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Amnesia - The Matlock Pack: Book One

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Nat has no idea who she is, but she's terrified. The family who found her frantically fleeing from something lurking in the woods has taken her in until her memory can return and they can find out where she came from. But what if where they're taking Nat isn't any safer than what she was running from? And what will happen to her if she's never able to regain her memories?

Fantasy / Drama
Kayla Halleur
4.9 30 reviews
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Tuesday 1 December

~*Unknown POV*~

I could hear him chasing me.

The sounds of him crashing through the forest behind me were not subtle in the slightest. He wanted me to know that he was coming after me.


What he did… I shook my head with a huff. He had the audacity to call himself ‘Leader’? No leader would ever do what he did. What he still wanted to complete.


I continued running through the scrub, trying to avoid the low-lying branches, trying to remain as quiet as possible. I knew there were others here. They always warned us to avoid this area, but desperate times called for desperate measures.

He had left me with no other choice.

He’d been chasing me all night.

The full moon filtered through the tree-tops, lighting my way in patches. I avoided the brightest spots, but used them to help me evade him. It required constant concentration. One little slip and it was all over.

I could still hear her anguished cries.

The memory of what happened, what he did, repeated in my memory like a terrible home movie. It would haunt me until the day I died. Which wouldn’t be too far away if he caught up to me, so I pushed harder, never looking back.


I could see that the light was shifting. Becoming brighter. Dawn was on its way.

Had I really been running all night?

He hadn’t let up. I could still hear him.

Them. I heard THEM. There was more than just him now. They’d joined the chase.

His commotion had attracted them. Did he have to be so damn loud?

Did I have the energy to keep evading them all until daybreak? I must.

I had to keep running.

For her sake.

Dawn was coming quicker. I was running out of time. I must find help soon.


I kept running.

Was that a break in the trees ahead? There was more light coming through there than the rest of the forest. Had I found a road? Maybe a driver would stop for me?

I could feel myself getting weaker. I’d pushed myself too hard. But I had no choice.


I needed to keep running. I must escape, must evade. Must run.


I needed to find refuge. I must find safety. Who could help?


Find help. I must find help.

It was a road up ahead, but I was slowing down. I had no more energy left.




I’m so sorry, kid.

I never expected things to go the way they did.

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