The Mysterious case of the Sapphire Eye

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A short story from the steampunk fantasy genre

Fantasy / Thriller
Steve Wash
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The Puzzling Case of the Sapphire Eye

Stephen Harker-Moreau


The case with which we shall concern ourselves is one of quite extraordinary interest. Indeed, humanity’s quest for the mysteries of the creation seem to elude our finger tips, even now, at the end of the nineteenth century. It is over two hundred years since Dr. Galvani started to explore the dark recesses of the spark of life – and yet we seem to have made very little progress. Galvani was criticised and questioned about whether he was doing God’s work with the alchemy of electricity. Should reanimation, we asked; take place when it is down to the Almighty to create or remove life at his own whim. But there the progress stopped. The leap from a cursory movement of dead tissue with a spark of electricity to the actual spark of life seemed like a trip to the moon – an impossible dream.

Perhaps, as it now seems, electricity was a blind avenue to explore. This case illuminates a different perspective and idea that just might have a different outcome. Perhaps, the case of the Sapphire Eye can hint at that truth that has eluded the best minds of the modern age.

The venue for this discovery is somewhat surprising. It was not made in the latest laboratory by the sharpest mind of a surgeon it was made by an equally incisive, but untrained eye. This might be the reason that the scientific world was not rocked by the case, it was just dismissed; like Darwin’s theory was. The owner of that incisive mind slipped away into the cloak of the London smog.

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