Abe, a weird and short werewolf novel

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A little weird, but sometimes rather relatable, the lead in this book, Andrea- oh no wait! Alex- no hold on, I think I got the right one now! Abbygail! Yes Abbygail, she might have some weird quirks, but she means well. She is smart and resourceful and likes to play a little trick every now and then. Wanna find out what she does for a living? Or who she meets? Read on!

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

Abbygail’s point of view:

I checked the information on the screen of my laptop, making sure I finally found the culprit that intervened in the financial records of my latest client. The client had lost millions of dollars in the last two weeks only and was desperate to find out what was going on, as the future was easy to predict and he would almost certainly keep losing his money if the problem wasn’t solved.

So, after sending out an e-mail to the client, with details of how the thief stole the money, I closed my laptop and drank the cold coffee that I had forgotten about an hour ago.

It tasted like primordial goo from the sewers now, but I wasn’t too picky about it. Just chug it down and get up for a new one, I thought to myself.

As I got up from the bed, when I had tossed the computer on the nightstand, my mirror showed me a dishevelled head of curls, a golden tan and wide hips. I was still wearing the tank top and underwear from yesterday morning, but couldn’t bother myself to worry about them now either.

Maybe this morning I would take a shower and start the day fresh…

Nope, I don’t care!

I pulled the tank top over my little flopping belly as it had crawled its way to right under my boobs, scratched the itch I had between my legs, right where some hairs had gotten stuck on the sides, and worked myself towards the kitchen to get myself another cup of coffee.

“Do I have any missed calls?” I asked out loud, not wanting to go the extra two yards and walk over towards my phone that was being charged at the wireless charger.

“You have two new messages.” An automated and annoying woman’s voice said in the room.

“Read them out loud.” I commanded and the voice responded again. She said that I had two new contracts waiting for me to accept, should I be willing to use my precious time on them. One was for ‘only’ fifty thousand dollars, and the other for over two million.

I know how much money I rate for a new project, but being offered two million indicates that it must be either a really important client or it would mean that I need to spend more time on it than I normally did with other projects. Either way, it piqued my interest and I actually did walk over to my phone to see what the fuss was all about.

As I was reading through the contract, the woman’s voice boomed through my house again.

“Miss Evans, you are being called by Harley-

“I know! I have the phone right here!” I shouted to her, waving my phone in the air while not looking in a particular direction, just referring to the stupid voice, which reminded me that I had to update her software soon.

I pressed the green button while walking over to the coffee machine, which was done grinding the beans and pouring the hot mess into my dirty cup.

“You do realize you only accepted that contract, like yesterday evening, right?” Harley asked me, almost rhetorically and referring to the conclusive e-mail I had just sent.

I shook my head, acknowledging that fact, even though she couldn’t see it. But I was taking a sip from my coffee and it was too hot to push out a voice and verbally reply to her.

“Let me guess, you blamed yourself for all the mess in your house, but still didn’t want to do anything about it, so you just hid yourself in a new project, avoiding your chores in the mean-time.” She stated more than asking.

I looked around and as I kicked away a pile of dirty laundry and made my way over towards the couch and nearly sat on an opened box of Chinese food, I couldn’t all but agree to her statement. It had made me annoyed really that I had finished the job so easily though, I had hoped it would have taken me the complete day, forcing me to ignore the mess in my house even longer.

“You make a fortune by accepting these contracts, Abby, why don’t you hire a cleaning company to keep your house clean? I mean, you don’t care for your body, I have given up on that, but at least make sure your house is tidy, please?”

I groaned, knowing that she was right, but I don’t like it when people I don’t know, come into my house. Especially since I wouldn’t want anyone to know how I looked like either. I have made myself a figure in both legal and illegal ways, only by name, that I couldn’t risk the danger of my looks reaching the outside world.

With Harley being the exception to that as she knew who I was. She had been one of the first clients when I started my business and because of her boss that was the actual thief, she left the job and became my manager, sort of. So, she knew where I lived, how I looked like, what kind of bad manners I had and how she came to know about the project I just finished.

