The Mermaid Diaries: The Start of a New Era

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Daria, a Persian mermaid princess becoming enamoured for her half elf half merman best friend and servant, named Aban while also falling for a pirate turned merman named Jinx while in the midst of a war with the sirens. "We will protect our home and kingdom from the insolence of the sirens. Soldiers, stand tall and work as a team and I guarantee you victory!" Aban, Daria's best friend, a master archer and a loyal servant finds his place among ranks and uncovers what really happened to his mother Aafreen whilst falling for two girls. Which will he choose? "Daria, I found something and I need some time to see if it leads to me finding my mother so can I have some time off. I can't wait I feel something bad is happening to her." Jinx, a human pirate with a hidden agenda, falls for Daria after seeing her at the surface of the sea looking at the land and having a small conversation with her. "Daria will you court me if I pledge my allegiance to you and your kingdom?" Malice the siren princess who is deceitful loathes the merpeople tries to take the merpeople and forcefully turn them into sirens to expand her army of soldiers. "How are you today, Aafreen? Feel a bit better? I saw your son. What was his name again? Aban?" Time runs faster than ever with lives hanging in the balance I wonder will they be saved in time?

Fantasy / Romance
Eman Abbasi
Age Rating:

Chapter 1: The Light of the Sea

Ever wonder what that light is down there in the sea? Well that’s a part of my power, you see that little light down there glistening whether rain, fog, sun in fact all the weathers I presume, is because there are mermaids in different parts of the world and the one true sea kings first daughter (that’s where I come in) has the power to reflect light from the sun and moon onto the surface of the sea which gives light for us. I get my power from the sun and moon wherever they are in the world. Every first daughter who survived through the first eighteen years of life got the power but me I am the odd one out since I had the power with me as a baby.

My father, having been confused why his sister didn’t have that power anymore, thought that the sirens, who have been at war with us for centuries, stole her power, but it was quite the opposite, they did not steal her power. I started showing signs of having that power at one month old when I saw Nychthemeron and felt drawn to it, but as my father and the council thought it was just me being a baby as my mother held me in her arms and took me to the castle nursery. There was a painting of the sun setting on our kingdom which had the merchildren playing, hiding an ancient prophecy.

When I was two years old my mother and father went to a meeting in the royal carriage and left me with a careless mermaid who was always on her shell phone and I swam across the floor and went to the room of royal swords. The sword was sealed in and saw the sword there in all its glory. The sword was the most powerful in all of the worlds. I swam up to the sea glass container sealed by sea magic that only let the royal family and got it out by putting my hand on the glass it opened and picked it up by the blade cutting my hand making me flinch upon contact and drop the sword as it then glowed a golden yellow like the sun and a blue that the moon makes on our deep blue waters every morning and night.

At that moment I forgot that I had a big cut on my hand and got the sword in my hand before realising it had completely healed, just like that gone. I held the sword by the grip as I felt a warm feeling, feeling the power surge inside me not realising my parents were there. I slashed the stone wall creating a hole leading to a secret chamber. “Daria!” my mother called as I stared in shock as I was in the middle of the big room of swords and scabbards.

My father sprinted to me and told the guards to seal off the vault. My father then picked me up and swam to my mother with me in his arms but not before trying to take the sword out of my hands he didn’t get to hold it though as the sword burned his hand when it got too close. The sword was blessed by sun nymphs as well as moon fairies. I guess my father forgot about the magic placed on it because only the one with my power can wield it.

They found the scabbard just a few metres from where the sword was, my father swam and slowly picked it up with me in his arms. The scabbard was a light silver and was made of metal. It had a sun and moon and a few stars either painted or scraped in. The sun was gold with a few shimmers and the moon as well as the stars were darker silver than the rest of the scabbard.

I forgot a few things from then but I have lessons on how to rule from my dad and my aunt has been teaching me about my powers and the sword which has been heavily guarded as well as me not that I think someone is after me to use me for my acquired power. There have been many suitors for me, my father turning them down as he always seems to think that they are trying to marry me for power. A suitor has tried to talk to me by my room after swimming his way up the outer walls of the castle only to be dragged off by my personal guards. My ceremony to be Queen is in two months and there are many things to be done.

I have practices every two days and my brother does not get off so easily. Luckily he is training to be a general in the army but we will meet at my ceremony.

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