Bull and the deer

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This is sci-fi, erotic fantasy from the different universe about Princess Cleopatra and her army chief Eros. how they travel the world and discover themselves.

Fantasy / Erotica
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The Kingdom Of Osiris

This story is 420 light years away in the Sunflower Galaxy. There’s a planet named Kepler which is same as earth but some people living there have some supernatural powers, they have modern technology too. The story is about the kingdom of Osiris.

The Royal court is big with white colorful paintings on the wall and ceiling. Soldiers guard the court with Modern weapons, which shoot lasers that can burn the enemies in a single beam. Thier armour is super strong that can handle 1000 newton of force. They filled the court with spectators, victims and criminals and the members of the royal court are present except for the princess and the chief of the army.

King Kanon Looks to his right and gets angry after seeing the empty throne of his daughter, princess Cleopatra. He orders a guard, “call my lazy daughter to the court, tell her the kingdom is waiting for her!”

The guard bows and leaves. He takes the elevator to go upstairs.

The guard stopped at the big silver door of Princess’s Room by the lady guard. “You can’t go in. The princess is bathing.”

“I am ordered by the king. The royal court is waiting for her!”

“Hmm, okay!” The guard sends a voice message with a robot.


The ministers and members of Royal court stand up when the 5 foot 2 inch princess with black long hairs up to her butts, comes into the court wearing a black golden bralette with a golden jacket and black harem pants and a golden crown and some gold and silver jewelry. Cleopatra bows down to the Royal court and to the King.

“I am sorry, I got busy in some work!”

The King Kanon stands up in anger. “Cleopatra, how can you be so irresponsible? You know the court doesn’t wait for anyone. Your younger brother is present here before you. What will he learn?”

The prince Ka-Zar sighs and looks at her with a crooked smile.

Cleopatra looks down. “I apologize to you, the royal court. Please forgive my mistakes!”

The Royal advisor stands up and says, “Your highness, Princess has grown up. I guess she was embracing her feminine side. We should forgive her and proceed with the court!”

The King Kanon nods his head. Cleopatra goes and sits on her throne.

Two soldiers bring a suspect handcuffed with invisible running electricity. The suspect gets on the knees.

The King asks, “What is his crime?”

One of the guard says, “This man stole 50 kg of crop from the rice field!”

“Pathetic, don’t you know how much effort a farmer puts in yielding his filed and yet you stole from him!”

“I lost my job. My kids and wife were hungry. I did this to satisfy their hunger, oh lord!”

“Minister, what is the punishment for such a crime?”

The law minister stands up and opens a 3d holographic image of the rule book he reads, “your highness, your great grandfather The Great King Osiris, made this kingdom the land of farmers and this man looted them, he should be behind the bars for the rest of his life!”

Prince Ka-Zar interrupts in a loud voice, “Father, I think we should chop off this man’s hands he disrespected farmers and our Great Grandfather, this should pass a lesson for others too, their hands should shiver even if they think of it!”

King thinks a little and says, “Hmm, Ka-Zar, you are right. I order you to chop this man’s hand and put him behind the bar for the rest of his life!”

Cleopatra stands up and objects king, “I object, this man was hungry and our kingdom is the kingdom of farmers. That means not a single man should sleep hungry, yet his family was hungry. He lost his job as a. power. This is our responsibility to provide jobs and food to our people, things we should not punish him. Rather, we should give him a job. I can sense him he is an honest man!”

The advisor says, “Yeah, princess is right. This is what our ancestors wanted!”

King gets furious and says, “No, this will set a bad example, people in the kingdom will start robbing once the get jobless so I can provide them job, they will loot the farmers, She doesn’t know how humans work she is just a child, put him behind the bars, leave!”

The Guards take him out of the court.

Princess Cleopatra gets up and leaves the Royal court, saying nothing. The entire court just looks at her as she leaves.

The queen asks her female bodyguard, “Where is your the great chief? Why wasn’t he present in the Royal court?”

The Bodyguard checks live footage on her watch and says, “He is in the training arena!”

Cleopatra smiles and leaves.


Cleopatra puts on her training armor and goes into the sand training arena.

“It’s my time”

All the other guards from the arena leaves, a 5foot 7inch guy with broad shoulders and an athletic physique turns around to her with a crooked smile and an evil stare.

“Welcome, princess!”

“Why weren’t you present in the court chief, Eros?”

“I was training the new soldiers. They need me more!”

“I don’t know why are you the chief. There are far better people out there, taller, stronger and smarter than you. Why are you the chief?”

“Loyalty and courage have no height, princess!”

Eros runs towards her with his laser sword and Cleopatra runs towards him with laser sword.

They stop each other’s sword and stand close by each other, putting all the force on the swords. They look into each other’s eyes.

Eros says, “Think about the last night and you will get the answer to why I am the chief!”

Cleopatra cuts his shoulder, Eros trembles and takes two steps back. He looks at his shoulder and the wound heals itself in five seconds.

“That’s why you are the chief, because you need no medication. You can’t die because of any wound or diseases. They just need an animal to fight. Seeing your clean & clear skin feels like you have never been to war!”

Eros runs towards her. He holds her armour and tears her armour and throws it. He looks at her body covered with marks.

“These marks on your body don’t look from the war!”

“At least I embrace my love marks. My lover knows I am belong to him. What about she can’t say whether you have slept with a whore, you are loyal or not?”

Eros holds her by her hair and pulls her close to him and looks into her eyes.

“You can see the future, can’t you? You can sense people their truths and lies, can’t you? What do you sense?”

“Hmm, that’s the problem. Your eyes don’t let me read or sense anything!”

He breathes heavily and leaves the arena.


Cleopatra is in the big hot bath tub. She has closed her eyes and enjoys the hot water.

Suddenly, she feels a hand on her shoulder. She opens her eyes and sees Eros standing there.

Eros turns his back towards her and takes off his shirt and throws it down, reviling the nails marks and bite marks.

Eros says in a deep and low voice without looking and turning towards her, “This animal is not only loyal to wars but the lover, too!”

Eros walks away without looking or listening to Cleopatra.

Cleopatra just stares at Eros’s marks while he leaves.

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