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Alpha Elias

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"You are mine. I am yours. We are one." **** Running away on your wedding day is inevitable, especially when the Alpha pack you were born into is notorious for abuse. After years of torment, Myra Emerson escapes on her wedding day, only to land straight in the arms of the Rogue King. [TRIGGER WARNING- talks of suicide and rape. Moments of abuse, and strong language. If this makes you uncomfortable, please do not read. Your mental health comes first. ]

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

It was dark outside, the sun had disappeared and the stars were shining. She was hiding behind the rose bushes. Myra didn’t care that the thorns were cutting into her bare arms or the wet grass felt gross under her hands.

She waited. She listened. She did not breathe.

“Where the fuck is she?” Her dad growled as she heard him run past her. “The Alpha will kill us if she has ran away.”

She begged the Moon Goddess in her mind to not let them find her as she let out a soft breath.

“Spread out! She’s here somewhere!” Her mom shouted to the pack members.

No no no.

Myra could hear them standing beside the bushes.

She didn’t breathe. She didn’t move a finger. She didn’t squint her eyes as her mom flashed a light on the bush.

“There you are.” Myra heard her voice as her mom pulled the bush apart into two.

“No!” She screamed at her and Myra crawled out of the bush. She lifted herself up and the long nightgown she was wearing, and she ran.

Myra didn’t look back as she ran ahead, trying to dodge the pack members and her parents screaming and shouting at everyone to grab her.

She was not going to let them.

“Fucking grab her!” Her dad shouted somewhere far away as she held the nightgown tightly in her hand and ran.

The pain of the stones and twigs did not register in her mind as Myra stared straight ahead at her goal.

She needed to cross the border to get out and into No Man’s Land. A line which no pack member crossed alone in fear of getting attacked by rogues that waited in the darkness, ready to kill their own kind.

She needed to cross it.

Myra sprinted ahead, in and around the trees and a few feet away from the border of her pack. She smiled to herself as she ran faster.

It was there right in front of her. The white line drawn onto the ground to split the territory up.

She ran faster, the adrenaline blocking out every sound around her as she went to cross the border. Myra placed her foot out just as someone tackled her into the ground.

A scream left her lips as she was tackled back into her own territory again.

“You’re not leaving.” The man hissed in her ear.

Myra froze.

Alpha Tom.

“Get off me!” Myra screamed at him as he held her in place. She didn’t want him to touch her.

The adrenaline in her body was pushing away the fear inside of her. She could feel it as she tried to pull away from Alpha Tom. He held on to her tightly as if he was afraid she would run. She would.

“You are not going anywhere.” Alpha Tom growled into her ear. “You are getting married tomorrow and if I have to tie you to that bed for Alpha Jackson, I will.” He tightened his hand around her waist and dug his fingers in.

Myra hissed at the pain and the blood dripping through from a previous cut. He opened her stitches.

“Do not fuck with me.” Alpha Tom stood up.

Myra laid on the ground, praying and begging the Moon Goddess to rip apart the world so it could swallow her up.

“You have embarrassed us.” Her mom whispered harshly into her ear as Myra felt a hand wrap around her bruised up arms. She was dragged up but she didn’t look at her mom.

“I think she deserves to be punished.” One of the pack members scoffed as they stood around her.

No no no. No more.

“Take her down to the basement.” Alpha Tom demanded.

“No! Please!” Myra begged them as her parents dragged her back through the forest. “No!” She pleaded as she dug her feet into the grass and tried to pull away with every ounce of strength she could muster.

“Shut the fuck up.” Her dad growled at her and she watched as his hand came up and he slapped her across the face. A scream left her lips as she fell to the ground. A kick followed the slap.

Every inch of her body was already in pain. She couldn’t take any more.

“Stop please.” She cried out as she felt someone fist her hair and pull her up.

Her dad glared at her. “If you don’t shut your mouth, I will rip your tongue out.” He warned her as he started dragging her back.

Myra had ran too far. For the first time in years, she had ran further than before, and she was inches away from her death which she would accept happily.

