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Veiled Infant of Alpha Hunter

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This is a Book 2 story of Mates of a Werewolf Hunter

Fantasy / Romance
Valentine Winters
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Chapter 1 A Chase for A Kiss


We are too young for this. What would he think?

What if he asked me to abort this innocent child?

He won’t. My wolf said with pure certainty.

I will keep the baby hidden from him as long as I can.

Lucifer looked at me weirdly before digging into his plate of food.

Valentine Winters P.O.V

It has been two months since I knew that I was pregnant.

My abs were no longer obvious or noticeable as a slight bum already started to form on my once flat belly.

Nowadays, I’ve been wearing big baggy shirts to cover up my body and not show any of my curves.

I’ve been trying to be less intimate with Lucifer.

He’d definitely detect that something is not right if he traces my stomach. Even if he was not keen enough to notice, his wolf undoubtedly would sense the transformation in my figure.

Gaining weight is not as parallel as being pregnant.

“So, have you told Lucifer yet?” Gabriella asked scooching closer to me on the couch in the hall.

I slowly shook my head no.

“He’s goanna find out sooner or later.” Lilith spoke sitting down next to me.

I frowned.

I know that too.

“I can tell if you want.” Gabriella volunteered wholeheartedly with a grin on her face.

“No.” I spoke instinctively holding my belly with my right-hand palm, caressing leisurely.

“Until the right moment arrives, he should not even have a doubt. Promise?” I asked to the both of them.

They observed each other obviously contemplating in their head upon my decision.

After a minute or two, Lilith finally broke the silence.

“Promise.” Lilith nodded giving me a slight reassuring smile.

Both of us turned to Gabriella waiting for her turn.

She clenched and unclenched her jaw still considering before sighing defeatedly.

“Promise.” She sighed looking down.

“Thank you.” I expressed and she embraced me with a warm hug.

“Better take care of my nephew.” She teased playfully, winking at me.

“Or niece?” Lilith questioned crossing her arms over chest, raising an eyebrow at her.

“Right. Or niece.” Gabriella nodded with a sly smirk playing on her lips mocking Lilith’s words, resulting Lilith to roll her eyes at her infantile behavior.

Gabriella Zades P.O.V

I walked into my chamber, closing the door and locking it up.

I groaned before heaving of my white shirt above my head and sloppily tossing it down on the glossy marble flooring. Why do I feel so warm?

I dragged down my ripped-style shorts, leaving myself in only my undergarments before collapsing down on my Queen-sized bed.

I caught a familiar scent and I instantaneously became attentive towards my surroundings when a soft growl shortly followed. How could I have not caught it the moment I entered? I am an alpha’s daughter, soon to be an alpha female.

Before I was even capable to pick up my physique, someone pinioned my entire body to the bed with theirs, resulting the bed to bounce a little from the movement. Sparks coasted throughout my form and only an imprudent individual would still be speculating who is on top of me.

“Octavius.” I giggled looking into his eyes that were flicking towards pitch black filling with desire and lust.

I picked up my right hand to tenderly caress his left cheekbone, feeling his flawless soft skin under my touch.

He gave out a genuine smile before his eyes flickered back to their beautiful pools of emerald green that I admire.

“You look so sexy.” He teased biting his bottom lip skimming over my semi-stripped figure from my face down to my bare legs.

“Oh really, now?” I teased, wrapping my right leg around his hip conveying up my below-region closer towards his.

“Don’t” He breathed, burying his face in the crook of my neck attempting to calm himself down nevertheless only affected his breathing to accelerate as he pressed his lower half against me.

‘Ella, you’re wanted in the woods’

My brother Gabriel sent a mind-link. I ignored it and continued my sexual assault on Octavius, sneaking my hands inside his grey beater, tracing my fingers over his abs as I teasingly went lower.

‘I can see Octavius is not here too, so before this message gets copied and pasted to Lucifer, I suggest both of your asses to be here now.’ Gabriel snickered.

I groaned sexually frustrated and Octavius chuckled from above me, stopping himself. “I heard him too.” He told with a look of annoyance, giving me one last peck on my lips before sitting up and moving away from me.

He bends down to pick up my clothes, throwing them over towards me. “See you soon.” He winked, giving me a genuine smile and another kiss on my left cheek before walking out of my room closing the door.

Evelyn Ra P.O.V

I sat down crossed legged onto the healthy green grass, wearing a knee-length yellow goldenrod floral dress. My sister’s friend, Valentine Winters, proposed me this place. I watched as the waterfall flowed down beautifully towards the huge rocks beneath it. The sun reflected, ensuing it to shimmer and dazzle like diamonds on water.

The sound of the stream and the fresh scent of woods emitted pleasant and tranquil vibrations as I closed my eyes to enjoy the serene atmosphere before I overheard a snap of a twig. Instantaneously, my eyelids shot up as I twisted to my side so my body was fronting the ground.

I backed up a couple of steps cautiously, my heart accelerating a hundred miles an hour. My breathing became ragged and fear automatically recoiled into my senses, perspire forming on my forehead.

I ran the opposite direction of the snap, not wanting to look back. Nevertheless, I could sense that someone or somewhat a thing was dashing towards me from behind and it was very swift in speed.

For an instant moment, I faced at the back of me and my legs immediately functioned its way faster. A massive brown wolf was running after me.

Why me?

Before I could lead a message to my sister through our mind-link, I tumbled over as my left foot got stuck on a tree stem. I cursed inwardly, getting back on my two feet.

Unexpectedly, the atmosphere was quiet.

Too silent.

I looked from place to place to see no wolf was chasing after me. Did I hallucinate all of that? I was confused. I backed myself up towards a tree, leaning my back on it to contemplate what just happened.

The moment I felt a hand cover my mouth from behind, I instantly began thrashing and screaming violently though my screamed were muffled.

“Sssh, Evelyn.” I heard a male voice.

I just closed my eyes tightly in fear as the male wolf pressed its heaty body against me while I was still trying to shriek and attempting to escape from his tight hold on me.

“Evelyn, look at me.” The male voice asked.

I shook my head in fear, not caring if I was being disobedient or stubborn.

“Look at me now.” The voice became sterner than before, it obviously was not a request but an order.

Before I knew what was happening, I felt something soft being replaced onto my lips compared to the rough hand before.

My eyes shot up in complete and utter disbelief. Who dare to kiss me without my consent? When I looked to grasp who it was, I saw Adamone Levi slamming his soft lips onto mine, caressing it while his bluish green eyes were staring directly into my shocked hazel-green ones.

Hi everyone, Book 2 of Mates of A Werewolf Hunter is on now. Feel free to comment and vote please! Hope you will enjoy this! There are lots to come!!! Thank You! Love you all!




- Valentine Winters

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