Flower Knight Girls

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Welcome to Blossom Hill

Stepping out into the sunlight from the train station, I couldn’t help but feels a surge of excitement for arriving one of the finest places in the Spring Garden Kingdom; Blossom Hill.

The air here is wonderful and the sunlight is just right. I let out a sigh then take hold of my knapsack and sword and began to walks down the many paths that lead to the city.

Truth to be told: it almost feels like home. The citizens do about their business and the marketplace is fills with activities. The people here are obviously happy with their life. I wondered if any of them knows what is going on in the rest of the world. I can not fully understand how people will still be happy and not realized that one day, their lives will be threaten and destroy. It’s best not to tell them as I continue on to my destination.

Around me, I’d notices that many streetlights and buildings are decorated with ribbons and flowers. The city has been known for upholding many festivities this time of year. It was suppose to be a gathering, but many people thought it was safer to stay indoors rather than crossing the lands where there is Pests. The Pests are usually a pain in the ass and always causes trouble which is the reason why people always expect the Order of the Flower Knights to protect them and serve for the people.

Everyone have their jobs, but being a Grandmaster of the Flower Knight isn’t one.

I have finally arrived at my destination at the edge of the city. Not far from the city is a mansion sitting on top of a small hill that overlooks the hilly valley. The closer I got, the bigger the mansion is. I felt amazed as I stared at this magnificent building.

I follow a cinder-block path that led me through the front gate and on the front step.

This is it. The Flower Knights Academy in Blossom Hill. I took a deep breath and knock on the wooden double door. It seem like time stood still and everything gone quiet, except for the beating in my chest while I wait.

It took an eternity for the door to finally open and out came a butler. He is old with white hair and a winkled face and is wearing a suit like a normal butler would wear.

“Ah! My lord!” he exclaimed when he saw me. “You have arrived.”

“I guess I have” I said shyly, putting on my best smile.

He didn’t take it for granted but at least he replied back with a grin and led me inside. After I went in, the mansion inside is better looking than outside. Diamond-covered chandelier hangs above me in the ceiling and the walls are lined with paintings and artifacts from pervious Grandmasters. A Grandfather clock sat ticking between the two grand staircases that lead to the second floor of the mansion.

I cannot decide if this is a blessing or a cruse living here.

“The Grandmaster was going to meet you.” The butler said as he turns to face me. “But there was an emergency at the High Order so he has sent you his regards of keeping this Order stable.”

I nodded slightly. I examine the room we’re in then asked him, “Are you the only one here?” I’ve just noticed that I haven’t seen any butlers or maids in this house.

“Unfortunately yes.” The butler replied with a grim face. “The Grandmaster thought he’ll take this best one and leave me here to run the house.”

Such pity. I couldn’t help but feels almost sorry to him so I said, “I’m sure you’ll be a great butler, Mister-,”

The man rise his hand as if to excuse himself, “Please, calls me Mr. Noah.”

“Okay, Mr. Noah,” I said, keeping a pride in his name, “Where are the Flower Knights.”

“The rest of the Flower Knights will be here shortly, my lord, but for now,” he smiled as he clasps his hand together, “There is someone you’ll have to meet.”

As if it was his cue, there was a gentle knock on the door. Mr. Noah stands next to me and whispers, “I believe you should answer that.”

For some reasons, I grew suspicious when he talked like that but I took his word and went over to open the door.

The next thing I knew, my jaw dropped at the sight of a strikingly beautiful young woman. She have a perfect round face with huge brown eyes and strips of green ribbon flows down with her long brown hair. Her slender body matches will with the formal white dress she is wearing with a small round purse with a cross attached to the side of her waist.

And most surprisingly, and unexpectedly, is her amazingly big round breast that bounces every time she moves. I swear after all of my trainings to become a Knight Commander, I came unprepared for this moment.

The first thing I saw after opening that door is those breasts.

“Hello!” the girl said in that beautiful voice. She was going to say something then notices I wasn’t looking directly at her.

“Um… my lord.” She waved her white gloved-hand to catch my attention. “I’m up here.”

When I looks up to see that blushed face, I felt embarrass after what just happened.

“Oh, I’m so sorry.” I quickly apologized then begin stammering, “It just… those… amazing… you… breasts… oh god.” I felt completely stupid standing there.

