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Every Heart has its Thorns

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Max Mann starts his studies to become an Emphatic Master Mage, but there is much more left to learn about magic, secrets once covered and hidden away start to come to light. With family and a lot of new friends, Max needs to understand what his magic means, and how much danger he is truly in.

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Max was relaxing in his room, meditating to help focus his emotions to make them easier to control and deal with. His emotion filter sat on his desk, the stone glowing softly.

Max took a deep breath, remaining steady, or as his doctor would say; Balanced. Meditation had been brought up as an option to help him heal from Mathew’s incident. The fact this magic was emotional made doctors much more cautious when it came to his recovery, short term, and long term. They wanted to make sure he got out of it all with minimal side effects.

Something tugged at his emotions, Max’s body tensed up a little. It didn’t seem malicious, but the Mathew incident taught him that he couldn’t always trust his emotions to tell if people had malicious intent. But the tugging seemed almost curious in nature, but still reached for his emotions with caution.

Max wasted no time getting up and grabbing his emotion filter. Putting it around his neck and set it on the most powerful setting, shutting everything off around him. The tugging stop, the culprit was blocked from the free access. Max took a deep shaky breath, and glanced at his reflection in his bedroom mirror, he looked like a mess with a lack of sleep.

Maybe he should speak to his therapist about this. It was probably nothing to worry about, but it was always best to get a professional opinion. Max put a hand over his heart, this-this was nothing, everything is going to be fine – right?

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