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Saved By The Alpha

By Valerie Janine Wilkening All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Fantasy


My mind seemed at peace with the world, until I saw red. The color I hated as a child, but this was worse. It was blood red. I looked up and there lay my brother, covered in blood. I tried to move, but my body was limp and useless. I began to breath in deeper and heavier. I tried to stand but I couldn't.

Chapter 1: Jamie

I had finally finished packing my clothing for our vacation. I haven’t been to Texas for 8 years, but I’m excited. I will get to see palm trees, the ocean, alligators and more cool things. My mom says that Texas feels like summer year round. I wish we could live in Texas. It’s warm and comfortable, not cold and damp. It would give me peace, but what would I know. I’m just a teenager.

The only thing that I’m not ready for is the long trip. Mom and Dad aren’t gonna stop to rest. They have a different way of doing things. I wish they would listen to me, but they don’t. My advice is usually boring or irrelevant. I’ve never really fit into my family. I’ve always been the odd one out. My father doesn’t really talk to me, but he will talk to my brother. They seem to connect better, probably because they are guys.

My mother is the only one I talk to. Looking outside at my father and brother, I can understand why he doesn’t really talk to me. My brother is just like him, I’m like my mother. My brother was the child my father always wanted. A son to take fishing and hunting. When I came along, he saw me as an extra family member, not a daughter. I became mom’s helper. Helping in the kitchen and cleaning things. I didn’t really like it.

My name is Jamie. I’m 16 years old and I’m a Pisces. I have brown hair and clean skin. My mom taught me how to take good care of myself. My father was never around for me which is probably why my mother doesn’t talk to him much. He seems to not care as much as he used to.

I grabbed my bags and took them out to the car. My brother took my bags.

“Please try to get along with Dad this week. It’s probably going to be our only trip for a long time”, said my brother.

I gave him that pouty face that I used to use as a kid. He glared and we both giggled.

“I’ll try”, I replied.

My brother kissed my cheek and I went back inside. He has this thing for being manly. He doesn’t like it when girls carry the heavy things. It gets on my nerves, but my brother loves me a lot. He always feels sorry for me and apologizes when he’s done something wrong.

When he first tried out for football, he lost a lot of popularity. He wasn’t that good, so he does track. He’s a very fast runner and great with hurdles. He gained most of his friends by winning races and sending them to state. Quite the champion, but I’m obviously different. I’m more into writing stories. I love storytelling, and using my imagination. It makes me feel more alive. The sudden honk of the car startled me and I ran out to the car and got into my seat. My mom looked back at me and smiled. If only I knew that that was going to be the last smile that came from my mother.

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