The Winter Witch

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~Chapter Five~ Little Flower Fairy

Questioning what to do could wait.

As of now all she could really do was at least help the fairy out of the glass jar.

After she had re-stoked the fire and placed her coat, hat, gloves, muffler, stockings and boots by it to dry was when she took the basket and gently placed it on top of the table before pulling over a chair and sitting on it with her bare knees so she could get a better look at the thin winged creature while Roux curled up underneath the table. Removing the lid from her basket Enya took the glass jar out and quickly unscrewed the lid. She noticed that the metal of the lid had a number of holes punched possibly from a pin or pen, but on the lid’s interior there were a number of scratches.

The Sidhe must have been trying desperately to get out only to be knocked unconscious from ether Edward’s group or when the blond boy rushed to protect it. Slowly, Enya tipped the jar to allow the creature to fall out; it landed in her hand, tiny and frail no bigger than a spoon. It looked female, with what Enya could only think of as some type of petal and leaf dress that almost seemed to be fused with its body while it had pale rose pink hair done up in a bun and held together with a small golden flower pin.

Slowly Enya placed the Sidhe down some blankets that she had gathered then went to rest her index finger along its chest to feel for a heartbeat, she wasn’t even sure if it had one but when Enya’s finger made contact with the creature’s chest she could feel the slight continuing drum of a heart.

So fairies have heartbeats… Enya thought as she gently moved the creature around to check if it had any injuries and from what she could tell there were none. Enya breathed a sigh of relief; she had been so worried that she wouldn’t have been able to do anything if it was critically hurt or worse. She then looked at the wings, they were almost see-through with a faint rose tint to them but the wings themselves reminded Enya a bit of a combination of a butterfly’s wings and that of dragonfly. They looked rather brittle much like the creature itself, but she could see no damage to the wings either.

With another sigh Enya placed a blanket over the tiny creature and then gently lifted back into the small basket and took it to her room and place it near the fire, but not so close it could possibly burn, but this way the creature would stay warm and out of the cold as it rested.

After making sure that they fairy would be okay Enya went back to the kitchen and hung her now dry items back where they belonged along with dousing the fire, and making sure the one in her parents room was also gone, which it was, before heading back to her room and changing for bed.

She hunkered down in her blankets and looked warily up at the window, nothing was there but she kept thinking that something would appear. When she looked back for a brief moment she saw the Garu looking down at her with burning red eyes. She gasped and moved away from the window only to realize that she was imagining it. But the mere image alone scared her, her heart hammering in her chest she called out. “Roux!”

Instantly the fox ran into her room and came to a stop at the end of her bed, she moved further on to her bed to allow the fox to jump up on her bed, when he had she instantly hugged him and soon realized that her whole body was shaking from the event.

Letting out a few shaky breaths Enya lifted the covers and allowed the fox in the bed before nestling up to him, the softness of his fur and the constant presents by her side pushed back some of the fear, even though one thought kept coming to the brim of her mind.

Mother… she thought. Come home soon.

For days Enya watched over the little fairy, every so often giving it water and broth to drink whenever it was conscious, though it didn’t seem all too aware of its surroundings as of yet. But from what Enya could tell the food and drink did improve the creature’s strength. That alone was a good sign.

Even though at night Enya would find herself still having Roux sleeping at her side for comfort and reassurance that everything would be okay the coming dawn. What’s more, whenever she went outside in the morning she saw no signs of those creatures, making Enya question even more why the Garu were even there in the first place.

Seeing those burning eyes in a book were nothing in comparison to the real thing, she didn’t even know that they could even take a human like shape, it still scared her but seeing as how no one in the village seemed to talk about it gave Enya the thought that maybe the Elven man was protecting the village at night during the storm. She would have gone to see William during that time but her only thought was to sell what she had, buy more food and continue to nurse the fairy to health.

She couldn’t let herself be distracted by anything else, even if she wanted too. Though she did get some advice from Doctor Erich in how to possibly treat such creatures, and what he said rather surprised her.

“If I recall correctly your mother would help those like the Sidhe, in fact the herbs that she grew are not only beneficial for us but from the fairy folk as well. But she said that was long before she came to this village.”

