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Some things can’t be mended. Born into the shifter world he hates, Alpha Hades finds his destiny on the same road used to avoid it. The air of danger that surrounds him is felt by humans and werewolves alike. He’s both a beast and a genius. With a Bratva Prince at his side, Hades and Kazimir find themselves thriving in the shadows of the underworld, but the Moon Goddess seems to have other plans for them. This bad boy never wanted a mate but now that he’s found her, he wants to possess her. Odessa Theodorus may just be his redemption, though it’s not redemption he seeks but retribution. From cage fights in Moscow to the shores of Cyprus, all roads lead back home to Greece. (Alpha Hades is book #1 in The Alpha Chronicles which are stand-alone novels.)

Fantasy / Romance
Paulina Vasquez
4.9 51 reviews
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Alpha Hades has moved!

Update - 4-9-2022

This book has moved to its new home on Amazon/Kindle/Kindle Unlimited.

Thank you to everyone who helped in the crafting of this book. Don’t go far, Alpha Anabeth will start posting mid May. Make sure to follow my profile so you don’t miss it!

Just a few questions I’ve been receiving ...

How many chapters are left? My roadmap originally had 37 planned chapters, but it may go over.

The target date to be complete is April 3rd, but I might push it back a few days because I took a few more skip days than I normally do. Also, I don’t want to rush the ending and thoughts keep coming to me.

What’s the next book in the Alpha Chronicles? Make way for Alpha Anabeth! The first female Alpha who they call “Alpha Gravedigger.” (What can I say, she’s Dimitri & Raven’s daughter after all)

Please remember to press the like button for each chapter, likes and comments help the book trend and helps others find it.

For everyone who has been enjoying my work and giving me feedback along the way, Thank you! Crafting a story as we go along and hearing your feedback helps me more than you know.

To my super Beta readers who help catch the typos from long late nights after working full days, I thank you from the bottom of my heart because the editors at Kindle really suck.

Last, I posted this on my Facebook page the other day and felt it was appropriate for today’s chapter! LOL

(Feel free to friend request me at Author Paulina Vasquez to keep up with the latest.)

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