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There are powers, there is a realm. There is Chaos and man against all odds is bringing salvation. Iandra(man's home) must be saved and it's not negotiable. Iandra is on the verge of an inevitable apocalypse and need saving. The Immortals that the mortals rely on were responsible for it all. Iandra--a battle field for the immortals wreck with chaos and no regard for man who is suffering the outcome. From among man rose twelve heroes who will challenge the status quo as one is born into the world at the rising of the star of the thirty-third order to lead the twelve.

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Edenian Genesis

The apocalypse of Edenia, a chronicle of a world grey, formless and void; there appear a light in the formless horizon it was Zeudinian the GOD of the outer heaven Zeuda. He came to extend his kingdom in Edenia. He is a creative being, a good Artista.

Zeudinian returned to Zeuda and shared of his adventure with his son and twin brother for their father if truly they have, was unknown. Zeudinian shared this new horizon of Edenia with his son Cristonian and Sanctonian his brother they shared in the zeal and love to create a universe different from Zeuda.

The court of Zeuda was summoned and all twenty-four elders with the messengers of Zeuda presented themselves. They placed the plan before the court and the deliberation began with Zeudinian’s words. “My glory is all knowing in Zeuda. What I say you always do, because I spoke you out into existence with my words, but I want to create a realm, which I will design with my hands. It will exist to be my recreational asset to give me pleasure; this I have shared in the bosom of my brother and son, therefore my son Cristonian the GOD of love and compassion is to make the law that will guide the new horizon-Edenia.”

The law came to be in the closest secrecy of Zeudinian, Cristonian, and Sanctonian. Sealed with seven seals bearing the inscription of a lamb, of fire, of a lion, of an eagle, double edge sword, a gate and a mystical seal, which is unknown to all of Zeuda. This was a dawn of a new beginning in all of Zeuda, a beginning not known.

Appearing again in the shapeless and formless Edenia was not only Zeudinian but accompanied by Cristonian and Sanctonian to see this new achievement. They came this time around with the architecture marked by the seven seals of Zeuda same as the ones used to mark the law that is to guide Edenia.

The first architecture as designed by Zeudinian was of brightness and light that gave Edenia her glow and the darkness was no more but became a pass of time. Time now invented with the brightness as the day and the darkness as the night. The second architecture was the cutting through of the waters to the top and another to the below and Sanctonian called the upper water the firmament and the below ocean.

As their camp was set in Edenia, Cristonian opened the third architecture; it was the beauty of the green, which Zeudinian has designed, made so out of love by Cristonian. Edenia became a beautiful and green horizon and it was the most beautiful in the entire nine Odinian realms and the Odinian triad: Zeudinian, Cristonian and Sanctonian fell more in love with their work piece.

The fourth architecture was to make Edenia a semblance of Zeuda. The triad GOD started fixing these beautiful designs of light in its shape and sizes in Edenia to make it welcoming and loving, each sight of it made the Odinian triad obsessed with Edenia. The Odinian triad out of their perfection opened the fifth architecture it was lives of the waters and air, the fish and birds and their varieties. Their beauties fill their little garden---the realm of Edenia.

The love for Edenia grew more and Cristionian told his father Zeudinian and Sanctonian that their love for Edenia is profound, no doubt but they cannot stay rather visit Edenia, so they created beast and animals to fill all Edenia. They were not still satisfied with the beast being the guardian of Edenia and they thought of creating a being lesser a god but with their characteristic, sentiment, and love. Zeudinian being an Artista gathered clay and started designing their likeness.

The likeness of the Odinian triad came to be and he was perfect. He’s Hadan. He has all the privileges to rule as a king in the realm of Edenia. Hadan not having an understanding of anything around him yet privilege to make the realm of Edenia his own and the Odinian triad found fulfillment in it all; they gave Hadan a tour of Edenia. He was to the other inhabitant of Edenia a leader and they all speak the same language ‘SALUSA’ from the mightiest beast, the Halflings down to the smallest animal. It was all happy and beautiful. Zeudinian, Cristionian, and Sanctonian became so obsessed with Edenia that they stayed longer putting their masterpiece together. Zeudinian discovered that even with the Halflings Hadan was still lonely and was not comfortable. This was not his plan for he made Edenia for comfort and not loneliness. Making Hadan fall into a deep sleep HE made a different Hadan and on waking up he saw the strangest thing he could ever imagine so far, he was pleased, and called the being Hadasa and she became the queen of Edenia.

The law that controls the balance of the universe housed in a safe place in Edenia, this Hadan did not know but the glory of the entrance of the law made everything good, although its hidden place not known. The inhabitants of Edenia knew the law is time; this made them not to age. The balance of day and night, sun and the moon was timeless. All was perfect and great. It was the moment for the Odinian triad to return to their abode of Zeuda. They admonished Hadan, Hadasa and all the other being not to blow the horn in the centre of the garden housed on the ambo of Omaletrius or touch the lightening scepter housed in the cave of Sisonica, not telling them what the two stands for the Odinian triad left Edenia fully pleased

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