“My mother never grew up here?”

He shook his head. “No, if I recall she had lived far from here, perhaps even in one of the great kingdoms. Though she never talks much about her own family, perhaps that’s why she came here. But when she returns you can ask her.”

Hearing that Enya went back home and picked some more of the herbs and boiled it so that it could be drank. Enya didn’t want to risk making it into a type of food since she wasn’t sure what fairies ate.

Though as a few days past Enya began to notice a change, the fairy stared to show more colour, its skin which actually had a very faint pale light green tint to her, showing Enya even more that they were vastly different from human beings.

Then during one morning while Enya was looking over the small fairy it suddenly opened its eyes and stared up at Enya in almost muted shock before letting out a scream of surprise and quickly moved to hide behind a pitcher of water.

The fairy peaked out from behind the pitcher and pointed at her with an almost shaky hand. “Wh-wh-who are you?!” she demanded and then began to quickly look around. “Where am I, what happened to those horrid boys??”

“You mean the ones who put you in the jar? Another boy was trying to stop them and a friend of mine and I intervened. The boy that was trying to protect you gave it to me and told me to run to keep you safe.”

The fairy’s body slowly began to relax. “You aren’t… with them?”

Enya shook her head. “No, I would never do that to another creature. But you were unconscious for a while. I was starting to wonder if you would ever wake up or if I did something wrong in treating you.”

“Treating…” the fairy paused then noticed the bowl and the rather small spoon, slowly she made her way over, walking with almost silent footsteps to the bowl in question and look at the dark liquid inside and inhaled before looking back up at Enya with a surprised expression. “You’ve been taking care of me?”

Confused by that statement Enya tilted her head slightly. “Is that really so surprising?” she asked. “That I helped you when you were hurt?”

“The people in your village always say to avoid us,” the fairy said as she folded her arms across her chest. “Claiming that we would curse you, which is a bunch of hooey, the Sidhe don’t curse people!” she then paused, frowned and glanced away. “At least not anyone in this region that I am aware of…”

“So they can in other parts of the world?”

The creature shrugged. “I wouldn’t know, I never left the Grove before until now.”

“The Grove?”

She nodded. “It’s where I’m from, you’ve never heard of it?”

Enya shook her head. “No, my mother was always adamant to not go into the forest, not because she was afraid of your kind but…”


“It’s the Garu. She was afraid that something would happen to me if they appeared near the village, like they did a few days ago.”

“What!?” the fairy said with shock. “The Grau-Böse where here?” she then flew up suddenly and was only inches away from Enya’s face. “How did they get through the barrier?!”

“The… the what?”

The fairy frowned. “You don’t know what that is.” She sighed. “Sorry, I shouldn’t assume that for someone so young…” she flew down back on the table top, her wings folding down as she had one arm behind her back, while her right hand resting underneath her chin as she began to pace back and forth. “The Garu-Böse don’t just wander in to a place, they’re attracted to negative energy. So they wouldn’t just attack a little girl at random, you would have been invisible to them so why…” she stopped in her tracks and looked at Enya. “Do you have magic?”

Enya frowned. “No…” she said. “I don’t.”

“Then how did you know to heal me?” she questioned. “Someone as young as you wouldn’t have known to help my kind without at least having some grasp of magical knowledge.”

For some reason Enya couldn’t help but feel offended that this small creature was accusing her, even though it didn’t sound like it, it sure felt like it to her. Angrily Enya reached over and grabbed the leaves that she had and showed them to the fairy.

“This is what I used to heal you; I didn’t know what to do for you so I talked to a doctor in the village. He was the one who told me if I used these then you would be okay. He only knew that because my mother mentioned it to him. She was the one growing them, that’s why you’re okay.” She said to the creature quickly as the fairy picked up one of the herbs and stared at it with a slight frown.

“Your mother grew these?” she asked and Enya nodded. “These plants don’t normally grow in this region, but they can thrive in any weather condition, they are highly sought after it’s surprising that they were even here.”

