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Born of Light and Power

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Rhea's world changes overnight when she is taken from her realm to another. She is prophesied to be the next Chosen, one that will change the magic of Aureum itself. But will Rhea realize her potential before the forces at play change her fate forever?

Fantasy / Adventure
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Prologue -- 20 years ago

A strong western wind whipped through the tree line of the moonlit forest. The Druid stood along the trees waiting for the Elder Druid’s arrival. The wind continued to dance around the Druid, blowing his long, auburn hair around his face, catching his locks and making them flit around in the breeze. The singular, small braid that fell delicately from his temple reminded him of his status as the Elder Druid’s apprentice.

He had been chosen for his position after showing a promising gift of foresight. He saw his sister’s untimely death at the hands of her lover and saved her from her fate. His parents were delighted that he had been given the gift and immediately reached out to the Elder Druid for his advice. Only a few days after his gift was discovered, he was moving into the Elder Druid’s hut to begin his training. Just last week he received his first braid honoring him for his commitment to his apprenticeship. For each year that he served as an apprentice he would be given a braid. When his current Elder was certain that Caelum was a master in his training, he would be given the Elder title. The current Elder’s hair was adorned with 75 braids, the least amount of any Elder so far.

Darkness was looming through the trees as the Druid crouched in the tall grass. He brushed leaves off his khaki pants and smoothed his brown tunic, briefly checking his brown utility belt to make sure he hadn’t lost any of the packs that adorned it. He wrapped his green cloak around his shoulders and pulled the hood up around his head. His Elder was uncharacteristically late, and worry began to creep into the Druid’s mind.

“Rise, Caelum. Let us get on with this journey,” a low, booming voice echoed from the trees.

Caelum stood and brushed his hair behind his pointed ears.

“I was worried for you, Elder Fergus,” he said as he bowed his head in the direction of the voice.

The Elder Druid slowly walked from within the trees. The wind happily greeted the aging elf, curling its tendrils through his long blonde and braided hair. He was tall with gray eyes and a crooked nose. He was dressed in a green tunic with khaki travelers pants and boots. On his back was a pack filled with alchemical ingredients, potions, books, and food. I’m his hand he carried a long staff that he used as he walked. Each time the staff touched the ground, the tip emitted a soft blue glow.

“Caelum, my boy, I’ve walked this realm for 1000 years,” he said with a chuckle. “It would take my death alone to keep me from this journey.” He smiled at the young elf in front of him.

Caelum’s cinnamon brown eyes shimmered with understanding as he turned away from the forest and to the plains. The Elder Druid, Fergus, walked and stood next to his apprentice when he noticed the boy’s eyes glowing gold. The boy was having a vision. The Elder sat down on the cool ground. He knew better than to interrupt a seer during a vision. There was nothing to do but wait until the boy’s vision had completed.

“She will change everything,” Caelum whispered. Fergus stood and stretched his legs. He had been sitting for almost an hour. The small fire he had built was nothing more than coals and embers.

“Tell me more Caelum,” he said as he helped the boy sit down on a nearby log. He threw some kindling and a log on the dying fire. He held out his hand above the logs. His hand glowed a soft orange color and small flames danced from his palm down to the logs below. The fire was soon providing sweet warmth.

“I saw her. The next Chosen,” Caelum started. “She will be brought here to Aureum without knowledge of who she is. My vision, at first, saw her never reaching her potential. Dying here trapped by a fairy. But it changed. It showed us, in the future, bringing her existence to the attention of the council. Saving her from her prior fate. And she will change this realm forever. She will help the Modernists achieve their goal. She will be the key to winning the future war you have foreseen,” Caelum looked over to his mentor. Fergus was rubbing his chin lightly, deep in thought.

“The ancient light is strong in you, Caelum,” Fergus said quietly. “You have experienced your first showing. It is different from visions. It shows us the possible outcomes based on a choice. Unfortunately, it only shows one outcome. For all of Aureum’s sake, let us hope we make the right choices when the time is upon us,” he sighed and stood up. He again placed his palm over the flames, but this time it flowed a cool blue and water dripped slowly down to extinguish the flames. “We must be going, Caelum. It’s a four day walk to the council. We cannot miss this meeting.”

“But Elder Fergus,” Caelum said as he stood. “How do we know when it is time to intervene?”

Fergus began to walk into the plains, his apprentice not far behind him.

“More often than not, fate will intervene. You have foreseen it. You have been given the task to change her fate for the good of us all. You are linked with her now,” he smiled and turned to face Caelum. He placed his hand on the boy’s shoulder and looked into his eyes. “You will know, son. It’s hard to explain. But when the time comes, you will be there. Fate is funny that way.”

The pair continued walking into the night, toward the council meeting that would start changing the Chosen’s fate.

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