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The Minx

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What would you do if everything you ever hoped for was right within reach and then ripped from your view? Camilla Young was the Omega of the Blood Moon pack; lowest and weakest of everyone. Both of her parents died when she was young, her stepmother hates her, and as a werewolf, she can't shift. Yeah, her life sucks. On her 17th birthday, she realizes that the Alpha's son, Jack is her mate. Only, things don't go according to planned. Left to die, Camilla is surprisingly taken in by the most infamous Alpha in the country... Aspen Frazer. With her troubled and fuzzy past, Camilla just wants to move forward and be be a regular wolf with a place to belong, and she thinks Aspen can help her, but werewolves aren't the only mythical creatures in her life. Kieran is a nine-tailed fox who's been secretly looking after Camilla her whole life. But wolves and foxes are natural enemies. When her life is put on the line, and unseen enemies are once again after Camilla, she is torn between two men who are sworn enemies by nature but both connected to her. When duty and responsibility weigh Camilla down in the wolf pack, she turns to the fox for help, despite Aspen's protests, only to find out that her life was never what she thought it was. She wasn’t even what she thought she was. Just what exactly is Camilla?

Fantasy / Romance
Caylah West
4.7 15 reviews
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Chapter 1

I brushed through my ombre hair as I hummed along to Jessie J. Safe to say, she was kind of my idol. She was teased when she was younger, just like I was... am. But she made something out of herself. She became an international star despite the teasing. If only I had some sort of talent, or something was special about me. But no, I was completely and utterly boring.

"Camilla!" my step-mom yelled at me. I hated when she used my full name. I sighed and took my headphones off as I threw my clothes on. I grabbed my bag and ran down the stairs.

"I'm coming, I'm coming," I said, heading to the kitchen. I grabbed a muffin and went to the garage where my older brother, Leo, was waiting for me. He was only my brother by marriage, but he took the role to heart. He protected me and talked to me. He was a good brother. He started the car and we were off to school.

"So... are you excited for your 17th birthday?" he asked. I sighed and smiled lightly.

"I'm excited to get my mate. I'm sick of being on the outside of everything," I said. Oh yeah, Leo and I, and basically our whole town were werewolves. We were a part of the Blood Moon pack. My mom died a long time ago. My father remarried and then he died as well, leaving me with my evil stepmother and my saint of a stepbrother.

On a werewolf's 17th birthday, they find their mate. I was excited to find mine because I was the Omega of the pack. I was the Omega for a few reasons. One, both of my parents were dead, leaving me virtually alone except for Leo. Two, I was short for a wolf, so everyone viewed me as weak. And three, I hadn't shifted yet.

Most wolves shift at the age of 10-12, sometimes even sooner. But I had yet to shift. Of course, I feel like a lot of things that I won't speak about added up to that, but no one wanted to hear about that.

We pulled into the school parking lot and got out. As usual, Leo's friends flocked to him. He was actually really popular. He was tall, standing at 6'2" with dirty blonde hair and piercing green eyes. He was muscular and sporty and everyone loved him.

"I'll see you later, Cami," he said as I hurried into the school. I froze when I smelled something delicious. It was sweet like honeysuckle, but also masculine like forest rain. It was gentle, yet overwhelming. I looked down the hallway to see Jack Montgomery. He was the son of the Alpha, meaning he was next in line for the title. He was every girl's dream including mine. It was like everything was going in slow motion. He had a blonde leaned up against the lockers and they were laughing as her hands traveled down his chest. I felt a pang in my chest but continued forward anyway.

"Um, hi," I said softly when I reached them. He looked at me and sighed, turning back to the blonde.

"Give us a second," he said to her. She looked at me in disgust before she left. He turned to me and sighed. "Look, I know we're supposed to be together. I figured it out a year ago," he admitted. I smiled and stepped closer to him.

"That's great," I said. He stepped back and looked at me. Something told me I wouldn't like what he had to say next.

"No, Camilla, we can't be together," he said. "You're the Omega and I'm the Alpha. You can't even shift! How do you think I would allow you to be Luna? You're not fit for it and frankly, I never wanted someone like you for a mate. So... I, Jack Phillip Montgomery, reject you Camilla Young, as my mate and Luna," he said. I gasped as it felt like the air was knocked out of me. I clutched my chest as tears stung my eyes.

"Why?" I croaked.

"You're just not cut out for it. You're weak. And honestly, when I found out, I was more repulsed than anything. There was no… warm, fuzzy mate feeling. That's also why I haven't said anything until now. I thought when you found out, you would feel the same but I can see now that that's not the case. Sorry, I just can't be your mate," he said before he left. I couldn't get my breath back. I felt a hand on my shoulder and whipped around to see Leo watching me worriedly.

"What happened?" he asked. The tears trailed down my face as I leaned against the lockers. I dropped my books and looked around frantic.

"I have to get out of here," I whispered.

I ran.

I ran out of the school and into the forest. I may not have had my wolf, but I was a fast runner on foot. I sobbed and ran. I had no idea where I was going, but I didn't stop until my feet could no longer carry me. I collapsed by a lake and wrapped my arms around my stomach. I rocked subconsciously as I stared at the water. I don't know how long I cried, but I eventually passed out from exhaustion.
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