The Witch Among The Wolves

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Jolene Cole is a social Outcast. Her parents were killed by a pack and another pack found the little 4 year old and took her in. She was raised by the Alpha and Luna of the pack. They already had a son who was a few years older than her. Over the years things only became worse and worse until one day she snaps. What does life have in store for her?

Fantasy / Drama
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Chapter 1

My name is Jolene Cole. Joe for short.

But that wasn’t always my name, I remember being called another name but I don’t remember what it was. But since I was taken in by The Cole’s when I was 4 years old, that’s been my name.

I have light brown hair with natural blonde highlights and Hazel eyes. My skin isn’t super tan like the rest.

Mason and Layla Cole are the Alpha and Luna of The Golden River Pack. They took me in after the packs Gamma found me when I was running through the forest crying.

They have a son, Cameron Cole, who was 3 years older then, who while I was growing up protected me even though it felt like he didn’t want to.

And I found out when I was 8 years old, he didn’t want to, but that’s what his parents told or more like ordered him to do. He wasn’t happy about it. But he did it nonetheless, until I put an end to his fakeness.

“Why do you protect that little orphan? I just don’t get it Cam...” I heard a she wolf, Maggie Garret, purr to Cameron.

“My parents are making me... I can’t stand that little pitiful orphan... I don’t know why my parents took her in in the first place... She’s so annoying...” I heard Cameron say in an annoyed tone.

“Why didn’t they try to find where she came from?” Maggie asked.

“They did... But they found her parents were slaughtered by another pack...” Cameron said.

“What pack?” Maggie asked.

Good question I wanted to know too.

“An ally pack, The Bleeding Moon Pack... They thought her family were rogues...” Cameron said.

“Your parents are way too kind for their own good if they were willing to take in an orphan rogue...” Maggie said with disgust.

“Trust me I know... That girl makes me sick just to look at... But for my parents I have to deal with it...” Cameron said.

I could feel my eyes fill with tears. I didn’t know how much he hated me or what happened to my family until that day.

And when he got home I made sure I confronted him.

He walked through the door his hands in his pockets looking bored like normal.

“Cameron...” I called out from the top of the stairs.

I heard him sigh then I saw him smile up at me. “Hey Joe... What’s up?” He asked.

I felt a frown appear on my face. “Is is true?” I asked.

He tilted his slightly to the side. “Is what true, Joe?” He asked sounding confused.

“That you hate me?” I asked my tone cold.

He chuckled. “Why would you ask that, Joe?” He asked.

“Why won’t you answer the question, Cameron?” I asked while I growled out his name.

“Joe, why would you ask such a question? You know I don’t hate you...” He said with a smile that I could tell was fake.

“Oh, I don’t know... I mean after all, I’m just a ′Pitiful Orphan whose parents were killed’...” I said throwing his own words back at him.

He looked shocked, like he didn’t expect me to say that. He removed his hands from his pockets and wiped them on his sides.

“Joe...” He swallowed thickly. “Why would you say that?” He asked, he sounded nervous, it made me want to laugh. After all he was being intimidated by an 8 year old and he was 11 years old.

“Why would you say it to Maggie Garrett if it wasn’t true?” I asked tilting my head slightly.

“Y-Y-You heard us?” He asked shocked.

“Yeah, I did... For the pack’s future Alpha it seems your sense of smell is horrible...” I stated.

“Why you brat?” He growled.

I smirked. “So, you finally stopped the act? Good... Just leave me alone from now on Cameron... I don’t like fake people...” I said before turning on heel and headed towards the Alpha’s office, since he summoned me earlier.

“Joe, wait!” Cameron called to me. I stopped but I didn’t turn back to him. “Don’t tell my parents... Or else...” He said in cold, hard tone.

“Why? Afraid of what they would do and think of you?” I asked. I took his warning growl as a yes. “I’ll take as a yes... Just stay away from me and I won’t let your secret be known...” I said and ran to the Alpha’s office before he could say another word.

I kept my word. I didn’t tell his parents. And he kept his word. He stayed away from me, and he stopped protecting me. He didn’t even spare me another glance. And he walked away when the other wolves would bully me.

