here?” The teacher growled as she glared at all the students.

“We didn’t do anything with it... It was always empty...” Mark said waving his hand dismissively.

The teacher was fuming. She could have sworn she was told there was the class lesson in that folder. She didn’t understand why it wasn’t actually there.

Mark sighed. “Look, the teacher always claims to leave the class lesson in those folders but they never do... Our normal subs know this... Since you’re new I’ll enlighten you... This is just how everything is done...” Mark said in a bored tone.

“We only have about 15 minutes left of class anyway... Just leave us do what you normally do when there’s a sub...” Matt said with a yawn.

The teacher huffed but she sat down in the chair that was behind the big desk.

15 minutes later, the bell rang dismissing the class and waking Celeste up. Celeste groaned as she slowly stood up and gathered her belongings.

“Celeste! You were called down the office earlier, you should head there now and find out what they needed...” Kiley said coming to Celeste’s side.

Celeste looked surprised. “Why didn’t you wake me up before?” Celeste asked.

“Because you needed the sleep...” Kiley said with a roll of her eyes. Celeste nodded as they walked out the door. “I’ll let the teacher know you’ll be late!” Kiley said as she ran down the hallway to the gym leaving Celeste on her own.

Celeste sighed and shook her head as she turned and headed towards the office. Luckily the office was only a few doors down, so Celeste didn’t have to walk too far.

Once she entered the office she saw a few people she didn’t recognize which was strange since she knew just about every teacher or staff member in the entire school. She ignored them though and went straight to the lady at the front desk.

“Mrs. Blair...” Celeste called in almost a whisper as she approached the front desk. “You were looking for me?” Celeste asked stopping in front of the desk.

Mrs. Blair looked up and smiled. “Ah! Celeste yes! Have a seat and Mr. Collins will be with in a few seconds...” Mrs. Blair said as she picked up her phone on her desk.

Celeste nodded and sat down in one of chairs that sat in the office. Celeste really wasn’t paying much attention to what was being said, she was too busy trying to stay awake.

“Ms. Chambers...” A male voice called making her look up to see a slightly older man with dark hair with graying sides in a suit standing with a soft smile on his face.

“Mr. Collins...” Celeste said standing up. “What is it that you needed me for?” Celeste asked.

“Your father called and said he was going to be picking you up early... But even on the phone he sounded off... So when he showed up we had to call the Alpha to have him removed...” Mr. Collins said.

Celeste’s eyes widened. Her secret was out. She couldn’t hide it anymore.

“He’s being detained at the moment... Mrs. Blair had smelled alcohol on him and refused to let him near you... He didn’t take that too well obviously... I’m sorry to tell you this but we will be calling the Council to come get you by the end of the day...” Mr. Collins continued.

Celeste flopped back down into the chair burring her head in her hands. She couldn’t believe what was happening. She never would have thought that it would come out into the open. The only person who knew about her home life was Kiley and she has never told anyone about it. And Kiley has never shunned her for it either. Kiley in fact has always protected her no matter what.

Celeste refused to cry. She wouldn’t let anyone see her as weak. She was a Beta’s daughter, an ex-Beta now, but still a Beta nonetheless. She had to be strong no matter what.

“You should head back to class... A member from the Council will be waiting for you at the end of the day to take you to your house to get your clothes...” Mr. Collins said with a sad smile.

Celeste nodded as she stood up. “Alright...” Celeste said in almost a whisper. She turned and walked out of the office and headed for the gym.

When Celeste entered the gym she wasn’t paying attention. When looked up a ball hit her square in the face making her nose bleed as she fell to the ground holding her face.

“Oops...” A sickeningly sweet female voice said. Amusement dripping in her voice.

“Karen! What the fuck is wrong with you?!” Kiley screamed as she ran over to Celeste’s side inspecting her face. “Are you alright?” Kiley asked moving a piece of hair out of Celeste’s face.

Celeste nodded. “Yeah... I’m fine...” Celeste said still holding her hand over her nose.

“Kiley, take her to the nurse... Her nose needs to be reset before it heals too much...” Mr. Parker, the Gym teacher said.

Kiley nodded and helped Celeste to her feet. “Come on, let’s go...” Kiley said as she glared at a smirking Karen.

Once in the hallway Celeste let out a growl. Which was unlike Celeste. She was always an easy going person, who hardly ever got pissed enough to actually growl. Half the time people thought she was human instead of a werewolf.

Kiley’s eyes widened at the sound. “What happened?” Kiley asked shocked to heat such a noise.

Celeste sighed and shook her head. “Nothing, never mind... I can’t change it anyway...” Celeste mumbled.

Kiley knew better then to push her. If she wanted to tell her she would. So Kiley decided to change the subject.

“You’re birthday is coming up right?” Kiley asked knowing the answer.

Celeste sighed letting a small smile grace her face. “Yeah... 5 months...” Celeste said.

“We should throw you a sweet 16...” Kiley grinned knowing how much Celeste hated parties.

“Hell to the No! Besides who would I invite other then you?” Celeste asked with a raised eyebrow.

Kiley shrugged. “We could have it at my house, my rents wouldn’t mind... Oh, and I can probably get most of the people from school to show up...” Kiley began saying until she got an evil smile on her face.

“Kiley... What are you thinking?” Celeste said in a cautioned tone.

“I’ll make Mark come... He said anywhere I wanted to go and anytime I wanted...” Kiley grinned making Celeste snort.

