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Devil's Novia

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Ever heard a love story about an Angel and Demon? No? Then let me welcome you all to a thrilling and adventurous love story about a powerful and stalwart Demon Prince, Zachary, the Demon of Wrath, and a sweet, cute, naïve, and naughty Princess Diana, the Angel of Love and ecstasy. Zachary loves Diana very much. She is his smile, his laugh, his breath, his heart, his life. But too much love can give birth to an extreme and dangerous obsession...

Fantasy / Erotica
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First Meet

? P.O.V

"N-no, p-please"

I smiled viciously as I saw the pathetic woman crying helplessly while crawling backward on the floor.

Her begging eyes and sparkling tears were satisfying my ruthless beast. I was feeling delighted while watching her crying and imploring weakly. I walked towards her with predatory steps.

"Sweetheart, don't get afraid. I am not here to hurt you. I just want to kill you." I spoke wickedly while scanning her petite figure hungrily.

"No, Please Don't"

She kept moving back but in an instant, I pounced on her and grabbed her neck. She kept screaming and crying but I dig my teeth in her flesh-devouring her hungrily. Soon her painful wails died down. I got up and wiped my mouth. I threw my head back in pleasure and contentment.

"Prince Zachary"

Suddenly a guard came inside the room. I got up and turned around. I hummed in response while fixing my shirt.

"Prince, the Queen wishes to see you."

I rolled my eyes in annoyance.

'Now what it is?'

I groaned inwardly. I tilted my head to the side and gave him a curt nod. He bowed and then left the room. I turned my gaze toward the lifeless body laying down on the cold floor. I smirked and flipped my hair while heading to meet the Queen, my mother.

End of Zachary's P.O.V.

"No, not this one"

The Queen of Hell, Delphyne kept discarding all the extravagant and gaudy attires angrily while throwing them on the floor.

"I want something very ravishing and flashy. It should be the most expensive dress in the whole kingdom", she spoke with glossy eyes to Mrs. Ambers, who was the royal family's head costumier.

"Of course, my Queen. I would design the most beautiful and ostentatious fineries for our Princess. We all want our Princess to look like the most elegant and graceful woman in this whole universe", she replied with a soft smile.

"Indeed, she will be one. I just can't wait for Zachary to marry-"

"Am I missing something??"

Suddenly Zachary barged inside the room cutting off the prattle of the two ladies. Mrs. Ambers stood up and​ bowed at him. Zachary nodded and walked toward her mother.

"You called me, Queen?" Delphyne immediately got up and hugged him making him surprised. "Zachary, I got some great news for you", she spoke softly while holding his shoulders.

"I know and it's about the damn marriage, isn't it?", he spoke with a clenched jaw while glaring at his mother.

"Ahh!! There you go. Now tell me what type of dress you want for your wi-"


Both the ladies looked at him in surprise but he kept a straight face.


"I am not gonna marry her." Delphyne became shocked after hearing his reply, "What are you saying, Zachary?"

"No, Mom. I had already announced my decision. I would marry a girl of my choice. It's my life after all", Zachary spoke in a harsh tone as he was fed up with his mom worshipping him with the Princess of Darkness.

Delphyne then rested her hands on his shoulders before speaking in a calm tone, "I know Zachary that's why I had arranged your marriage with the Princess of Darkness, Kiora. She is just made for you. Everyone in the kingdom admires both of you. And also, I like her-"


Her eyes widened, "WHAT??"

Now he lost it. Zachary growled ferociously as his anger exploded shaking the core of everyone present there.

"I DON'T LOVE HER, GOT IT?? I WON'T MARRY THAT BITCH!! I HAD ALREADY TOLD YOU THAT!! STOP IMPOSING YOUR DECISIONS ON ME!!!", he screamed in pure rage as his veins popped out from his neck. His eyes had turned red while he shot daggers at his mother.


Zachary then exhaled loudly before speaking​ in a raspy voice, "Listen well and ingrain it in your mind, I won't marry her. Not now, not ever. I would only marry a girl of my choice." Delphyne looked at him in disbelief, "But-"

"AND THAT'S FINAL!!!", he growled while shooting daggers at her. His blare echoed in the mansion making everyone gulp in fear. He then glared at his mom fiercely and stormed off the room leaving her in tears.

Zachary's P.O.V.