She stayed quiet as silent tears fell down her face. Her parents dragged her through the forest.

She knew what was coming. A night full of torture and pain as she hung in the basement with rope coated in wolfsbane.

She would accept death any second but death did not want her.

Myra shut out the world around her. She shut out her mom complaining to her dad about the embarrassment she brought to the world and this family. She was better off dead. Myra shut it all out as she was dragged silently by the arm. Every step closer to a painful night.

She looked up as she heard laughter behind her. Myra saw the pack members laughing at her dirty gown and the blood trailing down from her open stitches. She ignored them.

Myra was beautiful once upon a time. She was six years old when Alpha Tom took a liking to her. She remembered him coming to her house and she was sitting on the stairs starving for food. Her parents had gone out, leaving her alone,completely and utterly forgetting they had a daughter. Alpha Tom had knocked on the door and she had walked downstairs with Mr Cuddles in her arms and said she couldn’t open the door. The people on the TV had always said not to open the door to strangers. Alpha Tom had told her it was the Alpha and she had opened the door when she smelt food. He had walked inside and asked where her parents were. She didn’t want to get them into trouble because the Alpha had never visited, so she at the age of six had lied and said they were out getting her food.

He didn’t believe it but he picked her up and took her into the kitchen. He gave her food and washed the plates and cleaned the dirty house with her as well. He put her to bed and said he would wait for her parents downstairs. It went on for the next few years, everyday he would come to give her food and put her to bed until she was ten years old and she heard them one day.

“Alpha Tom, do you really think they would want her?” Mom asked him as she sat on the couch with dad. Alpha Tom was standing in front of them in the living room.

Myra listened on the stairs, Mr Cuddles in her arms tightly.

“Susan, your daughter is beautiful. When she turns 17, I’ll talk to Alpha jackson and see what he thinks. If we can get her married to him, we can join our packs. We’ll be the biggest pack in the world then.” Alpha Tom explained. “We’ll get her married on her 18th birthday and a day later we will join the packs. Your daughter is beautiful. Take care of her.” Alpha Tom told them.

“We never wanted her anyway.” Dad scoffed to himself.

Myra frowned. It was the first time she was hearing this. Her parents never really stayed home. She did everything for herself. She would iron her own clothes and go to school. She would come back hungry because she didn’t have any money for food. She would go on YouTube and learn how to make the easiest food with stuff she had at home. Sometimes she didn’t have anything unless her parents did the shopping which was months later. They didn’t read her any bedtime stories like the other parents did with their kids but she didn’t mind. She would read them to herself and Mr Cuddles.

“How old is Alpha Jackson?” Mom asked Alpha Tom.

“He is 29 now but his mate is dead. He has been seen with other girls but Myra can charm him, he will want to meet her.” Alpha Tom said.

“No.” Myra said from the stairs.

They all whipped their heads and stared at her.

“I don’t want to get married, Alpha Tom. I want to go and see the world.” She told him because her parents weren’t even looking at her.

Myra had made a plan for herself. She was too young to work now but she was very very clever so she would leave school at the age of 14. She would finish high school early and then she could work. Myra didn’t have any money for college so she was going to work for 20 hours per day. She was ten years old and it seemed like the perfect idea because when she turned 16, she could leave and travel the world. Then she would meet a nice guy in some random city and marry him like they did in the movies but she wanted to see the world first.

“See the world?” Her mom chuckled. “How old are you? Seven?” She looked Myra up and down.

“I’m ten, mom. It was my birthday yesterday.” Myra told her and her mom shrugged her shoulders.

“Good. Another eight years and then you’re out.” Her mom said to her.

Myra frowned. She never knew why they hated her so much. Why bring her into the world if she was going to be hated this much?

“Myra, you’re too young yet. We can talk about this later.” Alpha Tom walked towards her.

“No!” She stomped her foot on the ground. “I’m not marrying someone ugly!” She shouted loudly as Alpha Tom walked up the stairs.

“He’s an Alpha. Show some respect.” Alpha Tom growled at her.