“Riiiight... He’ll just wait 2 months to take you out... I don’t see that happening...” Celeste said as the reached the nurses office. “Go back to class... I can make it back on my own...” Celeste said.

“You sure? I can always stay...” Kiley asked.

“Yeah, I’m sure... Get going...” Celeste said while using her hands to shoo her away.

“Alright, alright... I’m going, I’m going...” Kiley grumbled as she headed back to the Gym.

Celeste let out a sigh of relief as she turned towards the nurses office door and opened the door to reveal a lady in about her mid 30′s sitting at a desk that was filled with papers. She walked in and lightly cleared her throat startling the lady slightly.

“Oh My goodness! Celeste! You scared me!” The nurses lightly scolded.

“Sorry but Mr. Parker sent me over after I got hit in the face with a ball...” Celeste said taking a few steps forward.

“Alright... Let me see...” The nurse said standing from her chair and began walking over to her.

Celeste moved her hand from her nose making the nurse cringe a bit at the sight.

The nurse sighed. “This is going to hurt but it does need to be reset...” The nurse said putting both hand on each side of her nose.

“It’s fine... Just get it over with...” Celeste said closing her eyes.

The nurse did make it quick and it hurt but Celeste didn’t let it show.

“There you go sweetie...” The nurse said.

“Thank you, Mrs. Collins...” Celeste said before turning to leave the nurses office.

“Take care sweetie...” Mrs. Collins said with a smile.

“You too...” Celeste said waving before she shut the door.

Celeste began walking back to the gym. But before she got half way down the hallway she felt a sharp pain in her neck before everything went black.

She slightly remembers opening her eyes to see a bright light right above her the made it hard to keep her eyes open. She couldn’t move her arms or legs. But she could feel that she was laying on her back.

"She’s awake..." She heard a muffled male voice say.

"I’ll take care of it..." Another muffled voice said but this time it sounded like a female. But she wasn’t sure.

But it didn’t last long. She again felt a sharp pain in her neck making everything once again go black.

When she opened her eyes again she couldn’t see at all. And more so she couldn’t hear anything. Her throat felt sore and her head and neck throbbed by her ears.

She wanted to groan. But she felt like she couldn’t. It hurt to swallow. It hurt to move her head.

She didn’t know what was going on. She could tell that her wrists had, what felt like shackles on them same with her ankles. They felt heavy. It felt like something was wrapped around her eyes, head, and neck.

She started to panic. Tugging and pulling on her wrists but nothing happened. She couldn’t pull herself free. She felt like panicking. But as her breathing started to get even harder it hurt her chest and throat.

She didn’t know how long she was there. All she knew was she couldn’t hear anything even when someone pulled something from her face. It was still dark but she could make out something in the room thanks to her werewolf sight.

She saw an outline of a person standing in front of her. From the way they looked it was a male. But she couldn’t be sure without a little more light.

Which in a few seconds a light above the person came on confirming that it was definitely a male. But what truly shocked her was that it wasn’t just any man.

It was her Father. But who was the other person she heard earlier?

His eyes looked wild. The evil looking smirk on his face unsettled her. His mouth was moving but there was no sound.

She found it odd that she couldn’t hear him. She squinted her eyes and tilted her head slightly as his mouth kept moving.

It then looked like he started laughing after she tried to say something to him but he looked unfazed.

You can’t hear me can you?′ She heard him say into her mind.

Mind link?′ She thought to herself. ′That definitely wasn’t him actually speaking... His mouth didn’t move that time...′ She continued to think.

So to answer his question she shook her head.

Good... Then it worked...′ She heard him say in her head.

She tilted her in confusion. ′What are you talking about?′ She asked him through the mind link.

You my darling, can’t hear or speak... Through it seems you can still use the Mink Link... But give me time I’ll figure out how to make it so you can’t use that either...′ Her father said into her mind.

What do you mean?′ She asked in a slight panic.

I mean I cut out your vocal cords as well as I damaged your eardrums to where you can’t hear and that they can’t be repaired...′ He said with a chuckle in her mind.

You what?!′ She shouted through the mind link.

She couldn’t believe what he was saying to her. Why would he do this to her? She hasn’t ever said a word. Why would she now? More importantly, how is she going to communicate with anyone?

Now, no one will ever want you... You’ll never leave me like your mother did... No one will ever want a deaf and mute wolf with your kind of eyes...′ He said into her mind.

He sounded crazy. She thought he had finally lost his mind. What kind of father would do this to their own child?

Apparently hers.

How long do you plan to keep me here? I still have school...′ She asked.

Forever...′ He said before walking away.

He couldn’t be serious. Could he?

He must be telling the truth, she couldn’t hear and she beat she couldn’t speak considering she moved her mouth but she didn’t feel or hear anything come out.

She thought about Mind linking Kiley or someone from the outside. But she didn’t know where she was or even if she was in range of being able to Mind Link anyone else.

She felt helpless.

The only thing she could hope for was to maybe get her wolf and hopefully break these chains when she shifted. She had to wait till she turned 16 to finally be able to get her wolf and to shift.

2 More Months.

Could she survive that long?

She wasn’t sure.

But she had to try.

Okay, I decided to go with the name Celeste instead of Nova or Stella. I don’t know I like it better.

But please tell me what you think.

This is my first werewolf story that I’m actually posting so please be a bit kind...

Thank you for the support!

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