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Black Winged Angel

By cats4321 All Rights Reserved ©



Fallen angels: wings that are shaded to show exactly who they once were, and a past that goes on forever.

The End And The Beginning

Sylva stood on an outcropping of rock, looking out to sea, with her pale blue wings folded and completely hidden from view. It had always been that way for as long as she could remember. No one, not even the sea could ever see them; only the trees where she lived.

Biting her lower lip, she wondering where he was. It had been her responsibility to watch over him but somehow he’d slipped away in the dark two nights earlier. No one had seen his death during sleep time; still, she watched as the dolphins searched the waves, looking for any sign that he'd been swept out to sea. They listened when she talked and she, in turn, understood the words they created from clicks and whistles.

Finally, she turned only to see him above her, standing with his hands behind his back. “You scared me,” she said as she struggled up the last of the rocky hill.

“I know.” His words were terse and she could tell something was wrong. It worried her. The last thing she wanted was for him to leave. They’d grown up together…at least he thought they had. She, in fact, was many thousands of years older than him. That was just one of the secrets the small group had kept. They knew who he was and were waiting, waiting for him to come of age. In nine months he would remember.

Kym turned toward her with his black eyes narrowed. She could see both hurt and anger there and suddenly she knew that he understood at least a part of who he really was.

“I had a dream. When I woke I followed the path through the trees; the one each of you sees. Until two nights ago I didn’t know it was there.”

Sylva sighed internally as she looked at the ground. “It’s too soon. You weren’t supposed to understand until your twentieth year.”

She heard the rustle as they unfurled but didn’t want to see them. Wishing away her tears, she looked up at him anyway. His gloss black wings were almost as long as he was tall. They were beautiful and so dark that some parts seemed to be an iridescent purple.

“Black wings,” she whispered in awe. “No one has seen black wings for eons.”

He cocked his head as a small smile appeared. “What color are yours?”

She pushed away all thought allowing her own to show themselves. “Blue. I am the blue fallen angel, but you are more,” Sylva said as her own wings billowed out from behind her. “You are here for a reason; a reason I am not allowed to speak about.”

Kym looked at her and the love that flowed from him made her own wings glisten in the light. She loved him too.

“I found the cave. I found the words. I know the truth but where have I been?” he asked.

Sylva shook her head. She knew it wasn’t her place to tell him but she understood his need. “You gave your life up as the black angel. You came back in human form to suffer; suffer for our wrongs. You were abused, looked down on, hated, and lived a long life never giving in or giving up. You did this so we would be forgiven. We were wrong to think we were better than what He made with love.”

“And the cave?” Kym questioned.

She watched his eyes widen as he remembered. “Yes,” she said smiling. “You wrote those words long ago. It was our prayer and the place where you gave up your life.”

“Then it is done and it didn’t work…we are still here, living hidden and forever alone.”

Sylva watched as two tears fell from his eyes and rolled down his cheeks. The fact that he’d tried, the fact that he’d left her even though they’d been mated since almost the beginning of time made her feel a sense of pride; pride she knew she shouldn’t feel.

In the distance, the sky darkened. The two of them watched as lightning rumbled in the distance, coming closer with each clap. They finally looked at each other with terror in their eyes as they clasped hands and huddled together on their knees.

When at last they opened them the sky was a bright azure blue and the whole sea seemed to whistle as a school of dolphins jumped the waves. They both knew at the same time; their wings were gone now while one lone feather lay below them riding out to sea.

They walked hand in hand in human form; her for the first time and him for the second. Redemption and forgiveness was theirs now. Each fallen angel would live out a human life and then either live again or discuss what they had learned.

Heaven wasn’t pearly gates and clouds like the humans who lived on this planet believed. Instead, it was a library of memories and a think tank where new ideas were ushered in, talked about, and either tossed away or sent out as a thought. Those thoughts scattered to a billion galaxies where they were picked up and used by whoever found them. Some turned sour as they were twisted and changed for the worse, while others created gardens of love.

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