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A tale about generational warfare

Fantasy / Adventure
Abhishek Dey
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Lorenzo admired the night, he never could hold in his awe at it's beauty. The glittering stars, the cobalt sky and the pale moon, accompanied with the occasional caw of the seagulls and the gentle lapping of the waves. Lorenzo appreciated his alone time, so when Tibur asked if he could join him on the deck, he was a bit vexed but agreed nonetheless. Tibur let his lantern hover between them both, so as to stand a bit off from Lorenzo. The light from the lantern lit up a ring around them as they stood silent under the night sky.

"It's awfully chilly today. Wouldn't you say so captain ?" Lorenzo started.
"It is" replied Tibur hesistantly, "though it's to be expected this time of the year." Tibur soon produced what seemed to be a wooden structure of sorts from within his cloak. It contained two holes at the end of it's weirdly sigmoid body, the bigger one being at the front while the smaller one at the back. Lorenzo peered curiously over his head as Tibur pulled back the wooden ceiling of his lantern and directed a spark of flame to part with its preponderant and enter at one of the cavities of the strange article. Lorenzo soon saw wisps of smoke begin to escape the bigger hole. He watched as Tibur pulled the smoke inside within his mouth through the smaller hole and then exhaled, puffing the fumes out again.

"What's that?" inquired Lorenzo. Tibur turned towards him, half expecting his bewilderment. " Well the locals back at Timula called it a 'pipe'." replied Tibur.

"A pipe? And what does it do?"

"Well the pipe in itself ain't much without the leaves."

"What leaves? "

"Tobacco." said Tibur. "It's the new ale. I saw the Timuls smoking it one day, and snagged some myself. Too bad they caught me immediately after. But I'm a persistent bastard. I tried stealing some more only to be caught again. This time however, one of the locals approached me. Said he wouldn't let me steal it, but I was welcome to smoke it with them. And that's where I snagged their entire crate, along with the pipe." said Tibur as he grinned ear to ear, a multitude of wrinkles stretching across his face.

"And you plan to smoke the entirety of this tobacco ?" asked Lorenzo. Tibur was taken aback by this, he looked at Lorenzo as he had insulted Tibur. "Why would I plan to smoke it all when I can just sell it ? Do you know how much people would be willing to pay for this? I would be filthy rich. " laughed Tibur as he continued to consume the tobacco. Lorenzo simply smirked at his dreams of grandeur.

Moments passed as a brief silence followed. The silent winds gave way to howling gales and the gentle waves rose to monstrous tides.
"Sire" started Tibur. "do you mind me asking something? "

"Go ahead" replied Lorenzo.

"Would we be the ones breaking the news to your Highness regarding the Oracle?"

Arms folded, Lorenzo glanced to his side at Tibur, "I don't see any need to break the news at all." said Lorenzo. Tibur cast an empty stare at Lorenzo, his features were mute, yet his eyes were not. They bore into Lorenzo's, carrying with them dissapointment, but not anger. Tibur struggled to fight the urge to not lay down some well needed advice to the prince but decided not to in the end. "I see" replied Tibur as he broke away. "Well I best be going now. The winds have certainly gotten stronger, I'm scared they'll blow me away" grinned Tibur as he clutched onto his cloak and made his way below deck. His lantern whizzed after him through the air, making sure the old man could see his steps. Unfazed, Lorenzo turned back toward the sea and continued his stargazing.

Morning came rather early for Tibur as he groaned in his berth, apparently awoken by a commotion above. He groggily threw himself on the ground, put on his boots and took a swig from his flask before heading above. Stepping outside, the broad daylight strained his eyes. It was rare for a day to be this sunny so close to the kingdom. He could see his men loosen the sails and scrub the floor boards. Some were patching up the splinters and covering holes while others kept the cannons ready. At the mast stood Lorenzo in his regular fashion— arms folded and legs wide, with his cape fluttering backwards with wind, and his back facing at Tibur. Tibur caught him glancing ahead the sea at something. Tibur wasn't sure what it was since Lorenzo obstructed most of it. Walking up to him however, he could see now three gargantuan towers peeking over the cerulean crest, with the middle one towering over the others. Tibur had forgotten that thier journey was at end. Before them stood the emerging city of Harbring— capital of Giyarin. He could see the smile on Lorenzo growing wider by the mile. "Full speed ahead lads!!" shouted out Tibur.

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