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The Volume of the Heart

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The story follows a family who experiences the ups and downs of life, fighting against the mess of emotions that growing up brings. On the way discover more about themselves, their friends and the mysteries of magic they face daily. (I am the original author and have self-publish this else were, just making it available on here for all my readers.)

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Magic runs through the lands, but in the country of Lantarc and the Country of Ankora, their magic manifests in different ways. In the country of Lantarc, their magic only appears to the young once they have found their artefact, an object through which they can channel their powers. It can take years to find the right artefact, and most families now store objects of each element to find what their child is in tune with. Without the storing of objects to test what element a child is connected to; it can take years for children to find their artefact. The object is always something that could be apart from the body, someone with their artefact attached could find themselves without control of their magic. It had occurred several times before, but each child never lived too long after it. The magic was always too strong for their small form. One such child had survived, he was raised around objects that activated his magic, causing several small outbursts in his younger life, until he found his artefact and began to learn to control Not all are as lucky, but he was one of the few that continues to live their lives free of harm.

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