I didn’t heal like the other wolves in the pack. So I had to cover up the bruises and other injuries as me being clumsy. Needless to say the Alpha and Luna believed it. Even when I told them I tripped down the stairs at school and broke my arm.

They didn’t suspect a thing.

And I didn’t tell them that Cameron’s girlfriend at the time did it. Although Cameron was no where around at the time so who knows if he knew or not because when he came to the nurses office when she called him down to take me home he did kind of looked shocked and then slightly furious.

Why I have no idea. He never cared before.

When we got home his parents questioned me and told them I tripped down the stairs. But after they dismissed us from their office he grabbed my arm hurting me. Once he realized he grabbed my broken arm he let go.

“Who?” Was all he asked.

“What do you care?” I spat at him before walking away.

Needless to say he didn’t like that answer. He stormed out of the pack house right away and didn’t return until way after dinner and he looked like he was in a fight. His parents were furious. But he never said anything. He just took their punishment without a word.

I did find it strange. But I didn’t think much on it as I was going to bed.

But it happened more often through the years. Every time I had a broken bone the pattern repeated.

But now I’m 16 years old. And it’s actually my birthday.

My day was going like normal. People saying mean things that I didn’t let bother me all morning in the halls of school.

Most of the wolves in the pack met their wolves by the time they hit 16. It’s very unheard of for anyone not to meet their wolves. Now when it comes to mates, since we learned about that when we were in 5th grade. You can find them from when you turn 16 on.

Most don’t until they turn 18 from what they said, but it could happen sooner.

But since I’m 16 my foster parents somewhat expected me to meet mine. But I had to inform them this morning that I didn’t. They kept trying to reassure me that I would, just give it time.

I just smiled and nodded and left for school.

For some reason I felt that I wasn’t a wolf. And honestly I was fine with that. I actually hated the wolves. All of them. Well maybe not the Alpha and Luna since they are the only ones nice to me. Well the Beta and Gamma is too but I don’t think it’s by their own choice.

It was lunchtime at school. I walked into the cafeteria to get food when I was stopped by what you would call the mean girls of the school. Most blonde, but not all. There were 5 of them. 3 of them were blonde. One has red hair and the other had black.

The leader of them of course was blonde, Lori Sanders. Popular, pretty, and of course Cameron’s newest girlfriend. He had a new one every week.

“Oh, Look who it is... Isn’t it little miss orphan...” Lori said.

I sighed and tried to walk around her. I didn’t feel like dealing with her today. But needless to say that wasn’t happening. I was stopped by the other 2 blondes. Stacy and Kara Bowens. Twins.

“We’re talking to you, rogue girl...” Stacy, I think, said in disgust.

Last I checked I wasn’t actually a rogue since I did belong to this pack, but who was I to correct her. Not that I actually cared.

I couldn’t contain the eye roll I was trying to hold back. I was so used to this none of it bothered me.

“You heard my sister... Bitch...” Kara, I think, hissed. I can never tell them apart.

“I’m not a rogue you know... I actually do belong to the pack legally...” I stated clearly annoyed. “Now, can I go get my lunch?” I asked.

“Like hell, Rogue Bitch... The Bleeding Moon Pack should have killed you just like they killed you’re Rogue parents... After all, they did deserve it... All Rogues do...” Lori said.

I felt something snap. This was the first time someone said that.

They Deserved it...′ It kept echoing in my head.

My eyes got wider. As the words echoed through my head and they got louder. My breathing was boarding hyperventilating. All I heard was laughing all around me as those words continued to echo.

“SHUT UP!” I screamed.

But what happened I didn’t expect. When I went to glare at Lori she was gone. In fact she was on the outside of the cafeteria laying on the ground covered in glass and blood. The cafeteria window was shattered. Everyone was staring at me in shock and I think fear.

The other girls in the mean girls group backed away from me. Or was I backing away from them? I wasn’t sure but next thing I knew the scene around me was moving. I figured out that I was running down the hall of the school and out the front doors, where I was stopped by the school security.

I came to a sudden stop and I still heard the echoing of those words in my head. Like they were taunting me. I saw the men’s mouths in front of me move. They were talking but all I could hear were those stupid words.

They Deserved it...

“NO!!!” I screamed as I grabbed my head, closed my eyes and backed up away from them.

