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Catherine's Journal. (please note i am still writing this and its a first draft)

By Katy Rayne All Rights Reserved ©



Catherine was just a farm girl born in the 1700's. she was the oldest of 6 children and loved her life. even if she didnt always have everything she needed. But that was all such a long time ago. she is now in college having faked a permant death a few hundred years ago and its the 2015's time ages everyone even her heart. Will she ever understand why he wanted her back when she was a child. will she even understand why she couldnt just have died and why she was cursed to be a vampire. She is a vampire living on animal blood and stolen hospital blood. Making friends at college was something she hadnt wanted to do and now yeah shes in trouble and it aint the vampires she needs to hide from anymore. but can she risk ever going back into Esmonds world. this time she might not surive her death. she is not even sure if thats a bad thing.

Entry 1

The year was 1799. The month march. The date the 15th.

That is the day my life and death changed. That is the day all this started. I was not of a wealthy family. My father worked every day for very little. He struggled daily as did my mother with us. My 6 siblings and I. How I miss them all. But I am getting ahead of myself. I was the oldest, at 15 years of age and a female I was expected to help my mother with all jobs. I collected eggs. I milked the cow. I feed my siblings and bathed them once a month and sowed their clothes. I possibly was a mother before I even knew what I was doing. I am not going to say it was the best life, I wouldn’t go that far. But I loved my family. I loved being human. That was all denied me the day he came.

Mother was happy to start the day, she was singing along as she sowed up Edward’s clothes, at 13 my brother was almost another man of the house, but her singing soon went silent as worry set in. I don’t fully know what happened that night but it was strange. My father and brother weren’t home when they should have been. I had helped mother tuck all the babes into bed. Her fretting like the fret she was. We had heard the door bang, and then an ear piecing scream, I don’t think I had ever heard my brother scream until that point, till this day I still hear it when I think of him. Mother and I went into the main part to scorn him that he would wake the babes. He was sat there with Father bleeding and almost dead. Mother went into hysterics. The babes in the other room heard and started to stir I run to them. Not wanting them to see Father like that. Dying in the middle of our home. My brother was in to much a state to even say what had happened. Mother tried to send him for help. But he just shook his head saying “No, No.” My father died that night. My father died March the 15th 1799 the day that changed everything.

We buried father a week later, an accident people said. My brother silent on the matter. Not having spoken a word out loud since his No as father died. I wish I knew what had happened, it is to late now.

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