"I don't understand. What is the problem in marrying her?" Calix, Demon of Pride and my good friend, spoke in a deep voice. We both share great camaraderie. He is like a brother to me.

We were sitting on top of a hill enjoying the chill breeze soothing me. The sun was slowly sinking into the heart of the ocean as the sky got baroque with hues of orange and yellow.

"But I don't like her at all", I answered him casually while staring at the sublime scenery as I leaned back resting my hands on the rugged terrain. He snickered.

"But she is damn hot. She got a sexy figure, appealing beauty, and is quite bold and powerful", he spoke in a teasing manner.

"That's the problem." Calix furrowed his eyebrows.


I heaved a heavy sigh before speaking calmly.

"I don't want someone bold and hot. I want a beautiful, kind-hearted, and innocent soul. She must be naive, pure, sweet, and should have ineffable grace. All the princess of our Demon World looks like a whore to me as they dress up in so tight and revealing clothes. They all are very powerful. They are capable to destroy the whole world. But I want someone who enshrines and loves nature. I want someone whom I can protect and cherish. I hate these witches as they kept seducing me by swaying their hips and would cover their bodies with minimal clothes to flaunt their sexy curves and fake boobs", I spoke with disgust as I recalled the day when that bitch Kiora wore a tight sexy black lingerie and barged inside my room to seduce me. I got furious with her gaudy clothes and bawdy behavior as she kept using her seductive charms to arouse my libido. I wanted to kill her so badly that day but I stopped myself as it would create a war between the two kingdoms. Although my dad was the King of Demons, still Kiora's Dad was a generous man and I respected him a lot. Also, I didn't want to create any problems between us because of this bitch. So, I secretly used my powers and made her unconscious. That day I made up my mind that I would never in a million years marry this slut", I explained to him.

"But what's wrong with that?? Come on Zachary, you're a Satan. Don't act saintly. Besides all the demons love to have sexy chicks meandering around them. And if you are so kind-hearted then Mr. bloodthirsty, why did you kill that woman a few hours before?", he spoke while looking at me as if I had lost my mind. I looked at him sharply as my eyes slowly started turning red.

"She was one of your chic who was trying to seduce me. So, I awarded her. And by the way, there is a vast difference between a chic and a wife", I spat. He sighed.

"Zachary, the traits that you're rummaging for in your future wifey can be found only amongst Angels", he snickered while scratching his chin. I smirked viciously at his words making him confounded.

"Then I would marry an Angel."

"WHAT??", He screamed in shock while looking at me with wide eyes.


I nodded firmly and stood up while dusting off my sparkling red wings as I spread them wide. "I know what I am saying." He also got up while yelling at me angrily. "Zachary, you can't do this. You are talking bullshit. A Demon can never marry an Angel."I scoffed.

"A simple Demon can't but a King can."

"What do you mean? Spill the beans, Zachary", he spat and glared at me. I looked at him and smirked menacingly.

"Tomorrow is the coronation day. Dad would announce me as the King. After that, I would declare my marriage with my beloved to everyone."

"Beloved?? That means you had already set your eyes on someone.", he kept cutting me off and I could see the desperation in him to evoke the truth from me. I flashed him a cocky smirk and nodded.

"Who is she??"

"Diana, Princess of Moonland"

His eyes widened in shock.

"WHAT?? Zachary, Are you INSANE?? Princess Diana, Angel of Love and Ecstasy. SHE'S AN ANGEL GODDAMMIT!!! Her parents are our ENEMIES, ZAC. She is one also", he screamed. I glared at him with my blood-red orbs and shot him a burning spark. Calix winced in pain and stumbled down to the ground. His sapphire feathers flickered with flames as he tried to extinguish them by sprinkling droplets of water from the tip of his fingers.


"Don't talk to your King in this way. I won't tolerate a word against my Angel."

He got up and glared at me fiercely. "Alright, I won't say anything. But what about your parents?? Would they agree to it??"

"No one has the power to go against King's order."

"What about the subjects of the territory??", he spoke anxiously. I can see he was getting pissed now.

"They have to respect my Queen or else I would have them guillotined." Calix looked at me in shock.

"What about Diana? Does she know about your obsession??"

I smirked. "Nope."


"She has to marry me," I replied coldly. Calix looked at me in disbelief. "So, you're gonna force her?"

