Immortal Fire - Book One

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Aria Silverton has never remained in one place for more than a few months. When she moves to a new town, she meets the mysterious man from her dreams that have been haunting her - Hayden. Aria and Hayden are forced in to a race against time and ethereal forces as Angel Fire consumes and threatens to destroy her as unknown enemies hunt her down. With Hayden's help, Aria searches for the truth that will either aid or destroy every living soul... but will the truth be anything like she imagined?

Fantasy / Romance
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Flames danced an eerie glow around the throne room. Moans of insidious intent could be heard, carried across the landscape like a heated breath, scorching its path.

The demon who had delivered the news lay slain on the ground in a bloodied heap as he stepped over it. Fury like no other was coursing through his veins at the news the despicable creature had brought to him.

Turning to his pet of the past year, he couldn’t help the scowl that covered his face. This pet had been giving him issues for a while now and he was growing ever more agitated with this fact.

“You will leave here and destroy him as planned. You have had numerous opportunities in the past, and I will not accept failure this time!” he roared towards his pet, eyes flashing red.

“If he has already engaged with her as predicted, you will destroy her in his stead. Now go!”

His pet left the throne room and he scoffed at the insolence he had been showing lately. If he did not deliver on his task once again, he would simply end him.

Stepping over the body which still lay on the floor, he marched from the room, but not before a snap of his fingers had the body go up in flames, as screeches of agony could be heard in the distance, bringing a smirk to his face...

“Time to play my lovelies!”

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