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My Boyfriend is Fictional

By ambidextrious_witch All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Fantasy


For all the fictional loves of my life. I’m sorry we can never be together, but you are far better off in a world where I am not. (Apologies to my non-fictional boyfriend)

The concept of a fake boyfriend has become a fad with the female population in recent years. Going a little farther then just lying about being in a relationship, when they’re not, they give them personalities, appearances, and social media accounts to prove their plugged in and totally legit. Creating a guy in our own perfect images, who will always be there and only will leave when we find someone real. They seem pretty harmless in most cases. You probably just needed to get that creepy guy who couldn’t take a hint to shove off, or throw your extremely religious parents off the trail leading straight to your first girlfriend. Fake boyfriends are a toxic mindset, but they can’t really hurt you and are generally as disposable as CTRL-ALT-DELETE. However, fictional boyfriends are another dangerous story.

A little tough love to all of you out there with a fictional man on your arm right now, from a seasoned veteran of the crime. Get out while you can. If you aren’t careful, you can actually twist them into existence. Pull them out of their universes. You can make them real and living, like a hotter Frankenstein’s Monster (or the actual Frankenstein’s Monster, if you’re into that). However, they transform into ugly creatures when they get closer to reality, and become far more treacherous little things too.

Bottom line, bad idea. Don’t do it.

Don’t be this girl.

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1. Prologue
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