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Dishware Jack

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A boy brought to Earth for protection falls in love with dishes after winning a battle with dishes. Why? I honestly don't know. But I know, it's weird, but he embraces it. He finds his way back to his mythic home after 7 years to find his 12-year-old sister ruling the kingdom.

Fantasy / Humor
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There are many universes and all with their own unique stories, names, and mythology. Same goes with this universe. The name is simple. TheMindSet. We don’t have a clear mythology, but we know there are some mythological evidence yet to be found. How do we know there is a full picture, if we don’t have the full picture? There are 3 known stone tablets, all mentioning TheMindSet as the universe. Each were found, not all here, on this realm. But before the explanation continues, I must explain the realms.

There are 4 realms in this universe. The Earth Realm is a realm filled with humans and simple animals. Nothing special. There is very few magic in that realm compared to the next one.

The Mythic Realm, our realm, is seperated into many different sub-realms called Beliefs. Each Belief has its set of gods: Greek, Roman, Egyptian, all the earthlings’ beliefs. Why is this realm the Mythic realm, if there’s no myth in this realm? Because Earth people were the ones to decide the names. And if this is the place of “myths” how do we not know the mythology of this entire universe? The truth is that we don’t know the answer.

Moving on to the Infra Realm. This realm is covered with lost souls and demonic creatures. That’s not a place you would want to go if you’re a citizen.

Finally is the Spirit Realm. It’s the most peaceful of them all. It may seem empty and lonely, but it is filled with helpful souls that guide your way. Quite the opposite of the Infra Realm. The Spirit Realm is considered the Realm of Wisdom.

The realms have been explained. So now, the 3 tablets. One was found here, another in Earth, and the third with Spirit. They tell a story that the universe was created by beings we would consider gods, but that is all we have. The first tablet explains that the universe was created by strokes of wood and tapping. The second tablet explains the 4 realms. The third tablet explains the universes.

We don’t understand the full story. Like what being created the universe, or even if there is a being, and why would our universe be made in 4 realms? We think there is a 4th tablet in the Infra Realm that could explain all of this. The Infra real, however, is bigger than the other 3 combined. It would take centuries to explore, but we will find it. If it even exists.

King Anleck Equiano II smiled at his children. His 1-year-old boy and 13-year old girl were fast asleep. Anleck stood up and closed the book he was reading.

“Mythic Realm,” he grunted. “We’re not myths here.” He put the book back in its shelf. He paused when he saw a painting. It was his wife, Clarina. She died giving birth to Jackson, his son... Only, Jackson wasn’t his son. Anleck was heartbroken when magic revealed that Jackson wasn’t his. But Jackson is still royal, since the queen is royal. Anleck still loved his deceased wife and missed her. He went on to check how the guardsmen were doing.

“Sleth! How are the guests doing?”

A Serpent man saluted the king. “They are perfectly fine. As a matter of fact, they’re playing Bingo. Let me tell you, the caller is basically whispering.”

“Good.” He stepped into the room. “Welcome, welcome!”

There were TheEliminations, a group of 3 men and 2 women that killed anyone that wasn’t supposed to exist in the Mythic and Spirit Realms. They didn’t do anything in the Earth Realm because it’s too much to the point that Earth learned to adapt. They didn’t go to Infra either because that’s basically the place of defections that can’t exist in other Realms. Anleck knew exactly why they came.

“C’mon, you’ve already checked 12 times and found nothing,” Anleck nervously smiled. “And weren’t you supposed to warn us that you guys were coming? I thought you were some traders.”

The leader, Arianna, got up. “We figured out that us warning you would give you enough time to, you know...”

“Hide a body!” Lance, the brother of Arianna, yelled. Everyone turned to him. “You know, like, um, hiding the child’s body.” Arianna gave him a scolding look. “Hey, I don’t mean dead bodies. What I meant was hiding a child.” Everyone nodded. “Well, children do have bodies,” Lance mumbled.

“Why are you even looking?” He knew exactly why, but was stalling.

“You know why,” said Djerick, the youngest. “Someone in the Mythic Realm can’t give birth to another Belief’s child. That ruins the belief of the Earth Realm and would shatter the whole Belief System, slowly killing anything that existed from the Beliefs, and many will die in a War of Beliefs.”

“Oh, well, um, I don't know about you guys, but that sounds like a lot of Beliefs... Does anyone want a drink?” Anleck asked.

“Actually, I would,” called Lance.

“Alright.” Anleck walked to Sleth. “You know what to do. Take this.” He handed Sleth a ring. “This grows with him.” Then in a louder voice, “What are you, deaf? Get them something to drink!” He walked back. “Sorry. Sleth is a little out of it recently.”


Sleth walked into the childrens’ room and slithered to Jacksons crib. He put ring on the baby, and opened a portal. “See you in the future,” Sleth whispered and placed the baby in a bed on Earth Realm. “This orphanage will keep you safe.” Sleth slithered back through the portal to get some drinks for TheEliminations.

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