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Of all the creatures i could be betrothed to,why did i have to be betrothed to The Prince of Darkness? I hated him although i havent really met him before but i know that because of him my almost perfect life will be turning into hell. I hate him so much, i hate him with every fibre in me. Just the mention of his name scares the shit out of me and i hate him for that. The characters are solely from my imaginations hence I own them,refrain from copying my work,Thank you! I strongly advise any homophopic to please stay away from this story. [WARNING: This story may contain profanities, explicit scenes and a lot more 21+ scenes] If you are uncomfortable with any of the above,you must not proceed to read this story.

Fantasy / Romance
Saviour Bae
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〰This will be my last warning.
This story may contain explicit contents, profanities, and a lot more 21+ scenes. I won't be having any warnings on any chapter.


Imagine how i felt when my mom called me one evening, a evening i enjoyed so much since it was the night a party was thrown for me,it was my birthday evening party. I turned 18 that very day and i recieved the worst news of my life and no i am not even exaggerating.

"Lairo, i know what am about to tell you will definitely scare you,freak you out maybe but honey remember that i will never do anything to hurt you,i will always want what's best for you." my mother never talk like this,while she said everything all seriously her eyes shows a hidden fear,what she said already makes me uncomfortable but i also wonder what she is afraid of. To humans we were just normal human beings too but that is far from the truth,my mom is a witch and my dad was a human. But when my mom gave birth to me they thought i was born a human much to my mom's relieve but when i turned 10 years old they discovered i was born a half wizard and half human when one day i was able to control our electronics after i got angry.

My mom is from a line of powerful sorcerers and she wasnt that bad herself,she has been able to protect us from werewolfs,vampires and other mystic creatures that humans think doesnt exist. But there was one creature that is feared by all those creatures,according to the rumours i have heard he is one ruthless,strong and bloodsucking creature,he literally feeds on blood. And i don't think we will ever encounter this said person anytime soon since we stay among the humans but that person resides in the Blood forest. So then what is my mom afraid of,what is that fear i see in her beautiful ocean eyes or am i being too sensitive?

"Mom,what is it?" I went and sit right beside her staring at her for answers or for her to tell me whatever she wanted to say. She closed her eyes and made a deep sigh then she opened her eyes to look at me with a very worried and apologetic expression,now she was really freaking me out with her sudden behaviour. Just an hour or two ago she was happy celebrating my birthday with me and after the visit of a certain tall and lanky man in a black cloak she had become like this,i wonder what that faceless man said to my mother.

"Some years ago,our family betrothed my first born child Prince of Darkness about a deal i myself wasn't aware of till you got 13." hahaha,i chuckled when my mother said that,i mean she can't really be serious.


"Such a lame prank on my birthday haha,anyway forget it i have seen right through this joke of yours." I said mockerily and intended to go back and join my friends at the hall to continue this birthday party of mine but my mother held my wrist and pulled me back to the couch and when i saw that straight face of hers my smile flatened. She can't really be serous. And she answered my thoughts.

"Am serious Lairo. I ain't joking,do you really think i can joke with the name of that person? When the man in black cloak told me to make arrangements and bring you to the Prince of Darkness,i was confused then he explained everything to me to the point of telling me the Prince had been waiting for you to grow up before claiming you. I really don't understand,i told the guy i dont know anything about that stupid deal and he should stay away from my family but Lairo you know when that person is involve,we are nothing but mere ants in his eyes." I couldnt find any words to utter,i was..... shocked. Different kinds of emotions were rolling inside me that i couldnt pinpoint what i was really feeling at the moment. I just kept staring at my mother,i was frozen on the spot.

Me, betrothed to the-the P-Prince of D-D-Darkness-s,this must really be a joke,i mean is not possible,i can't get married to a 1000+ years old vampire.

"M-Mom,you know is not possible right? You know this can't happen right,Mom we need to hurry up and get away from this place,go somewhere far away so that no one can find us. Let's go....let's get going mom....!!" I held my mom's hand trying to get her to stand up so we can ran away. My mind was muddled, all i wanted at that moment is to go far far away so that,that man in black cloak will not be able reach us again but then when i saw the look of helplessness on my mother's face i realized how silly am being but can you blame me,i am betrothed to a monster,the most powerful one in existence,i can't really excape from him if it is true he had been waiting for me since my birth,what kind of psycho want to get married to a kid,am just a teenager and he is more than 1000 years older than me.

"*sigh*.......i wish there were somewhere we could go and be away from here but he will find us within seconds,Lairo what do i do? You are my precious son,i cant give you to him,he is a monster,i don't know what he might do to you. For the first time in a long time,i am.....scared. Why us? Why now? We have always been on low profile, What does he want from us?" I watch as fat drops of fresh tears stream down my mother's cheeks and i couldnt help,my eyes too started to water. We hugged each other like it was our last hug and somehow it might be. We settled on the couch,no one said anything even when everyone in the hall were all going to their respective homes,we just sat down silently till they all left.

Sleep flee away from us all night,my mind was imagining all possible scenarios of my pending doom and the imaginery face of that bloodsucking monster who thought it was wise to do this to me. I cant even think of any possible reason that makes him want to continue with that stupid so called deal. How does that stupid deal have anything to do with me in the first place?

I hate that old asshole for destroying my happy day,for coming out of nowhere to suddenly disrupt my peaceful life. I hate him for making a fearless and strong woman like my mom break down,she had never shed tears before but because of that monster she did.

We watch as the darkness of the night fades away welcoming a new day,the sun illuminating through the curtains hanging at the open window. We had sat there like statues till daybreak and just when we thought it couldnt get any worst that's when the black cloak man honour us with his presence,he just appeared infront of us,well teleportation isn't abnormal for us,what was abnormal is that faceless guy coming here again when we are yet to sort out our feelings.

"Is time!" His gravy voice said briefly,my mom eyes suddenly was burning with rage and with no second thoughts she attacked the black cloak man who with just a snap of fingers he got my mom to crumble on the ground while she screams in pain, i immediately went to my mother's side on the floor,i didnt know what he was doing to my mom but i know that whatever he was doing was hurting my mother.

"Stop!!...I say stop!!!...please *sob* stop...make it go away *sob* she is in pain...stop!!!....*sob* please!!!"I screamed the words between cries,he was going to kill the only family i have.

"Will you obediently follow me back to The Blood castle?" That annoying gravy voice of the black cloak man uttered,i lifted my head up and glared at the faceless man but my mother's painful whimpers brought me back to her,i stared sadly at her,it seems i have no choice. If me going to that hell will make my mom safe then.....i will do it.

"Ok....but please stop hurting my mother." he snapped his fingers again and my mother stopped whimpering,the blood coming from her mouth and nose seized oozing,i hugged her tightly while crying loudly on her shoulder,for a moment i thought i will lose her and that thought brought me an immense pain in my heart.

"Time to go." My mother although being weak was glaring daggers at the man who stood there nonchantly. I stopped hugging my mother and i wiped the tears streaming down her face,i smiled at her. "I will be fine,i promise." i said assuring her,more like assuring myself too.

"You promised." she said through the tears. I nodded with a smile then stood up facing the black cloak man.

"Let's go." He put his hand on my shoulder,i took one last glance at my mother who was too weak now to even reach me with her outstretched arm,with my magic i mindlinked her

"Take care of yourself mom.....please" I said with a sad smile before i was teleported out of my home,my peaceful home.

He took just a few hours to turn my 18years happy life into a mess,i hate him and with determination,i will find anything that can kill him for doing this to me,i will do anything to kill him whether he is immortal or not. He deserves to rot in hell for all i care!

This is a promise....

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