When I opened my eyes they were across the the street in the bushes, trying to climb out of the bushes. They were holding their heads as they groaned in pain.

My breathing I could feel was getting harder and heavier. My head was pounding with the words echoing through it.

No no no no! STOP IT!′ I screamed internally.

My head was pounding so bad my vision was getting blurry. I felt another surge forming inside me. I didn’t know what was happening or how to stop it.

My head snapped up at the sudden touch I felt on my shoulder as the surge I felt form left me with a force that I heard glass shattering and metal bending.

I looked over my shoulder to see the school Principal standing there looking like he was just in the war. But the good thing was the voices in my head stopped. And I could finally think clearly.

“Pr-Pr-Principal Michaels...” I mumbled in disbelief.

“Ms. Cole... Are you alright?” Principal Michaels asked.

I nodded. “Now I am...” I said in almost a whisper as I was looking around at all the damage that I seemed to have created. “Did I do this?” I asked, fear and disbelief laced my tone.

Principal Michaels sighed. “It seems so, Ms. Cole...” He said as he helped me back to my feet slowly as my legs felt wobbly. “Come to the office and we try and figure out what happened, alright?” He asked.

I nodded and followed him to the office which was still in one piece. I was surprised it seemed most of the front of the school was severely damaged.

Once we entered the office I heard a threatening growl. I looked over to see Lori sitting there covered in bandages, cuts, bruises and blood. Just seeing her though made those words she spoke start to filter through my head again.

My hands went to my head as I felt the pain again. A hand was placed on my shoulder again calming me down a bit.

“Calm down, Ms. Cole... We’re here to get both sides of the story...” Principal Michaels said.

I nodded but before I could speak Lori had opened her mouth. “She attacked us for no reason! She threw me through the window for goddess sakes! We didn’t do anything to her!” Lori spat.

Her words though angered me. ′How dare she say that! How dare she say she did nothing!′ I snapped internally.

“Alright, Ms. Sanders, it’s Ms. Cole’s turn to speak...” Principal Michaels stated looking to me.

But of course Lori being herself apparently needed to be the center of attention. Because before I spoke she started spatting out nonsense.

“What!? Are you kidding me?! Look at what she did to me! Are you fucking blind Principal Michaels? I can’t even heal properly because of what she did!” Lori said only making both myself and principal Michaels annoyed.

“Ms. Sanders I said enough! Now it’s Ms. Cole’s turn to speak! One more word out of you I’ll call not just your parents but the Alpha and Luna!” Principal Michaels threatened.

I was surprised he would such a threat to be honest. I mean I didn’t think anyone in this pack would ever treat me like a normal person.

“Go ahead, Ms. Cole...” Principal Michaels said with a nod.

I opened my mouth to speak but Lori was a very persistent person apparently.

“Are you seriously going to dismiss me like that? Why would I lie about something like this?! I mean she’s the freak who doesn’t even belong here! But we’re all forced to be nice to her! Why?! She’s nothing!” Lori spat out.

“I said ENOUGH! It’s Jolene’s turn to speak! One more out burst from you and I’ll send you to see the Alpha and Luna!” Principal Michaels growled. He sighed. “Alright please, Ms. Cole, tell me what happened...” He said calmly.

I nodded as I still felt my body shaking. “I-I-I just got the c-c-cafeteria and Lori and her fr-fr-friends blocked the way... Lori then said ′Oh, Look who it is... Isn’t it little miss orphan...′ which everyone around us started laughing...” I explained but Principal Michaels cut me off.

“Does this happen often?” He asked.

I nodded. “Everyday since I came here...” I said looking down.

“Why have you never said anything?” He asked.

“Because I didn’t care about what they said... And I didn’t want to trouble anyone...” I said as I felt my nails dig into my arm.

Principal Michaels sighed. “You should have said something a lot sooner than this... Please continue...” He said motioning with his hand.

“Then I just went to walk around them because I didn’t feel like dealing with them... But Stacy and Kara blocked my way and started calling me a rogue bitch...” I said as I ground my teeth together. “They continued to run their mouths... But I finally asked if I could go my lunch a-a-and Lori said...” I gulped. “She said ′Like hell, Rogue Bitch... The Bleeding Moon Pack should have killed you just like they killed you’re Rogue parents... After all, they did deserve it... All Rogues do...′ and I-I-I don’t know what happened... It was like something snapped inside me...” I said.