I nodded while smiling creepily. He shook his head as if he was so done with me. Calix flapped his long wings while crouching down on the ground. I also sat beside him.

"Mind explaining your love story or rather I should say madness??"

I chuckled and turned my gaze towards the scintillating sparkles while reminiscing our rendezvous.

"I met her a year ago..."


A year before

We were having a fierce war with Noah, the Demon of Gluttony. I had destroyed half of his army. But he was still alive and I was dying to slaughter him. The bloodshed continued for many months. He was badly injured and was on the verge of dying. I smirked in victory and was about to kill him with my golden sword when all of a sudden someone stabbed my chest from the back.

I looked down only to see red liquid oozing out. I immediately turned around and ripped that guard's head off. His body crashed down on the ground. I smirked and, in a flash, jabbed my sword in Noah's chest killing him. He immediately died. I removed my sword from his chest. It was covered in his blood. I snapped my fingers. It blazed with a golden flame and soon all the blood evaporated leaving it a gleaming silver hue. I fluttered my wings and soon flew off disappearing in the white clouds.

The blood kept dripping down from my chest making it bloody. I kept increasing my pace to hurry off but it was only boosting the pain. It slowly turned unbearable. My energy started draining off. My vision started turning blurry. I couldn't feel my strength anymore and finally, I landed on the ground with a loud thud leaving me unconscious.

Five months later

I opened my eyes slowly. I squinted my eyes a little to adjust to the bright light.

"You're awake"

A soft sweet voice grabbed my attention. I turned my face to the right.

My heart skipped a beat. The world got stopped around me. I squinted my eyes more as a beautiful and graceful lady sat beside me looking at me softly.

"Are you okay?"

I was speechless. I was mesmerized by her awestruck beauty. She had large blue eyes, soft pink lips, milky soft skin, long brown silky locks, a small baby face, and was looking like a fairy in her white silk gown.

She caressed my head softly with her small tender fingers making my heart beat faster than drums.

"How are you feeling? Please say something."

She pleaded with her puppy eyes making me smile at her cuteness. I nodded my head making her smile.

"Who are you?", I asked her.

"I am Diana, Princess of Moonland. And you?", she replied softly.

"Zachary, the Demon Prince." Her eyes widened at my response.

"You are a Demon?" Her voice had a pinch of fear. I nodded.

"And you're an Angel?" She looked at me in surprise.

"How do you know?", she asked while pouting cutely.

Oh My!!! She is so cute. Her soft pink lips look so tempting and sweet. I was in a desperate urge to kiss those rosy petals hungrily but I controlled myself and got up making her delicate petite figure touch my rock-hard chest.

"No, what are you doing?", she whispered. I then spoke in a firm tone.

"Why? I am a Demon. You are about to throw me away. So, I will go-"

"N-No", she quickly replied making me frown. "Don't leave like this. I am not going to throw you away. I was just not aware of your true identity that's why I got a little bit shaken. And by the way, I had only healed your deep wounds."

My eyes widened in shock.

Did she help me?

An Angel?

"What? But you're an Angel and I am a Demon", I asked her completely shocked by her answer. She stared at me with a confused face.

"So what? It doesn't matter. You needed help at that time. I found you unconscious on the ground. You were lying helplessly on the verdant grass covered in a pool of blood. When I rushed to check your pulse, you were barely breathing. My friend brought you to this cottage. It's her house by the way. Then I healed your scars with my powers", she answered me honestly. I looked at her in amazement.

"You have healing powers?"

She nodded cutely. I kept staring at her as I got bewitched by her courtesy.

Really, how can a person be so kind?

It was all new for me as I was unaware of these feelings. In our world, we demonstrate only a craving for blood, hate, fear, and power. These feelings of love, happiness, generosity, and benevolence were completely foreign to me.

But did she do it for a favor?

She chuckled at my confused face making me surprised.

Her sweet cackles...

"I know you must be thinking I helped you for some favor."

What the-?? She again laughed.

"I didn't help you to seek some sort of benefit from you. I just cared for you because that time you were in desperate need of help. You would have died as your chest was injured severely. But God sent me to save you. I won't ask anything from you in return. You are free to go now as you are completely healed. You had been unconscious for the past five months."

My eyes widened.


