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There is an old story about two wolves. One is darkness and despair, the other light and joy. Which wolf wins? The side of good has chosen their hero. Now evil must sway him off his path.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1: The War

At some point, we are all the villain in somebody’s life. We were the bullies in the playground. We are the ones that start wars. We will be successful. A ripple tore through my spine, the air grew heavy with sickly sweet smells. Bolting into the nearest alleyway I doubled over, my vision blurring. My meagre lunch spilling onto the cold concrete. I fell onto my hands and knees, retching violently, trying to control the sensation. This would not be a great place to turn.

I forced breath through my lungs, the shivers slowing to a gradual stop. I stayed there momentarily, trying to work out what the hell had just happened. What was the trigger? The constant stream of people passing me. The constant flicker of their auras hidden deep beneath the surface. Many of them were a dull grey flame, not having chosen a distinct side in the war… a few had a vague red tinge which caused my heart to soar. There was only one that had a distinct green. Someone who had chosen the other side. Growling softly I followed the scent with my eyes and nose, tracking the boy to his den. Such a young thing to have already chosen his path. If I could change his mind….I smiled, gathering myself off of the floor, heading back out into the heavy stream of people. I sneered in the direction I had been heading. I would return after I had changed the boy.

I took off at a slow jog, which was more like a quick run to most. I loved the feeling of my feet hitting the pavement, pushing me forward, dragging me towards the boy. The flame of his aura led me downtown to a two story apartment building. It was fenced with iron that sent my blood boiling and skin itching. Pressing the buzzer I forced myself to still, waiting for the boy upstairs to answer the call. I could feel him moving up there. Pacing. Answer. I pleaded with him internally, already rehearsing my lines. I knew how to play my part in this game. The temptation. The offer too great to turn down. They always fell for it.

“Hello?” A voice called from the speaker. I smiled internally. From here it would be easy.

“Excuse me….Damon?” My voice slow and as sweet as honey. As intoxicating as alcohol.

“What is it?” His voice lulled, relaxing with the sound of my voice. With every second he was falling into my grasp.

“My car broke down….could I come in and call a tow?” I felt the moment when he was mine entirely. There was a sound of the door buzzing, leading me straight upstairs.

“Come on up. Second door on the left.”

Before the words even reached my ears I was bounding up the staircase. I already knew where he lived. The essence of his aura flickered in front of me, the green tinge pulsating. Within the hour he would be mine. I rapped on the door noisily, just in case he hadn’t heard me flying up the stairs. A moment or two passed before the door opened. My gaze raked his body unashamedly. This won’t be very difficult at all. He wore snug t-shirt, with odd slang wrapping around from the front to the back, his dark blue jeans were generic and fraying. He had admittedly handsome eyes, a storm brewing deep within them. The left side of his mouth rose in a smirk.

“May I come in, please?” Fluttering my eyelashes and staring up at him I watched his face melt at the sight of me. How the mighty doth fall. Already his once green flame was a dull grey, his indecision testing my patience.

In answer to the question Damon simply opened the door a little more. I had to slide past him, our bodies touching for the briefest of moments. I held my breath, knowing the smell of him would cause a total loss of control. His apartment was spacious for inner-city living. Open floor plan and plain, dull white features. I could tell there were two bedrooms. The thought caused my nerves to jitter anxiously, though I could feel no other life forms present. It meant a roommate could come back at any moment. It would be hard enough to deal with just the one.

“You have a lovely place” I filled the silence with the empty statement, resting my hand on the back of the couch lightly, ignoring the flashes of other-worldliness. I have to focus.

“Do you still need to borrow that phone?” His voice dripped with lust. I turned to face him, biting my lip in an act of concentration.

“I’m sure if I leave it for a little while my car will be fine...” I fidgeted nervously, acting innocent. He would have to come to me.

As I expected Damon closed the distance between us in a stride, his arms coming to rest easily around my waist, snuggling me close against his body. My cheeks flushed with colour as if embarrassed. Just a little further. His aura was reddening with every moment we spent together. A quiet breath of air flew across my temple, reminding me of days when such sweetness was paramount and love had the ability to conquer. His nose pressed against mine awkwardly, though I pretended not to notice. It’s all for the war. I had to remind myself when his wet lips brushed against mine. I felt the flare of power inside of me. He was changing.

A loud rap against the door had us pulling apart too quickly, the power fading from my grasp. I barely controlled the growl that escaped me. He took this as a good sign, his eyes lit up momentarily before he sauntered towards the door with the look of a man who had knowledge of a secret treasure. So close. I cursed myself for not manipulating the boy further. I easily persuaded the wolf’s senses out past the wooden door.

The sensations hit me like a ton of bricks. I barely made it to the door before Damon. I could feel her on the other side. Waiting patiently. Damn her to hell. I cursed silently, plotting the quickest escape route. We couldn’t do this here. Not amongst all these people. Damon’s eyes found mine. Surprise and confusion filtered across his face before settling on a look of terror. I took a deep breath, reigning in my emotions. Calming my features. It was too late, the boy had seen what lay under the mask. He was sweating profusely. I spared him the eye roll, dragging him towards the open window. Why anyone would ever leave their window open in this smog infested city I didn’t know. I refused to question it. The only thoughts flitting through my mind were that of getting the hell away from her. Changing the boy quickly. Preparing for what was to come.

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