Life Is Mystic

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A young girl finds a way to change the destiny. The choice that she takes changes her lifestyle. This story doesn’t have any specific characters as this story is preferred to read as oneself. The story essentially conveys the message about your destiny. What can you do when your future is in yours hands? hope you would also choose from heart. This tale may not happen in real, yet it is a universal truth, I mean you can always change your destiny in present. Every decision and the way you respond or react matter. I guess, you may feel this story a bit inadequate but, when you read this story as a fact this isn’t fiction. This story states, never depend upon others nor things to be granted. Think before you act.

Fantasy / Mystery
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Chapter 1

Our life is enigmatic filled with indefinite facts

Every individual has inimitable perspectives yet share a communal Society,

There lived a

young siblings,

they loved reconnoitring and sharing opinions together. One fine day, their family went for a tour. Both were enthusiastic about the journey. Their parents were confused to see them talking too much. Few days passed, they waited for the opportunity too enter the woods. They managed to enter the woodland, they saw different kinds of animals. They tried to play with birds. After some time, one of the sibling felt thirsty. They tried finding nearby water resources but mistakenly entered deep of the forest. A bit frightened and contented to spend time with nature, came across a pond. After drinking water, both felt drowsy. The siblings were asleep, after a while the older one woke up. The older one tried to wake the other sibling but, was into a excessive sleep. She found a colossal tree with many birds and squirrels nearby; she came near to that tree. She found an unusual highlighted immense leaf, which was not any size of leaves in nearby trees, she took the leaf and found a note, gradually got increased and larger. She read out the slip,

There are four gifts from this note and guidelines that determine your destiny, one who finds this leaf can change their destiny themselves,

Remember: Once read till here, you cannot step back and can only choose one

The following are the options

You will get all the wealth and remain happy with the luxury of all worlds BUT WILL NOT BE ABLE TO HAVE CARED ONES…

You will have the most loved and adored ones with you and all the people around respect you BUT YOU WILL HAVE LESS MONEY THET IS HARD TO SURVIVE OR NOT LUXORIOUS

You will be the substantial one of values, your life will be full of sacrifice for others YET you have the feel that cannot be articulated and endure in paradise

You will be the superpower have control over the creation, it’s your choice to be wise. If you behave like a noble you will be awarded by highest, if being unjust you’re the unluckiest.

Note: Till date one who designated the last choice typically became unlucky

The older sibling reasoned for a moment and opted one,

She predicted her decision was accurate and clear.

After this situation, she went back with her brother. Expected for noble

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