“Can you explain it?” Principal Michaels asked.

“I don’t know... Those words... They just kept repeating in my mind...” I said grabbing my head in one hand as I felt my head started pounding again.

“What words?” Principal Michaels asked.

I grit my teeth. “They Deserved it...” I repeated the words that once again came back to my mind.

Principal Michaels sighed. “I see... It’s alright... Relax okay? Everything is okay...” He said in a soothing voice. But it seemed like my head didn’t want to listen to him. “Focus... Tell me what happened...” He said.

“I-I-I don’t know... Next thing I remember was looking around and Lori was outside and the windows were shattered...” I closed my eyes tight. “Then all I remember was I was outside talking to you... I don’t remember how I even got there...” I said.

“She’s Lying!” Lori shrieked as she jumped to her feet.

“I doubt that, Ms. Sanders...” Principal Michaels stated. “Otherwise, she wouldn’t have done what she did... Now I will be contacting not only your parents but the Alpha and Luna... I don’t tolerate bullying of other students I don’t care if you’re the beta’s daughter...” Principal Michaels said as he led me into his office away from Lori.

Principal Michaels had made a few phone calls as well as he mind linked I’m guessing the Alpha. But I couldn’t be sure. I can’t use the mind link. Never could in fact.

Principal Michaels sighed. “The Alpha and Luna are on their way...” He said after he came out of the mind link. “They said to keep you in here and put Lori in a different office... They aren’t happy about this...” He added after a moment.

“I’m going to have to tell them about everything aren’t I?” I asked looking down at my lap.

“They want to know everyone who has said or done anything to you that they shouldn’t have...” Principal Michaels said.

I let out a snort. “They’re aren’t going to believe me...” I stated.

“Who else was there?” He asked.

“Cameron Cole...” I said refusing to meet his eyes.

“Their own son? Yeah, they’re not going to like to hear it... But you need to tell them...” He said with a soft smile.

“I promised him I wouldn’t as long as he left me alone... And he has... But everyone else seemed to make up for him...” I said pulling my knees up to my chest and wrapping my arms around them.

“It seems to me he had the others to do it for him so he wouldn’t be physically involved...” He said. “I’ll be calling him down too, to inform him of all of this...” He said as he got up from his chair.

“None of them are going to stop no matter what anyone says... None of them want me here... I don’t know what I ever did for everyone to hate me so much...” I whispered but I knew he heard me. Werewolves have strong hearing and can anything.

If felt like years but it may have been 10 minutes when the Alpha and Luna walked in. I was kind of dozing off so I didn’t really hear them until I felt a hand on my shoulder. When I turned my head I saw the Luna’s face.

“Joe sweetie...” Luna Layla said. “What happened?” She asked.

“I don’t know... Something just snapped... I don’t remember anything after that...” I said putting my face back between my knees.

“Principal Michaels said that Lori said something terrible to you... And said that Cameron might be involved....” She said but it sounded more like she was asking a question.

I just nodded. I couldn’t bring myself to actually say it. I didn’t want to hurt her feelings anymore then they probably already are.

“What did he do?” Came the Alpha’s voice.

But his Alpha’s tone never had any effect on me. Normally it would make any wolf tremble and bow their head into submission. But me? Nope, doesn’t work on me. Never has.

But I couldn’t bring myself to tell him. I couldn’t do it. I just hid my head back in my knees.

I felt the pressure build up in my head again. It felt like I was going to burst. My nails dug into my legs as I tried to hold it in. I didn’t want to hurt anyone again.

Even if Lori deserved it.

But, the others didn’t.

The ground and building around everyone began to shake and rumble. I felt myself losing more and more control over my emotions.

I could barely hear the voices around me only bit and pieces of what they were saying.

You have to...

You don’t have a choice!

But what if it hurts her...

The voices got quieter and quieter until my head was pounding from all the pressure. But as fast as the pressure came it was gone.