I covered my face and try again, “I’m sorry. I never have seen such a beautiful girl like you before.”

She gives me her warm smile. “Thank you.” She continues grinning as she said, “I want to welcome you to Blossom Hill, my lord. My name is Nazuna. I run a shop down in Blossom Hill that provides equipment to the Flower Knights.”

“Are you not a Flower Knight yourself?” I asked her.

At first, Nazuna gives me a surprise look then said quietly, “I wish I could. But you have to have a royal blood if you want to be a Flower Knight.”

There it is again. One of the things that I hate about the Order is you need to have a royal blood in order to become a full Flower Knight. It just isn’t fair to some people and I personally believed you don’t have to have a royal blood to become a Flower Knight; you just need to believe in yourself.

“Well in some cases, you don’t need to have royal blood to become a Flower Knight, Nazuna. If I were you, I would fight for what I loved.”

When I said that, Nazuna eyes lit up in excitement as she happily exclaimed, “I think you will be a great Grandmaster, my lord. In fact, I believe you will be the greatest of them all.”

“I hope not.” I mumble to myself with uncertainty.

She studies me for a moment and reply back with a smile. “You should stop by to the shop if you want. I sell tons of things such as weapons, spells and special Flower Blooms for the knights.”

“Thanks, I will.”

Nazuna slightly tilted her head to sideway and nodded back. “I better get going, my lord. I hope you have a good day.” She bow and turn to walk back to the way she came.

I watch her until she disappears through the gate and close the door.

“Wow.” I sighted with exhilaration.

If I said that the mansion is beautiful, I take it back. That girl is beautiful.

I heard a chuckle behind me so I turn to see Mr. Noah standing there with that smart-ass smile on his face.

“I’ve seen that you’ve quite enjoyed yourself, my lord.” He said after watching me embarrassed myself in front of a girl.

“Go to hell.” I told him as I walk past him and up the grand staircase. “When do the other Flower Knights gets here?”

“Soon, my lord.”

I hope so but for now, I just couldn’t stop thinking about Nazuna.

It is almost sundown and I am working at my office filing some paperwork’s. While waiting for the Flower Knights to get here, I took the chance to explore the academy. After tour, Mr. Noah took me to the training ground where the Flower Knights could trains and perfect their skills.

According to Mr. Noah, he says that it is important to keep training and master one’s skill so that when the Pests attack, we’ll be ready.

I was about to finish a survey when Mr. Noah called out from the lobby downstairs. “My lord, A Flower Knight is here!”

When I heard it, I quickly went downstairs and stood face-to-face at a cute Flower Knight. She has blond hair with most of it in a bun, cute blue eyes and she is well-armed with a sheathed dagger on her waist.

“This is St. Paulia.” Mr. Noah said and the girl bows her head.

“It is an honor serving with you, my lord.” She said with sparkling blue eyes. “I hope I will do my best.”

I don’t know what to do so I also bow my head in reply. “It is an honor to have a charming young woman serving as a Flower Knight.”

St. Paulia blush a bit a give me her best smile. I think I’d made her day. Honestly, I’m not fond of women but I heard if one’s increases her affections, they will become naturally stronger so I kept talking, “So, uh tell me about yourself.”

St. Paulia thought for a bit as she begins, “My name means ‘Small Love’ and I came from the family of Gesneriaceae who have been serving for the Flower Knight Order for a long time. I believe that I will make the world a better place for the people I love, ehee hee!” she let out a small laugh and she let out a bright smile.

I guess Flower Knights really do know how to keep themselves happy.

While St. Paulia kept looking at me, Mr. Noah spoke up, “Well then, I must inform you that it time for you to rest, my lord. We have a big day tomorrow.”

“Yes,” I quickly added, looking from St. Paulia to Mr. Noah, “while we wait, we shall train the first thing in the morning.”

“Come along now, St. Paulia. Let me show you your room.” Mr. Noah gesture St. Paulia to follow him to the staircase.

At first, St Paulia hesitates then reaches out and kisses me on the cheek. When I look at her, all I saw is mischief in her eyes.

She giggles and follows Mr. Noah to the staircase.

I guess being a Flower Knight Grandmaster isn’t bad after all.

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