“That’s right,” Enya said as she folded her arms across her chest. “So don’t say such accusing things, it’s rude.”

“I didn’t mean to make it sound that way.” The fairy told her then looked around again, this time as if she was looking for something. “Where are your parents?” she asked. “Are they outside maybe?”

Enya stilled and then looked away as Roux came over and rested his head on Enya’s lap as she ran a hand over his soft ears. “No… they’re not. They aren’t here.”

The fairy looked confused. “Then where are they?”

Enya had to fight the urge to snap at the small creature, it was an innocent question but it felt like a stabbing wound to her, one that seemed like it would never close. “My mother, went to another village, she was called because of some sickness that was spreading through. But not long after she left this storm came through. So I don’t know if she’s still there or not.”

“And your father?”

Enya cringed as she grasped the necklace that lay underneath her blouse. Her shoulders began to shake before she shook her head to fight off the sadness. “He’s… dead.”

The creature gasped, dropping the herb as her hands covered her mouth. “I’m so sorry…” she said as she lowered her hands away from her mouth. “I shouldn’t have asked, by looking it’s obvious that you are alone… mostly.” She added when the fox growled at her. “How long has your mother been gone for?”

“Two months, I don’t even know when she’ll come back, or even if she’s able too.” she climbed off the chair and went over to a nearby window and looked as the snow continued to fall lightly. “I just hope she’s okay…”

The fairy was quite before drawing Enya’s attention with a question. “What’s your name?” she asked as she flew over and landed on the windowsill. “With all my questions I forgot to ask the most important one.”

“My name is Enya,”

“Enya, well it’s nice to meet you Enya. Thank you for saving me,” she then flew up and smiled. “My name is Tula, and as you know I’m one of the Sidhe, and I have magic, flower magic to be exact.”

Enya looked a little confused. “Is there a difference from others of your kind?”

“Yes,” said Tula as she moved her arms and a pale greenish-pink glow came to her hands and not long a flower formed in mid-air before she handed it to Enya. “All of our kind holds some form of elemental magic, and by extension will be connected to a season, be it summer, spring winter or autumn. Not all Sidhe are the same, it’s like that for any creature born with magic or not.”

“I know, my mother told me stories about it, and how those that hold a large amount of power could control the seasons themselves. Much like whoever is controlling the weather to make it snow out of season.”

“Right!” but then Tula’s smile disappeared as she went to stand on the windowsill once more. “You… know about that?”

Enya nodded. “A friend of mine told me that he believes whoever is doing this, is at the top of the mountain Watzmann, and there’s an old castle there. But it’s only an assumption it’s not like we could actually know it ourselves to be true or not.”

Tula thought about it for a moment. “No one has traveled up Watzmann in a long time, however…”

Enya looked to Tula. “What?”

Tula tapped her foot along the windowsill. “I may know someone who has, but he’s been traveling in this region, but I believe he will be back soon.”

“You really think he might know?”

The fairy nodded. “I’m pretty sure he would, there’s no harm in asking him. He’s good man, sad, but a good man.”

“So you’ll be leaving then?” Enya asked as she made her way back to the dining table.

Tula was about to speak but stopped and grasped her left arm. “I’m sorry,”

Enya looked at her. “For what? You shouldn’t feel bad for leaving; you have your own home to go too.” Enya then walked back and handed Tula some of the herbs. “Here, take them if you start hurting again, they’re the smallest I have, I hope they’ll be easy to carry.”

Tula took them and looked to the leaves. “Are you sure?”

Enya smiled. “I am,” she then opened the window and a cold breeze drafted into the home; thankfully with the sun it was somewhat bearable. “Get home quick, you don’t want to get cold for being outside for so long.”

Tula began to fly off only to stop, look back and say. “I’ll be as quick as I can, though with our Queen it may take some time.”

So even fairies have royalty that they serve. Enya thought recalling how there were a number of kingdoms around the world. “That’s okay; besides you know where I live, just be careful out there.”

Giving a nod Tula flew off, and when Enya closed her window she let out a tired breath before feeling Roux butting his head against her leg, she looked down at him and smiled. “Let’s have something to eat okay?”

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