My head shot up to look around because it was just too strange for it to just disappear like that. When I looked over my shoulder I noticed a hand resting on my shoulder. I followed the hand up the arm to the face of Luna Layla. Her kind smile made me feel calm.

“There... Now, are you okay?” The Luna asked.

I felt better that was true. But I didn’t understand why.

I nodded. “Y-Y-Yes... But how?” I asked in confusion.

The Luna let out a sigh of relief. “That’s good...” She said as she glanced at the Alpha.

“How about you take her home and let her rest... She had a very overwhelming day...” I heard Principal Michaels say from behind the Luna.

“Let’s go home Joe...” The Luna said holding her hand out to me.

I nodded and slowly and shakily took her hand. She helped me to my feet just as Cameron walked into the office with a look of confusion on his face as he took everything in.

“Ma, Dad? What are you doing here? And what happened to the front of the school?” Cameron asked.

“That will be for another time... First I want to know what in the goddess name were you thinking when you thought it would be a great idea to bully Joe? And have everyone here do it too!?” The Alpha yelled making Cameron shrink back.

“W-W-What are you talking about?!” Cameron asked as he looked past his parents to see me hiding behind the Luna. “Joe...” He growled. “What are you doing here?” He asked through grit teeth.

I couldn’t help but flinch at his tone.

“Cameron!” Lori cried as she ran out of the office she was in flinging her arms around his neck. “Look at what that bitch did to me!” She continued to cry.

Cameron blinked and looked her over. He raised an eyebrow seeing all the scratches and bruises that littered her body.

“How did she do that?” Cameron asked.

“She’s a freak!” Lori continued to cry.

The pressure in my head started to build again. One hand covered half my face as I ground my teeth. The words starting to echo through my head again.

“Cameron you have to do something! She’s an abomination!” Lori cried into his shoulder.

I raised my head as my other hand clenched into a fist as it shook. I felt heat rising around us.

Joe? JOE! Stop!” I vaguely heard someone yell.

Her eyes! They’re glowing red!” I heard someone say.

But I didn’t pay attention. I continued to glare at Lori. Why does she hate me so much? Why does everyone here hate me so much? What did I ever do to them?!

Before I knew what happened flames erupted through the entire office. Cameron pushed Lori away as the flames over took her as she screamed.

I felt hands on my shoulders shake me as I felt something calming flow through me making me snap my head to look at the Luna before everything went black.

~Normal Perspective~

The Luna had grabbed Jolene’s shoulders as a soft white light glowed from her hands as she used her calming aura to effectively calmed Jolene down making her go limp. The Alpha caught her before she hit the floor.

The flames that were covering the office died including the ones that covered Lori.

The Luna let out a sigh of relief. “She’ll be out for a little while... That took a lot to calm her down that time...” The Luna said.

“What was that?!” Cameron asked in a demanding tone.

“We don’t know... But I do know someone who might be able to help... Let’s go home...” The Alpha said.

“I have to finish school...” Cameron said.

“Not anymore... You’re coming home and telling us everything everyone here has done and said to Joe!” The Alpha commanded.

Cameron flinched at the Alpha tone that was use but followed his parents out of the office to the front of the school where Cameron stop and stared at the scene wide eyed.

“What happened?!” Cameron asked as he took in the destroyed front of the school.

The Luna sighed. “From what Principal Michaels had said it was Joe... After what happened at lunch that is...” The Luna said as she followed her Mate out of the school.

“Joe did all this?!” Cameron asked as he followed his parents.

“Yes... After whatever the Sanders girl had said to her...” The Alpha said as he set Jolene in the back seat of his car.

“What did Lori say? Did Joe say?” Cameron asked a bit annoyed.

After they got in the car and drove home, they explained what they were told by the Principal of what happened. Cameron glared at Jolene the entire way home. But what his mother said near the end had him fuming.

“She also said that you’ve been involved in the bullying also... Is it true?” The Luna asked.

“What?! Why would you ask that?” Cameron asked through grit teeth.

“She didn’t have a choice by to tell Principal Michaels everything... He said that she had finally caved and told him everything that has happened... How could you treat her like that?” The Luna asked, her eyes held anger and sadness as she looked back at him.

