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Beauty and the Beast

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She's the Beauty living in the local village with her mother, and he's the Beast living out in the forest. When they meet and have a magical night together, both of their lives change forever.

Fantasy / Romance
Layla Knight
4.5 113 reviews
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“What…I am to you?” he asked, turning his pointed stare to me. “What…are we?”

The truth was, I didn’t really know what we were.

“Beast and Renalia,” I smiled at him, leaning up to press my lips against his. “You’re Beast, and I’m your pretty flower.”

“Pretty flower,” Beast groaned against my mouth in agreement, wrapping his arms tightly around my waist as he lowered us both on the bed. He hovered over me, dropping himself so I felt the delicious weight of him on top of me, but not enough to crush me. With the way his arms pressed into the pillow on either side of my head, I was trapped in which made the whole situation all that more exciting.

The fact that he was completely naked made everything all that much easier and accessible for us both. When I had donned the green emerald dress earlier today, I felt like the most beautiful girl in the world but right now, with the corset loosened to free my ample breasts, and the skirt of my dress pushed up to my hips so he had free access to my seeping pussy that had been aching for him the moment I opened the door to reveal him behind it, I knew I was wrong earlier.

I now felt like I was the most beautiful girl in the world.

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