She glared at him. “No. I’m not marrying someone ugly.” Myra crossed her arms with Mr Cuddles tightly in her hands.

She didn’t see it coming. She didn’t hear her parents laughing or the growl from Alpha Tom as he slapped her across the face. She screamed and she fell onto the ground.

“Don’t you dare disrespect an Alpha.”

“Get in.” Her dad growled at her as he pushed her down the stairs to the basement.

Myra quickly held onto the railing so she wouldn’t fall down the stairs and into the darkness.

“Walk.” Her dad growled behind her as he kicked her in the back.

Myra let go of the railing and she walked downstairs into the darkness.

The darkness was what made it fun for her parents. Myra silently walked up to the chain in the corner. She knew where everything was, she had been down here a thousand times.

She took a deep breath and let it out as she wiped her tears.

Ready to heal me? She asked softly in her mind.

Always. Her wolf, Luna promised her.

Myra picked up the chains and the handcuffs that were attached to them. The wolfsbane did not affect her anymore. She had grown immune to it. Myra put her hands in the handcuffs and tightened them.

This was the simplest joy that brought her parents happiness. Seeing their daughter in pain as they whipped her all night long until she cried genuine tears to stop.

Myra heard her parents walk towards her, the two whips trailing behind them slowly. It was covered in wolfsbane except the handles which they were holding. She heard every step, every breath as she hung from the chains. Myra let out a soft breath as she heard the whip being lifted behind her. Her mom. It came flying through the air and straight onto her back. She arched her back, a scream leaving her lips as she felt the whip on her stomach. Her dad.

Don’t make a sound. Kira growled in her mind at her.

Myra shut up. She gritted her teeth as she heard the whips being raised behind and in front of her. She felt them on her body and she closed her eyes tightly so she wouldn’t scream. She dived into the dark hole in her mind where she found comfort from the real world.

A place that did not make her scream or cry as she laid silently on the dark ground. In her mind, Myra laid down and spread her arms and legs out. She let out a deep breath, which floated in the cold air which soothed the burns on her body. The stars shined brightly in the sky as if they were smiling at her, telling her to smile and enjoy the peace. She did not acknowledge the pain as she closed her eyes and smiled to herself in her mind.

At the age of ten, she realised her life had been a lie. The only reason she had not been killed was because she was to marry Alpha Jackson. He was an old Alpha, waiting to marry Myra at the age of 39 while she was still 17. 18 tomorrow. She had fought for weeks and weeks until one day she had gone to school and everyone in school had bullied her for it. She left school at the age of 12, no longer wanting to stay in an environment that would harm her. She didn’t know that the whole pack would harm her one day. Myra fought every day with her parents but she was young and she had not shifted into her wolf yet, so they were all stronger. She fought them with her human strength though and she did not give up, even when Alpha Tom would hit her. She fought back and she had even decided to run.

Myra was 14 when she ran away the first time. Everyone her age had gotten their wolves at the age of 13. That was the age when people got their wolves, all over the world. She never got it at the age of 13. Alpha Tom was worried, so were her parents. For the first time she had seen her parents worried about her and even though they would tie her up in the basement and hurt her, she had felt happiness. Myra never had her parents approval or emotion in anything but just to see them worried about her, made her feel as if she was wanted. She was young and desperate for some sort of attention.

Her wolf never came though. For weeks she waited and she dug into her mind, praying someone would talk to her. No one did. Alpha Tom had decided they were going to awaken her wolf by force. Her parents had agreed. They would make her go through so much pain that her wolf would need to awaken to heal her body. It didn’t work though. For months and months, they whipped her, they let the pack hurt her but she didn’t get her wolf.

Her pack was filled with horrible people. Not a single person cared for her, no one wanted to be her friend because she was Alpha Jackson’s Property. He had a stronger pack, a bigger territory and Alpha Tom wanted to combine the packs together. Alpha Jackson had agreed. They had hurt her. They threw her down the stairs, let her drown in the water just in case her wolf woke up inside of her. Nothing. Myra hated herself as Alpha Tom had pulled her out of the water.