She was the person to talk and communicate with the clients, as I hate to do that, and I don’t like leaving my house either. Even though I started to resent the voice I had installed just days ago.

Right! I need to update her! On my way!

“Abby? Are you ignoring me again? I’m going to hire someone for you, if you don’t respond in three, two,-

“Alright, alright! Stop pushing me, you old hag! I’m going to clean up tomorrow, I want to work on that two million dollar contract today.”


“What, no?” I asked her, hoping to sound dominant enough. She works for me after all, not the other way around.

“You are going to clean up today, get showered and dressed and be gone by eight this evening.” She simply commanded.

“What now? What for? I’m not leaving!”

“Yes, you are. Because at eight-thirty, a cleaning company is coming to clean your house and you need to be gone by then.”

“But you just said that I should clean up, why are you sending me a cleaner then?”

“Because you are not going to listen.”

Shit, she knows me too damn well. I might not like it, but she is right. There is no freaking way in hell that I’m going to clean this mess up, anytime soon. “Fine.” I agreed while knocking over some empty cartons of milk, spilling some of it over my once clean coffeetable.

“And I’m just five years older than you, so don’t call me an old hag!” She commented and hung up on me.

I held the phone in front of my face and murmured in a silly voice against my now black screen. She should know to not defy me, I can unalive her as easy as making coffee. Well, not truly killing her, as I don’t like that idea, but like deleting or changing every record of her known to all sorts of databases.

Hacking into the DMV and getting rid of her driver’s licence; logging in to her computer and changing all her passwords; emptying out her credit cards… you name it and I can make it happen.

It had been fun in the old days, but all these legal contracts and helping out the ‘good guys’ made my life rather boring now. I had loads of money I couldn’t spend and too much time to think about all sorts of stuff, but never found the energy to clean up or take care of myself lately. I became this careless, homeless-looking girl, just because I’m fucking bored! Oh and just a little bit depressed.

And why should I care about myself? Everything I need is being delivered at my door and I can work on any project from where I sleep. So, I can just grab a coffee, lay underneath my warm blanket and type away while thousands of dollars just seep into one of my bank accounts.

But I’m not going to do anything to Harley, other than making sure she has everything she needs. She is taking care of a set of twins, without having the father in the picture and I do appreciate everything she does for me. Not that I would tell her about it though.

After updating the new software and getting rid of the annoying female’s voice and installing the voice of Jarvis, from Iron Man, I started on the two million dollar contract and was happy to find an actual challenge into it.

I nearly forgot the time all day, due to this happy change of contract, but luckily Jarvis reminded me that I had to be leaving in half an hour should I not want the cleaners to see my face.

Quickly I showered, pulled some Peking Duck out of my hair from yesterday and didn’t bother to shave my gorilla legs, but instead decided to spend eight full minutes squeezing out a zit on the bottom of my jaw and squirting its contents against the bathroom mirror. Oh well… the cleaners need something to work on, right?

I sighed as I looked at my face in the mirror and walked over to my closet to find some clean clothes for this evening. After getting dressed I picked up my laptop and tablet and put them in my safe, not wanting the cleaners to do anything with them, as they are my precious two items, and then put my phone in my pocket and walked out the door.

Jarvis was programmed to lock after leaving, and either I could enter my house without using a key, or you would need a ten-digit password that changed every twenty-four hours, which I just send over to Harley, who would then send it over to the cleaners.

After walking down the street for a few minutes, my phone alerted me that the password had been used upon my door and when I checked the security cameras I saw two people walking in my house and getting ready to clean up whatever they were informed of seeing. I furrowed my brows when they began to dress in white suits, nearly looking like those hazmat suits people wore when WHO got called with the outbreak of some dangerous disease, but it couldn’t have been that bad, right?

Oh well, I don’t care, I shrugged and kept on walking. My life is stored within my safe, not within any other room of my house, so they can do whatever they like. Even though I am anxious for the fact that unknown people are roaming through my stuff right now…

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