Legend of the Wolf Girl 2: A New Evil

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Sequel to Legend of the Wolf Girl, Timber and Lillian are back! This time, things are getting a bit more mysterious! Timber and PineCone's children find themselves in a sticky situation after their parents leave. People are disappearing and a new evil is looming around the corner! To make matters worse, Timber is blamed for it! Sequel to Legend of the Wolf Girl.

Fantasy / Adventure
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The Diary

A young girl walked into an empty room. She stopped and looked around; perhaps hoping someone else would show up. Nobody was around. Her golden wolf ears went down, displaying her sadness. Suddenly, something caught her eye.On the coffee table, which hadn’t been cleaned in awhile, was a large diary. It looked as though it had been thrown down hastily.

“Mom...?” the little girl called out.

There was no reply. Another little girl appeared, though. She smirked before silently approaching her sister. The first girl was unaware of this and opened up the diary she found. She turned to the first page and then her sister transformed into a wolf and pounced on her.

“Rawr! I gotcha!” the second girl cried out.

The first girl screamed in fear, accidentally tearing a page from the diary.

“Uh oh...” the first girl said.

““Uh oh” indeed! What would mother think if she found out that you destroyed her diary? Huh?!” the second girl asked.

“I don’t think mother is even home...” the first girl said.

“Hmm... How about father?!” the second girl asked.

“I don’t know... Please don’t tell on me!” the first girl pleaded.


“Shhhh! Lillian! Stop! You don’t know what you’re doing!” Timber said, trying to shush her sister.

“Heh heh heh... Oh well... I bet mother left some deep dark secrets in her diary...” Lillian said, turning back into a human and hopping up into the couch next to her sister.

“To be honest... I’m curious myself...” Timber said, leafing through the pages.

“Dear Diary,” Lillian read out from one page, “Today is the fifth year since the death of my dear sister Lillian. Things have been awfully lonely without her and I miss her so much. If anyone was a hero on that day that The Monster was defeated, it was her. As you recall from an earlier writing I’ve done, she was the one who had to die so that The Monster would die.”

“Auntie Lillian must have been a wonderful person... Too bad we never got to meet her, right, Lillian?” Timber asked.

“Bleh! I think Auntie Lillian was pathetic! A true evil person would never allow themselves to get killed! A true evil person would keep on going until the whole world was in pain!” Lillian said.

“Evil is wrong... We probably wouldn’t even exist if Auntie Lillian hadn’t died...” Timber said.

“Whatever! Keep flipping the pages! I hope to find something good!” Lillian demanded.

Timber flipped through a few more pages.

“Dear Diary,” Lillian begun reading again, “Today I decided to move out of my mother’s house and move in with my husband PineCone. It took me awhile, but I eventually got everything I owned packed up and ready to go. Annabelle was a great help transporting my belongings. I was happy and so was PineCone, but my mother didn’t want me to leave her. I felt sorry for her, but I promised her I’d come and visit sometimes. I feel as though she was afraid she’d lose me as she lost her other daughter and her husband.”

“I wonder what grandma Tessie is up to,” Timber said.

“Doesn’t matter. Shut up and find me another page!” Lillian snarled at her sister.

Timber obediently flipped through the pages in the diary.

“Dear Diary,” Lillian read, “I had that dream again. You remember it, don’t you? It’s that one where someone keeps calling out to me over and over again. I haven’t yet found out what it means, but I hope it all makes sense soon. Every time I think about it, it sends shivers down my spine. I just wonder who it is and why they would call on me to help.”

“Mysterious dreams? Mother never mentioned those!” Timber said.

“Why would she? It’s probably a secret!” Lillian said.

“Yes, but...” Timber said.

“Keep turning!” Lillian commanded.

Timber flipped to the last page that had writing on it. The ink was still fresh and so it had smudged a little.

“Mother must have just written this entry!” Timber announced.

“Yeah, yeah, whatever... Let me read it!” Lillian said, “Dear Lillian and Timber, this note is for you... I have found out just now that PineCone and I are needed in a far away land and we need to get there as soon as possible. I apologize, you guys must take care of yourselves now... There is no guarantee that we’ll ever return. Don’t give up hope though, I believe in you guys... You are little heroes waiting to happen. Stay true to yourselves, Love, Mommy.”

Timber was crying at that point. Lillian slammed the diary shut and glared at Timber. Timber tried to hug her sister for comfort, but Lillian roughly shoved her aside.

“Timber, mom and dad don’t love us anymore. They’ve abandoned us...” Lillian snarled.

“I want mommy and daddy back! It’s not fair!” Timber cried out.

“Deal with it, loser! Nobody loves you, not even me! If mom and dad aren’t ever coming back to provide us with food, there is no point in me staying here. Goodbye, sister!” Lillian said.

With that, she transformed into a black wolf with blood red eyes and an even darker black diamond on her forehead. She ran out the front door before Timber could stop her. Lillian was gone and Timber was all alone.

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