Daughter of The Wicked

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Lorraine finds herself entangled with three immortals and fighting for her life, right after she arrived at the small town of Secret Valley, Virginia. Everything she has ever known will change. With disappearances, murders, and strange events, Lorraine is forced to find the truth about herself and her past. But there's a secret in every corner. PS Just a fair warning, this is a slow-burn romance, so if you want people to fall in love right away, well this isn't going to happen.

Fantasy / Horror
Alexandra Knight
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It was another lonely night, the only sound was that of the blowing wind. He walked beneath the streetlights, one would occasionally flicker ever so slightly at his passing. At 153 Sumter Lane, his steps came to a halt to look at the ordinary, two-story house, where he knew she resided. His electric blue eyes glimmered with maliciousness and a pernicious smirk rose on his face.

“Lorraine Dawson.” The name rolled on his tongue having the taste of the intentions he had towards the girl, none of them was good. He promised himself to find every single one in her bloodline and he would end them all. She seemed less than ordinary, her beauty was not put in his consideration, but somehow he had expected more. He tilted his head to the side inspecting the dark house with calculating eyes.

Revenge is what he has been living for so far. And in the very depth of his soul, he hoped it would engender the peace he had lost. He hoped it would give him clarity to see beyond the pain, ache, and anger. His enhanced hearing caught her breathing evening out. He knew it was time; it was a game, which he planned to enjoy until the very end.

In the small town of Secret Valley, Virginia lies secrets as old as time, creatures, mysteries, murders, and disappearances. Therefore, when he knew she was in the small town, he wasn’t entirely surprised. Somehow, everything goes back to Secret Valley.

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