life...Where Exactly Is It?

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Have we been this way before...are we living in the same space but at a different time that once was?

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Chapter 1

The sun groaned as it pulled inward

and then expanded, brighter still.

The planets moved in strange new orbits,
colliding or flying outward

toward unchartered ground.

The moon bowed to the weight of gravity

as it kissed the earth below,
and then shattered;

its pieces moving in toward the sun.

Debris rained down for eons,

as the planets became shards
and then turned into dust

as soft and fine as down.

A brand-new cloud was born

colored like a rainbow;
stretching broad and tall

across a place in space that was once

somewhere else it time.

For eons, it grew bigger

as its silken mists were stirred,
creating unknown particles

while ethereal gases began to burn.

Sparks of light appeared from nowhere…

while a new sun began to glow.

And far away someone watched

that light from long ago,
filtering through space and time

toward a new a different world.

A world where ice was green,

soil was blue, and flowers emitted

neon beams of gold
aimed at the dwarf red sun up above.

“I wonder,” asked a silver eyed monster,

to no one but himself,

“does life exist elsewhere…

or are we all alone?”

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