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The Fourth Year

By Julia McCoy All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Thriller


The Kaur family has always been able to avoid slavery. Each year after the age of ten witches are sold to different magical families as slaves up until the age eighteen where they will have to be given back to their original family. Since David Kaur, the head of the Kaur family fought for their freedom, they were able to avoid slavery all together. But after he died the mother could no longer take care of her children. They had very little money so she decided to sell them all to masters around the world. The Kaur sisters are now separated and forced to live a life of slave. One day though they all found out each of them were to fight in Witch Wars for leadership. Will any of them be able to win?


It was November 18, 2057 when the four children found out that they were to be sold into slavery the next day. They were lucky enough to have lived a life without being placed into slavery for the past sixteen years thanks to their father David Kaur, who fought for their freedom. He died when their fourth child was born, but he knew that they would at least have a couple more years of freedom.

The children's mother however knew they needed a way to survive. If she were to sell all of her children to the other magical races of their world, Niwall, then she would be given twenty thousand Quints. That would give her create a living and then when they return at age eighteen, they would be able to pay for their house and food and not worry about dying.

When the youngest child was ten years old Winter, called all of her children into the kitchen and told them announcement. They all refused to go, because the only family they have ever known was their mother, father and themselves.

Winter insisted on them going and said that would all be reunited when each of them turn eighteen.

Autumn was heartbroken. She knew that in eight years she would return, but it would be a shorter wait for her other sisters. Especially June who was already sixteen and would be a slave by law, for only two years. Technically by law when a child turns ten they must be sold into slavery, but their family was able to avoid slavery for a long time because of their father who was a dream chaser.

Eventually they all agreed to leave their mother, knowing it would help them financially. They also knew that Winter also was a slave when she was ten years old, so it would not be fair if they were not slaves and she was. So the next day they packed up their bags and left to their new masters in different lands.

Winter smiled as she watched her children go. The only person she ever loved in her family was her husband. She only took care of them for his sake, but she did not enjoy it. She spent most of her time in her bedroom and only came out during meal times.

As Winter was about to head inside two Over Watchers came to her doorstep on black and white horses. The one on the white horse pulled out a silver sword and stabbed her in the chest. She fell foreword clutching her chest and died right in front of them. The two Over Watchers looked at each other and then the one on the black horse, pulled Winter onto his horse and they rode away from Winter's house.

A couple minutes later a sack of money was placed onto the doorstep of the Kaur family's house. Since no one was their the money exchanger decided to leave it there for somebody to find. But no one ever picked it up.

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