Aliances and Kingdoms

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Solstice, The Goddess of temptation. Alice of Redhill, The Grand Scribe. Jeremy the Goddess Unwilling but willing pet. There is more going on in this kingdom then meets the Eyes. . Alice of Redhill, The Grand Scribe. The bed warmer of Lord Xerath. Her abilities unknown. Her haratage burned into the past with no witnesses, She serving under Solstice, The Goddess of temptation and King Roland the Equal, Before them, She served under King Arthur and his Knights Of the Round. Sir, Jeremy of Cornwell, A knight seeking a glorious death in battle. Fell into the temptation of the Goddess Solstice, Lord Uhtred,and Her Pet Wizard Saruman. He is at constant odds with the their possessive tendencies and can never seem to escape their talons.

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Chapter 1

King Arthur has died. His knights of the round are all but gone. Excalibur has returned to it’s rock on the Island of Avalon. Gods, Lords and kings have sprung from the crevices of the world, aiming to take the crown for themselves.

Alice of Redhill, a bold woman. Her eyes a hollow brown with a mass of hair that waved around her shoulders from the breaded bun. This woman was The Grand Scribe. Her never-ending dragon pen and notebook always at her side. Weather in hand or in pouch she always had it on her person. Alice rested comfortably at the rank Level of Three. A wizard in all recharges and the bed warmer for The War Adviser and Grand general, Xerath. It was this position that allowed her to be on the battle field. Not cooped up in the castle with others of her rank. Another spectacular thing about the scribe, She was not drawn into the temptations of the Goddess Solstice.

Solstice, The Goddess of Temptation. A Devine being that had a dark shine of hair and eyes that shined with power. A perfect body of a Goddess and a mind for war. She ruled the Kingdom of Legends and it’s people. The Goddess could bind anyone into her tempting spell. Weather it was the temptations of power or the temptations of sex. Solstice was a Benevolent ruler to her mortal people, However, the Goddess also liked to sleep in late. And Alice had the responsibility to wake the Goddess around ten.

Jeremy was many things, heartless, vengeful, pet of a Goddess, the hunting partner of a Demi-God and a perverbial sex god. Blond hair and black eyes. ruff features and a glare that could melt stone. He was constantly stuck in a constant pass around between three beings that wanted him for different reasons. It was nerve racking and a announce in his life. But he even he could not resist the temptation of the Goddess Solstice. He could only escape in the morning light. Only he would be tempted back into her bed once more when evening came.

“You’re up early Jeremy.” Jeremy. In all his quick reflexes turned, drawing his sword, and was ready to behead the one that snuck up on him. Only Alice stood there the back of her hand blocking his sword like it was nothing. She was amused. He could clearly tell by the way her lips were up turned up slightly and her razed eyebrow. The darkened circles around her eyes though and the mad look in her eyes ment she had yet to sleep. Normally Jeremy would care little and cut the Scribe down for sneaking up on him.

“And your up late little scribe.” Jeremy replied simply, putting away his sword. It was not secret knowledge that Xerath was fond of his little bed warmer. It was also no secret that Alice could make his life miserable but Xerath would destroy him if his favorite bed warmer was found dead in the Palace’s inner court yard.

Alice dropped her hand with a chuckle. She understood the place Jeremy was in. He. Was the shiny toy that people wanted to play with. However Xerath was the one being dominated every night in a blur of pleasurable pain. She let people think it was the other way around. No point in letting the fetishes of her Lord out into the open. However she could still tease Jeremy, “At least I don’t have to sneak out of my masters beds in the morning hours.”

“No. You just sneak out of Xerath’s bed in the late hours.” The words were a hissed reply but he couldn’t help but crack a small chuckle as the scribe laughed. Grinning madly like an Hyuna. Alice did laugh. Laughed madly until she was gasping for air and grinning like a mad man. Pointing down the hall and to the left, “For that. Take the hall to the left and sneak out the serving door. I’ll keep those Vultures at bay for the day. If you want to avoid them tonight. Come find me at Nightfall.”

Jeremy gave a mock bow and bolted not a word left on his lips as he fled away. Alice shook her head still amused and turned on her heels. Because she was wearing heels. She pulled out her notebook and continued walking the way she was going. She did still have a few Hours before noon and before her own Lord woke to find her gone.

Xerath was not truly surprised to find his bed empty when he woke. His chosen bed warmer kept odd hours and she was the Grand Scribe. It was no odd thing to find her gone. However one glance at the water clock made him grumble. Ten in the morning. Alice should have been back by now. This made him a little annoyed but also excited. She could give the best pain when her body was sluggish from sleep deprivation but the scribe never lasted long when she was sleep deprived.

Xerath however sat up in bed. Cracking a smile at the feeling of the pain that lingered in his body. He didn’t bruse. As pale as he was, how large he was in the muscle category, with dark mahogany hair, and green eyes. He did not bruse easily. It wasn’t impassable. But he could feel the aftermath of last night. Alice didn’t hold back and it still felt good she may have brused him. It was enough to make him chuckle and get out of bed and stretched. To feel the tightness in his body and the pain that only his bed warmer could bring.

“XERATH! WHERE IS JEREMY!” Uhtred called slamming the wood reinforced door open with a loud echoing bang. Uhtred was a pretty boy in all things considered. Tall. Blond hair blue eyes and skilled in the art of war. However much like the Goddess Solstice and Saruman. He was obsessed with the Knight Jeremy.

Xerath turned mid Stretch. With a razed brow before standing up properly smoothing down his dark facial hair “Why should I know where The Goddess’s Pet is? He is not my bed warmer."

Uhtred steamed, pointing an accusing finger at his larger ally. “You Declared Him Yours At The Feast Last Night! It Would Make Sense -” Uhtred stopped and just stared. Realizing for the first time that Xerath was lacking cloths and his appendages was handing free out in the open. His jaw dropped. For a moment before spinning to face the wall, “PUT ON SOME PANTS!”

It was amusement but Xerath grabbed the fresh pair of trousers that Alice probably placed out for him before she left. “Uhtred I do not know where your toy is. Check the Goddess’s chamber if you are that desperate to find him.

“M’lay Solstice is being awakened by your Pet. Jeremy is not with them. Saruman is in his lab cooking up some kind of potion.” Pouting. Uhtred wasn’t pouting. No he was a man. A trained warrior. He did not pout. He was rather disappointed that Jeremy was no where to be seen. The chances he could escape the palace without anyone seeing him was small.

The large general buckled his sword belt after pulling on his tunic, thinking over why Jeremy would be disappointing from sight, “If you Can’t find Jeremy. Then Alice is hiding him from you. King Roland is still out looking for bandits and traitors. The Grand Scribe is the only one with the foresight to hide from your location abilities that is not obsessed with the Knight.”

"Of course!” Uhtred proclaimed marching back out the door with renewed vigor. Determined to confront the scribe and demand where his Jeremy is. Xerath fallowed behind if only to keep Alice from cutting The master of Hunting from chin to gullet.

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