Cameron opened his mouth but closed it right away. In reality there was no reason. It was just that Jolene in the eyes of the pack was an outsider, someone who didn’t belong. Everyone believed that her parents for rogue wolves. But from what he had heard from a few of the trackers that went searching that night, they didn’t smell like rogues. But yet they didn’t smell like humans either.

The trackers didn’t know what they were but they reported what they found to the Luna and Alpha. And what was said was mainly true. They were killed by an allied pack that thought they were rogues. And that’s what everyone was told. So despite all the information they still saw Jolene as a rogue.

They arrived home about 20 minutes later.

The Alpha carried Jolene into the house and laid her on the couch in his office as he sat behind his desk with his Luna on his lap. He had picked up the phone and was dialing a number when Cameron came in looking deep in thought with his hands in his pockets. He sat at a chair that sat in front of the desk. The Alpha put the call on speaker phone.

Hello?” A male voice said, who sounded like he just woke up.

“Please tell me you weren’t sleeping this early in the day Aaron!” The Alpha groaned.

Just taking a cat nap, you know how it is... What do I owe the pleasure of this call my dear friend?” Aaron asked.

“I’m requesting your presence here at the pack, as soon as possible...” The Alpha said.

Is there something wrong?” Aaron asked giving a bit a groan.

“Do you remember when I told you we had taken in a little girl that we found running in the woods about 12 years ago?” The Alpha asked.

Yeah, she was a cute little thing last I saw her... Though it has been several years since then... What about her?” Aaron asked.

The Alpha went on to explain what had happened that earlier that day telling him every little detail. Once he was finished telling what happened he let out a sigh.

“So that’s the whole story... What could it mean? What is she?” The Alpha asked.

I’ll have to see it for myself to be sure... Give me an hour... I’ll be there...” Aaron said before hanging up without an other word being said.

“That was rude of him...” The Luna giggled.

“You’re not gonna let him get away with treating you that way?!” Cameron growled.

“Now, now... Calm down, son... Aaron is a very old friend of mine... He is very knowledgeable on the supernatural word...” The Alpha explained.

“Still, he has no respect...” Cameron grumbled.

“Oh, he does... He holds a lot of respect for your father... It’s just how they are son...” The Luna giggled.

“Friend or not, I would never allow someone to be so disrespectful...” Cameron growled.

“Lose the attitude...” The Alpha said slamming his fist down on the desk.

The Luna smacked her mate in the back of his head. “Shh! You’ll wake Joe!” She scolded.

“Sorry...” The Alpha grumbled.

Cameron tilted his head slightly curious as to why his father is allowing such behavior,even if it was from his Mate.

It was about 45 minutes later when Jolene started to stir. She groaned as she pushed herself up into a sitting position as she rubbed her eye.

“Where....” Jolene started to say before she looked around taking in the surroundings. “How did I get here?” She asked her voice lightly raspy.

The Luna stood up and got a glass of water as she went over to where Jolene sat.

“We carried you and brought you home...” The Luna said handing her the glass.

Jolene took the glass and took a few sips of the cold water, almost moaning as the cold water slid down her dry throat.

“How are you feeling Joe?” The Alpha asked.

“Fine, I think...” Jolene said as she held her head in her one hand. “My head hurts...” She added with a mumble.

“How long have you had a headache?” The Luna asked with concern.

“All day... Well mostly all day... It was a lot worst at school...” Jolene said as she squeezed her eyes shut.

The Alpha watched wide eyed as all the candles in his office were lit. His eye went back to Jolene to see her holding her head.

“Cam... Go get some pain killers for Joe... Maybe they would help...” The Alpha asked as even Cameron was looking around wide eyed at all the lit candles. “CAMERON!” The Alpha snapped when he didn’t move.

Cameron jumped and looked at Jolene. “What is she?” He asked out loud.

Jolene’s eyes flew open as she snapped her head to look at Cameron. Her eyes glowing red as the flames of the candles got bigger.

“Joe... Calm down sweetie...” The Luna urged. The Alpha nodded to his mate. “Joe... I’m sorry...” The Luna said as she put her hand her shoulder which instantly calmed Jolene down making her eyes go back to normal and the flames of the candle to dim back to normal.

“Cameron shut your mouth...” The Alpha hissed to his son.