She hated them all so she ran. A day before her 14th birthday, Myra had packed a bag and she had run for her life. No one had expected her to run because she was always quiet with lifeless eyes as she sat in one room. The life she had dreamed for herself had disappeared at the age of ten and now she was someones doll, waiting to be married off. A day before her birthday, she felt this light inside of her dark mind. A drop of light that screamed at her to run away so she ran. She went to sleep that night, the same night no one was at home. She knew they had put cameras in the whole house just in case she got her wolf or she tried to kill herself. She had done neither. Myra stuck to the blind spots of the cameras and she ran out in the forest. She had never sprinted so fast in her life until that day. Myra was inches away from the border when she heard the shouts of the pack. She had crossed the border and she ran for her life. They didn’t follow her, the constant fear of the rogues in their minds.

Rogues were powerful men and women that did not care what people said about them. They were merciless and ruthless. They were hidden in the shadows, waiting and praying on pack members that crossed the line.

Myra had waited for them. She had heard hundreds of stories of how they showed no mercy to anyone that crossed the No Man’s Land. She waited for them to come and take her life because she was so broken from the inside and she couldn’t lift up a knife to kill herself. She couldn’t do it.

No one came. Not a single rogue came to her rescue to give her the death she prayed for. The little hope she had been feeling all day had broken that day. This was not the life she had wanted but she was forced into and it felt the whole world was against her. Her pack didn’t know her but they wanted to be joined with Alpha Jackson’s pack to become stronger. She was the key for everything because Alpha Jackson was obsessed with her the moment he had seen her when she was a little girl.

The second her hope had shattered into a million pieces was when her bones started to crack. Alpha Tom had crossed the border with half of his pack guarding him. He had grabbed her and dragged her by the legs back into his territory.

Every bone cracked in her body as they all watched her. She didn’t scream because the pain wasn’t there. She had been through so much at such a young age that the pain of every bone breaking in her body didn’t bother her. She was unresponsive to it as they all watched.

She remembered the first words Luna had said to her. Hey beautiful.

Myra had smiled at that and she had shifted into her wolf. Her wolf was a beautiful black wolf. She had seen Alpha Tom grinning at her and she lost control. Luna had taken control over her entire body and she had growled at them all. Alpha tom had told her to shift back but Luna didn’t. She attacked him.

Luna attacked an Alpha. The punishment and disrespect of that was severe but Luna didn’t seem to care at all. She fought him, even as he shifted into his wolf. She fought him as if she was not afraid of him. Her parents had shifted into their wolves as well, fighting her. Myra was somewhere far away in her mind as Luna didn’t care at all. She bit them in the shoulders, she pulled on their tails. She growled until she was backed up against the tree, blood dripping down her leg as every wolf growled at her. She growled back, no fear in her eyes. Myra did not care as she waited for Alpha Tom to rip out her heart. She waited and waited but Alpha Tom shifted and said to get home now. He ordered her using his Alphas’s voice and no matter how much Luna tried to fight the voice, she couldn’t. She had slowly gone home and into the house. She let me shift back into my human and I was crying at the broken arm. She healed it though.

Luna apologised and healed her all night.

Alpha Tom had changed after that. Luna had told her it was because his Alpha title had been challenged by a 13 year old. He hated Myra with a passion.

Instantly cold hands were on her face. Myra stared ahead at her mom. She could see in the darkness like all the other wolves. Her mom was glaring at her.

“Didn’t cry today?” Her mom hissed at her as she dug her fingers in her cheek. “You think you can run?” She growled, her finger digging in deeper as she stepped closer.

The pain wasn’t there. Every inch of her body was numb as she stared at her mom. Her mom’s heartbeat was pounding in Myra’s heart, echoing in the silence.

“Look at her lifeless eyes.” Her mom chuckled as she turned away from her. “What time is it?” She asked.

Myra didn’t answer her. She didn’t hear her dad answering her either. There was a deafening silence in her mind.

She felt her mom dig her fingers into her face again as she pulled Myra’s face down to stare into her eyes.

“Happy birthday.”

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