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A dark fantasy with magic, the story of a Prince who becomes a King that slowly develops an unhealthy obsession to his younger sister all the while trying to fight the darkness within him In a far off land surrounded by mountains and lush valleys there is a vast kingdom known as Valdoria ruled by their Crown Prince. However nearly four years ago a terrible incident accrued, a strange and horrid death fell upon the King and his Queen leaving behind there only two children Xavier Strategos the eldest son, and their daughter Celina. But things are not all as they seem as Xavier becomes King strange things start to happen in and around the kingdom. Woman keep disappearing and reappearing as bloody ripped apart corpses half eaten and violated left to rot along the edge of the woods and fields. While whispers in the forest from those who live there growing louder with each passing day, a monster foretelling doom on the lad with its dying breath. And a Prince who holds a keen and protective eye on his younger sister the Princess. It’s been said that with royalty there will always be dark secrets, and the brighter the Prince shines the deeper those looming shadows will cast.

Fantasy / Horror
Tarynne Bourret
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Deep within the night beyond the castle walls and through the stone corridors and hallways, not a soul to be seen, for those within the castle walls slept peacefully. But not all were truly sleeping.

In the recesses of the castle, there was a room that no one was allowed permitted entry unless it was given by the one who ruled, for the room itself belonged to the king. Normally it would be the case, but the king was gone, had been for a long time. The queen too was no longer in this world; the two had passed on from peculiar circumstances leaving behind their eldest son and youngest daughter three years ago.

Now the crown prince controlled what went on within the castle, monitoring everything while keeping his younger sister close, never allowing any man to get near. It was the one thing he would never allow.

Yet the prince himself had reasons for this, reasons he would not say out loud… for he had many secrets like any royal, but far darker ones then anyone would expect.

The hefty sounds of moans and shifting of sheets came from the chambers of the long dead king, the frantic moving of bodies slick with sweat as a voluptuous woman wracked her nails over the back of a handsome, fair-haired man.

“My lord…!” The woman cried as she clung to him, her nails digging into his flesh as he thrust into her again and again in a repeated motion. “My lord, please give me everything, everything you have! I will accept everything you have to offer me.”

The man paused. “Everything, you say? Even your soul?”

“Yes!” The woman cried as he quickened his pace. “Yes I do! I do! I will give whatever his majesty desires! I want it! I want all that you have all that you can give, please!”

He smiled, saying nothing more as they continued, his tempo increasing as he changed positions and went even harder than before. The woman’s cries became louder and filled even more with passionate lust.

An hour passed. The woman now lay completely spent as she sprawled across the bed, breathing heavily. Her hair became plastered to her sweat-covered back while the man remained sitting on the edge of the bed looking calm and composed. After a few moments, the woman then sat up, draping herself over his broad shoulders and chuckling softly.

“You surprised me,” She said. “I did not expect you to be very good, I’ve heard that you’ve never been with a woman, not one, and yet… are you sure this was your first time?”

“Yes,” The man replied softly, “It was. Does it bother you?”

The woman laughed further. “No, in fact I am very pleased by it. I only hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.”

“I will not lie to you, it was rather… interesting. I cannot truly put it into words.”

“Is that so?” She leaned in further, pressing her breasts against his broad back and whispered into his ear. “Then why not go again to see what those feelings that you have truly are? I am sure that over time if you wish your time with me will grow. Maybe even your sister will one day come to like me as well.”

He stilled, ice blue eyes staring across the room as if he was looking at something. Yet nothing but furniture and a painting was there. Silently he stood, stalk and unmoving like a statue. “I… I do not think my sister would approve of a person such as you. You are a whore, after all.”

The woman smirked. “As if that stopped you from bedding me, or other men either. You all want something from a woman that one of noble blood has but will never offer willingly. It is why many of you turn to women like us; women who are more than capable and willing to give whatever it is that men desire... for a reasonable price of course.”

“Indeed. However, I think our time is coming to an end. The new day will start and I will have to return to my duties.” He took a few steps to a small dresser drawer and opened it, ice blue eyes looking to the naked woman now sitting on the bed. “Tell me, you said you would give anything to me, even your life. Did you mean that?”