Cameron sighed. “Alright... I’ll be right back...” He said as he walked towards the door.

“Aaron should be here in a few minutes... And then we’ll figure this all out...” The Alpha said with a small smile.

“Who’s Aaron?” Jolene asked.

“An old friend of mine that is very knowledgeable on the supernatural world...” The Alpha said.

“Supernatural world?” Jolene asked with a slight tilt of her head.

The Alpha chuckled. “Yes, my dear, there’s more to the world then just humans and werewolves... Although Werewolves are more common then the others...” The Alpha stated.

The office door open to reveal Cameron walk in along with another man who had black hair and brown eyes wearing some sort of suit.

“Ah! Aaron! Good to see you old friend...” The Alpha said standing up to give him a hug and a pat on his back.

Cameron walked over to Jolene and handed her 2 pain killers. She looked at them and nodded as she took them. They didn’t speak much to each other on a normal basis.

“Well, when you told me of the situation I needed to come see it for myself...” Aaron said as he took a seat in front of the desk. “By the way, you need to lay off the scented candles it smells like way too many things in here that it’s gross...” Aaron said with a chuckle as she waved his hand in front of his nose.

“That wasn’t my doing...” The Alpha said glancing at Jolene who was about to put the pain killers in her mouth.

“Don’t take those dear...” Aaron said making her stop and look at him with confusion. “They’ll only make the headache you’re feeling worst... And I promise you don’t want that...” Aaron said with a smile as he got up and walked over to her and knelled down in front of her.

“What do you mean?” Jolene asked as she squeezed her eyes shut again.

Aaron put his hands on each side of her head as he closed his eyes making his hands glow slightly Jolene opened her eyes as she felt the headache lessening.

“There... That should help for the time being...” Aaron said as he removed his hands from her head.

“How did you do that?” Jolene asked.

Aaron chuckled. “Well... I’m similar to you actually... But my powers are limited to healing and seeing the bits and pieces of the future now and then...” Aaron said with a shrug.

“I see you still brush off your powers as nothing...” The Alpha said with smirk.

“You know I don’t like to brag...” Aaron said with a grin.

“Powers? Like mine?” Jolene asked confused.

“Yes, my dear... You see, from what I’ve been told, it’s clear to me that you are a witch...” Aaron explained.

“A witch? You’re kidding right?!” Cameron growled.

“Does that really surprise you after everything you’ve seen yourself?” The Alpha asked with a raised eyebrow.

Cameron just grumbled under his breath as he sat down on a chair on the other side of the room.

“Jolene...” Aaron began before Jolene cut him off.

“Just Joe... Jolene is for when I’m in trouble...” Joe said.

“Alright... Joe, then... Joe would you like to learn how to control what you can do?” Aaron asked as he watched her eyes widen.

“What do you mean control it?” Joe asked.

“Control your magic... Meaning you wouldn’t be destroying buildings or hurting people...” Aaron explained.

“I don’t want to hurt anyone again...” Joe said. “No matter how much they deserve it...” She added under her breath.

“Very well... Mason?” Aaron asked.

“Of course...” The Alpha said with a sad smile.

“Alright, then you’re going to come with me... We’re going to Hogwarts!” Aaron exclaimed.

“What?!” Joe almost shrieked.

Aaron busted out into laughter. “I’m sorry... I couldn’t help myself... But seriously, we’re going to a school for the supernatural... There’s more people like ourselves there...” Aaron explained.

“Same old Aaron... Never serious...” The Luna giggled.

“There’s no fun in being serious all the time! Life is about having fun not being a stick in the mud!” Aaron said glancing at The Alpha.

“Ha ha, very funny...” The Alpha grumbled. “Joe, go pack your things... You’re going to need clothes...” The Alpha said.

Joe nodded as she got up and left the office.

“How long will she be there?” The Luna asked once Joe was no longer in the office.

“Until she has control of her powers... 2 year’s give or take... Depends on her...” Aaron explained.

The Luna sighed. “Alright... She’ll come back home after?” The Luna asked.

“Again... Up to her...” Aaron said.

“While I was getting rid of her headache I took glimpse into her mind... She’s not to fond of this place... Mainly because of how everyone has treated her... Nor is she a fan of the werewolf race in general since it was wolves who killed her parents...” Aaron said in a serious tone.

