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Clementine: The Hybrid Phoenix

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•Completed• Clementine Moore is a human girl living among werewolves with her werewolf family, making her an abomination. Having to endure the pack's hostile treatment towards her, Clementine discovers that she isn't who she thought she is...a mere human. As she discovers who she is, a 257-year old werewolf king visits the Black Peal pak and turns out to be her mate. Follow Clementine's journey that is filled with enlightenment, secrets, love, and betrayal. Cover by: @black-winchester (Roxanne J.Black) Copyrights, senoradanah. 2021.E

Fantasy / Drama
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JUST LIKE a monster living amongst a human family is considered an abomination, so is the opposite like Clementine; who is a human living among monsters.

Since the day she was born, she was a disappointment to her family. They couldn't believe their ears when they heard the pack’s doctor announce that their daughter is not a werewolf. She didn't have those extremely fast heartbeats or those colorful eyes like her mother and father. She was just too normal for their liking.

"Are you sure she's a human?" Clementine's mother asked, her voice shaking as she couldn't believe what the doctor had just told her.

Can you blame her though? Imagine you being a human and your daughter was born a werewolf. You would be surprised.

"I am sure, Mrs. Moore—you can also check with the alpha, he would be able to smell her better,” the doctor replied, handing Clementine to her mother.

Sofia Moore took her daughter hesitantly, wishing she could just dump her at the pack’s infirmary and leave, never looking back.

Mr. Moore on the other hand wasn't with his wife because he had to leave to work. He works as a researcher with the alpha. He is an incredible historian and researcher.

Clementine's older brother; Alex and his sister; Joana, were also with his mother. Alex too couldn't believe what he just heard, but weirdly, he didn't care. He didn't care that his sister is not a werewolf because to him, it didn’t change anything. On the other hand, Clementine's sister glanced at her disgustingly.

Sofia pushed her daughter towards Alex, and left with her other daughter; Joana.
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