“Now why would I take something back that I have said to you, the crown prince? Your word is law and I would never wish to go against it.”

He smiled as he reached into the drawer. “Those words fill me with joy.”

He then threw the dagger that was in the drawer, the blade landing dead center in the woman’s forehead. She then fell back, silent, with a heavy thud.

“As will your death...”

Blood now began to coat the sheets heavily as the woman’s smile remained planted on her face, even when dead. Her dark brown eyes now held an echo of remaining life as gore and bits of skull matted her black hair.

He stood over her, staring down at her with empty eyes, his expression impassive as her body twitched with the last essence of the remaining life before going limp like a doll. He crawled back on to the bed, his pale hair falling slightly over his broad shoulders as he ran his hand along the dead woman’s throat, the slight tremor of a heart still beating against his fingers. Before slowly lowering his mouth, teeth bared. He then bit into her jugular like that of a viper, tearing through the artery. The woman’s blood sprayed like a sickening fountain, droplets falling like red rain onto his hair and sink, hitting the wall of the bedroom and bedframe.

Soon the sounds of tearing flesh, the breaking of bones and the spilling blood could be heard, followed by the frantic sound of eating what could only be described as something solid being torn apart by the seams.

Then silence.

He rose once more from the bed, now completely coated in the dead woman’s blood. He ran his tongue over his bloody wrist and palm before glancing back to the body… or at least if you could even call it that anymore.

Internal organs, muscle and bone littered the bed, which was now completely coated in blood. Only remnants could even be seen of what now lay on the bed that used to be a human being, even her face had been destroyed beyond all recognition.

He stared down at the remains before grabbing a cloth and removing the blood that coated his skin and hair, before he tossed it over the torn up body, and then silently left the room. He walked quietly down the darkened hallway. No one was around to make note that he had no clothes to speak of, not that it mattered. The servants would have kept quiet about it no matter what they might have heard or seen.

The sound of his footsteps echoed through the halls as he walked with only the faint glow creating an orange and gold contrast. He knew where he was going. He only wondered if that person would be awake or asleep.

Reaching the door he paused and leaned into the wood listening for any signs of movement, but he heard none. Opening the door slightly, allowing some of the light to spill into the room through the crack, he peered in. The bedroom was smaller than his, filled with the belongings of a young girl. Faintly he could hear the sound of breathing, meaning the one in the room was fast asleep.

Quietly he opened the door further and stepped in, slowly walking over to the bed. Gently he pushed the dark velvet wine colored drapes aside to see a young girl fast asleep, blissfully unaware of an intruder watching her as she slept. Her long pale blond hair fanned out across the silk pillows as her small chest moved up and down as she breathed. Long dark lashes fanned her pink rosy cheeks, her lips parting and closing as she mumbled incoherently in her sleep.

She was still only a child, but he could see that her childhood would soon develop into womanhood, with signs of puberty showing adamantly. Yet he knew she would not fully become aware of this until much later, for now she was only twelve and still very much a child.

A child of youth and innocence, something to be sheltered and protected from the world… and the only true person that had ever mattered to him, something that he would always watch over as time went on.

He went on his knees and rested his arms on the edge of the bed while resting his chin on top of his arms, ice blue eyes half hooded as he watched her sleep for a long period of time. Lifting one hand he ran it mere inches about her body. Without touching he could feel the heat radiating from her pale white skin. His hand paused at her chest, and remained frozen for a moment, then continued to move upwards only to stop at her thin fragile neck, something that he could grasp with one hand and squeeze the very tiny life out of her in an instant.

But he would never dare to do such a thing.

His hand finally stopped and rested along the top of her head, brushing away the strands of hair that had fallen in front of her face. Her brow furrowed and she groaned in her sleep, twisting to lay fully on her side curling up like a younger child. When she settled once more his hand ran through her hair, long fingers combing through it with loving care as he gave a hinting smile.

“Only a few more years,” He spoke in a soft voice to the sleeping girl. “Just a few more years, and then finally, finally, you will be mine. All mine.” He leaned forwards and kissed her cheek, and spoke in all but a whisper. “My dear sweet little sister…”

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