I blared to which she immediately covered her ears with her small hands. I smiled at her childishness. She then glared at me.

"Oof!! Why are you yelling? Yes, you have been here for five months. You didn't have any idea as you were comatose. But don't worry, you are alright now", she smiled at me softly. I smiled back.

"Thank you", I spoke softly. She nodded. Then I got up. She immediately handed me a white shirt. I frowned.

"Wear it. Yours got turned", she spoke nervously and looked down as if she was afraid to tell me that. I smiled and took the shirt from her hands. I unwrapped the cloth wrapped around my body. She immediately turned around. I frowned.

"What happened??" She shook her head vigorously.


"Then why did you turn around?"

"Uhmm, w-wear your sh-shirt f-first", she replied nervously.

I chuckled.

So, she got shy!!! Hmm, interesting. I decided to play with her.

I placed the shirt on the bed and walked toward her. I stood behind her back and whispered in her ears.

"You can turn around now." She sighed and turned around while smiling.

"Okay, Now-AHHH!!!" She screamed and covered her eyes with her baby hands. I started laughing.

"What happened Angel?", I asked her in a mocking tone.

"You moron, why didn't you wear your shirt?", she scolded me cutely while still covering her eyes. I took her hands off her eyes. Her eyes were still closed.

"Oh!! Come on, you liked it, don't you?"

"YOU!! Omo!!!" She shouted and opened her eyes looking at my bare chest. Her eyes widened and she started struggling in my hold while closing her eyes tightly.

"P-Please Zachary!!! Wear something", she whined while biting her lower lip. I chuckled and left her hands. I then took the shirt and wore it.

"YOU!! I said put it on."

She peeked at me with one eye closed. I chortled. "Ah!! Finally...", she sighed in relief.

"Well, I should take my leave now."

She nodded. We both then went outside.


I became astounded while looking at the breathtaking view.

"This is Moonland.", she spoke proudly while crossing her arms.

"It's beautiful", I spoke in a sexy tone while staring at her. She nodded while smiling.

"Indeed, it is", she replied. I smirked as I was complimenting her.

So naive, so innocent. She even didn't​understand I was hitting her. I shook my head and flapped my red wings.

"Woah!!!" She stared at my wings in awe.

"Liked them?", I asked her. She nodded while grinning.

"They are beautiful!!!", she squealed. I kept staring at her but she was busy admiring my grand splendiferous red feathers. I walked towards her. She looked at me confused.

"We'll meet soon.", I smiled.

"Huh??" She looked at me bewildered. I pecked her cheeks quickly and before she could react, I got disappeared into the thick white clouds.

End of flashback~

"That day I made up my mind to marry her."

I spoke while staring at the glittering stars embroidered in the widespread dark counterpane of the sky. I was smiling softly while remembering my sweetheart. Calix was listening to me patiently.

"But Zachary, she just helped you out of kindness. And as far as I have understood, she won't be able to fit in this dark world", he spoke in his deep voice. I narrowed my eyes at him.

"What do you mean??"

Calix sighed loudly before speaking in his deep voice. "Listen, Zachary, she is an Angel and we're Demons. Even if you love her but does, she loves you? I mean you just got attracted by her beauty and altruism but she didn't get tempted by your charms. Okay, let's assume that somehow, you're able to marry her but the Demons of our kingdom won't let her live. Even if you get them decapitated but still the question remains will she be able to survive in Hell? Zachary, you are dreaming of something which can never turn true. Angels can never live in Hell. It's impossible", he tried to explain to me calmly but my stubborn mind which was in a desperate urge to have my sweetheart beside me had turned blank by now.

"Nothing is impossible. I will marry her only. I know what I am tryna do will create great havoc but I love her. I want her. I need her. I'LL.MARRY.HER", I growled with a clenched jaw. He shook his head in disappointment.

"Okay, if that's what you want. But don't get angry at her if she messes up something. When we Demons aren't able to survive your wrath then she is just a girl and that too an innocent one."

I chuckled. "Don't worry, I won't."

"I hope so. But how will you do that??", Calix looked at me confused. I smirked evilly and looked at him.

"I need your help." Calix nodded.

I patted his shoulders while getting up. We both then fluttered our wings. I then gazed towards the glistening Moon glowing brightly in the dark sky.

"I am coming for you, my Angel."


End of chapter.

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