The Dance of Wolves

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Aksal is a male Omega shifter born to die. Only he....doesn't. He's the first and only guy with a female wolf spirit. What will it take for him to accept himself and his she-wolf? How did he end up with a she-wolf anyway, is the goddess smoking [email protected]? Who could she have in store for a mate? Or, is Aksal meant to be alone?

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1


Part 1

Author: Afroluv

Copyright 2022

In a ritual called, The Dance of Wolves, the moon Goddess unites a wolf spirit with its human counterpart sometime during the last three months of fetal development.

I don’t know if it’s because my mom was half-human or because she was injured in a Fae attack on the pack while pregnant with me, but I came out wrong.

I was stillborn.

While the doctor massaged my chest to restart my heart and get me breathing; the midwife, who was also our Luna, tried to connect with my wolf spirit to encourage it to heal whatever damage was done to me.

My parents were terrified they were going to lose their first child, their baby boy. After three miscarriages, my mom had finally carried a child to term and it didn’t look like I would make it; but when I began to cry with strong, sound lungs they were so thankful to the Goddess they either didn’t care or didn’t understand the implications of what the Luna of our pack told them afterward.

I was a male born with a she-wolf.


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