Dungeon Management

By DetaBlue All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance


How to start a story... ah geez, I’ve always found it hard to begin something, you know how it feels right? Well that isn’t important right now. Yes! Lets get motivated!

I suppose an introduction is necessary, I am the heroine of this story Ishikawa Aoi! I’m seventeen years old, second year in high-school. I’m just your average Japanese girl found anywhere in modern Japan. My hobbies are reading manga, web novels, and light novels. I really like reading okay? Speaking of novels, you know the really cliche way of being sent to another world in fantasy novels? Yeah, I got hit by a truck... I didn’t die straight away mind you, I was sent to the hospital. Enduring the pain of my injuries while hearing my mother wailing her eyes out was terrible. My mother screamed that she wouldn’t forgive me if I left her behind. While thanking my mom for everything she has done for me, and apologizing for going first, I died on the hospital bed at midnight. Drifting off into the abyss known as death, I awoke once more...


"Embarrassingly I screamed out, “Truck-sama?!” before I got hit.” (Aoi)

"You could’ve lived if you just moved out of the way...” (?)

"?!” (Aoi)

"...What?” (?)

"Who are you?” (Aoi)

"Me? I am God.” (God)

In vast room of nothing but whiteness was a large wooden desk stacked with papers sky high, and sitting in a black computer chair was a little girl. Her appearance was no more than maybe twelve years old, she had platinum blonde hair, white skin and bright blue eyes, she had a cute childish face but an atmosphere of sternness surrounded her. Her monotone voice complemented her surreal beauty. She didn’t bother looking at me and continued to scribbled something onto a piece of paper. I want to poke her adorable cheeks...

"God? I thought God would be a man, not some little girl.” (Aoi)

"And I thought you would be a handsome intelligent man to relieve me of my stress, not some girl who decided to scream, “Truck-sama?!” instead of moving out of the way.” (God)

"...” (Aoi)

Is this really God?

"Anyhow, congratulations Ishikawa Aoi, you have been selected as dungeon manager no.613, any questions?” (God)

Dungeon manager? By the sound of it, someone who manages the dungeon... so a dungeon master?! The people who control dungeons, summoning monsters, making traps, that kind of being right?! Ever since I’ve read a few light novels about dungeon masters, I’ve always wanted to try my hand at being a dungeon master! Wait... calm down, lets try to confirm the situation.

"Urm... can you explain to me why I was chosen to be a dungeon manager, and what exactly is a dungeon manager’s job suppose to be?” (Aoi)

"Simple, you were chosen because I decided so. Now onto the explanation of your job-” (God)

"H-Hold on a minute! What kind of reasoning is that?! I just died, I don’t know what is going on, and you want to throw me into work right away?! Urg, I must still be alive and this must be a dream.” (Aoi)

"No, you definitely died.” (God)

P-Please at least look at me when you say that. Do you even care? Are you really God?

"Back to the explanation, you’ll be sent to another world different from the one you were born in. This world’s technology is lacking compared to modern Japan, because this is a world of swords and magic. Simply put, a fantasy world where there are heroes, demon lords, monsters, and other similar things. There is also a level and status system in place, like the ones you see in video games. In this world there are dungeons, this is where you come in, dungeons are an important source of income, materials, and processed mana for the inhabitants of the world. Your job is to manage the dungeon so that it may continue doing those things. Further detailed instructions will be given later as you learn on the job.” (God)

Stamping the paper she was writing on, God handed it to me without looking as she moved onto scribble something on the next sheet of paper. I understand God, you’re busy, I don’t know why but please at least look at me once.

"Hand this to dungeon core no.613, she’ll be your partner and will teach you the basics, after that it’ll mostly be up to your cooperation whether you succeed or not. Do know that if you fail you will die. It doesn’t sound threatening seeing as you’ve already died once, but your existence will be erased next time around. I don’t really care if you fail or not, it’ll just create a bit more paper work for me.” (God)

Does this mean she sees me as bothersome? Are you really God? Why are you so cruel God?

"Uh... do I have a say in this?” (Aoi)

"Hm? No, you don’t. Now be on your way, and good luck Ishikawa Aoi.” (God)

My vision suddenly grew dark and then I lost conscience...

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