“We should have seen it... Why didn’t we see it? All the bruises, the broken bones... She should of told us the truth...” The Luna sniffled.

“Well... Your own son here, is also to blame for some of it...” Aaron said looking at Cameron daring him to deny it.

Cameron growled. “I never laid a hand on her!” He snapped.

“No, but you could have stopped it... But you chose to ignore it and let it happen...” Aaron stated.

“How could you? She was raised to be like your sister! And you hurt her! She was a part of this family! Apart of this pack! We’re supposed to protect our own!” The Luna scolded as she stood up letting her aura fill the room.

Unlike her normal calming aura this aura was angry and heavy. Cameron struggled to breathe under her aura. It made the air thick and hard to breathe.

“Calm down honey... You’re going to kill someone...” The Alpha said in a slightly bored tone. He was used to her auras. They didn’t effect him like everyone else.

The Luna took a deep calming breath before she let her aura drop causing Cameron to start coughing as he greedily inhaled the air.

“You don’t get it do you... After you I couldn’t have anymore children... Joe coming into our lives when she did was like a blessing to us... All we asked of you was to protect her and be like an older brother to her... And you couldn’t do that... You let other people influence your mind...” The Luna continued calmly.

“It’s not like I asked for a sibling... I was perfectly fine being the only child...” Cameron snapped back.

The Alpha sighed. “I’m not stepping down when I had originally planned to... It’s obvious you’re not ready to become Alpha...” The Alpha stated leaning back in his chair.

“What?! I’ve been ready to become Alpha! You’re canceling it now!” Cameron shouted as he jumped out of his seat.

“With how you’ve treated Joe all these years, it’s very clear that you’re no where near being ready to be Alpha... She was part of the pack, whether she was a wolf or not she still was part of it and you didn’t protect her, you didn’t defend her... Instead you turned a blind eye and let her suffer by the hands of the pack, a pack that is supposed protect and support each other... And that includes Joe...” The Alpha growled using his Alpha tone to make him submit.

Cameron growled as he sat down baring his neck in submission to the command.

~Joe’s Perspective~

A witch?

I was a witch?

But how?

I didn’t understand any of it.

How is it possible to be something that you only ever read about in books. It made no sense.

But then again, I never did feel like I belonged with the wolves. I never felt connected to any of them. I always felt different from them.

I can’t believe anything that’s happening right now.

How can I be a witch?

The thought alone was giving me another headache.

Which is when I noticed the candles that I laid around my room were lit. To be honest this isn’t the first time they were lit and I didn’t remember actually lighting them. The days I’d get home and finally let my emotions free and cry where no one could see.

Which if I thought about it now with the new information, it makes some sense.

Once I got to my room all I wanted to do was curl up on my bed and go to sleep. But I had to pack clothes to go to some type of school that was for people like me.

As I began packing the suit case I had, the thoughts of the type of people I would come across filtered through my mind. What would they be like? Would they be like the others here in the pack and at school? Would they be nice? Would they hate me upon seeing me without knowing who I am?

The questions were almost endless.

Once I was packed considering I didn’t need anything other then clothes and the random bathroom things that everyone needs. I went back downstairs, leaving my suit case by the front door before making my way back to The Alpha’s office.

Once I got there it looked like Cameron was about to blow a fuse. Both the Alpha and Luna were glaring at him and I suddenly had the feeling I just walked into something that I wasn’t supposed to.

Wouldn’t be the first time the room went silent when I’d enter it. But the atmosphere was super tense, so tense you could cut it with a knife.

I cleared my throat drawing the attention of those in the room.

“Ah! Joe dear, are you ready?” Aaron said with a grin that you couldn’t help but smile back at.

“Yeah... My stuff is by the door...” I said softly.

“Great! Let’s get down before it’s too dark! I’m starving I don’t want to miss dinner!” Aaron practically sang as he walked over to me almost pushing me out of the office.

Probably to spare me from knowing what was going on in there.

Which was fine by me. I didn’t really want to know what was going on.

That day my life changed, But I wasn’t sure if it was for the better or the worst.

I guess only time will tell.

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