Dream About Woodsman

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Tora needs a change so she sets out on a journey to change her home, man and job... more or less in that order. James' life is a standard one, work-home-work, and occasional poker with his friends. It's hard to be the last one among friends without a mate. His life will turn upside down as he gets caught up in situation he didn't expect, both love and political.

Fantasy / Erotica
Adorna Luxen
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Chapter 1

There was something cathartic to put everything you have in your car and go on a trip of no return. Things had to change, Tora couldn’t stand the pity looks of her worried friends and family. She had taken a map of the country and with closed eyes picked where she’d go. It took her a month to find a perfect place to rent. This is where she’ll re-find, re-invent herself. “Cut that crap” - She muttered to herself. I doubt a new place will get me a better judgment of men. I’m pushing my limits though. How will a city girl survive in the countryside? Let’s see if I’m that good with hands as I claim to be.

Little cabin was 10 minutes drive from the main road and 20 minutes from the village. Getting supplies shouldn’t be a problem. Cabin had a big yard surrounding it, an orchard and an old style swing on the front porch - a detail which was a deciding factor.

Tora rented the cabin for a year and had a local lady clean it before her arrival. She wasn’t comfortable enough to online hire someone to help with moving-in. It was an early Friday morning when she pulled over in front of her new home. Today’s plan was to carry in essential boxes and find someone in the village tomorrow to help with the rest.

She took a look around the cabin. Last renovation must have been decades ago. Can’t wait to get my hands on the kitchen. Renovating the kitchen will be my first big project. Well, first fix the porch, then give a new look to the kitchen.

Summer was beginning, nights were still cold and the vicinity of the forest ensured lower temperatures, which will come in handy as summer shows its full potential. At the moment nothing more satisfying than being wrapped up in a blanket, slowly rocking on a swing. A picture she was very fond of and hoped her evenings would look like that.


“Hello dear, will that be all?” - An older, grandma-looking cashier asked her kindly. After a short rest she had headed to the village. She was buying food, drinks, hygienic products and everything else that a respectable household needs.

“Actually, I have a question. Where could I get materials like paint and other DIY stuff?” - She answered with a polite smile.

“2 streets from here we have our factory store which is also a DIY store so it should have everything you need, dear.”

“Thanks, I’ll check it.”. - Tora started picking up her bags.

“Oh, no, no, I’ll get someone to help.”

“No need, I’m pregnant, not ill.”

Old granny turned in a fierce looking lady, eyes glowing in a determination - “He’ll be here in a second.”

“Who?” - Confusion could be heard in Tora’s voice.

Do you know a type of guy with a bad boy attitude but seasoned like a good wine, and now every mother would like them as a son-in-law? Well, one specimen of that kind just entered the store.

She stared shamelessly at him. Such a specimen. A man, hardcore... core clenching man.

He stopped and turned around to face them, his stare on her. Tora blinked. Is he really looking at me?

“Come, come, this lady needs help with her bags. Could you please carry them to her car?” - The cashier pointed to Tora’s bags.

“Sure, Zelda” - Bad boy answered and proceeded to take over bags from her. Tora had two in her hands looking like she had no intention to give them up.

“May I Miss?” - She just nodded. You may do to me and with me anything you wish. Not just my bags.

The thoughts in her head were getting wild, and then wilder. She exhaled and went out after him. “Please this way” - She pointed towards the car.

She watched him put her bags in the trunk. I could think of at least one better place to put his stuff in. She giggled inside. Is this my hormones acting up?

Bad boy turned around giving his hand in a shake “I’m James”.

She didn’t really trust herself with touching him but she was raised well so she gave him a firm shake. His hand was warm and rough. He didn’t let go of her hand and she gave him a questioning look.

“Your name?”

Oh. “I’m Tora. Nice to meet you.”

He let her go. - “So are you done with the shopping or need something else?”

“Yes, I need to go to a DIY store.”

“Ok, I’ll lead the way.”

It took them more than an hour to get everything needed to fix a porch. This morning she has taken a closer look and some parts were rotten so it has become her top priority. Falling through wasn’t an experience she wanted to have.

“I have a truck so I can take these materials to your home. Where are you staying?” - James asked her.

“In a cabin, not far from here.”

“Ok, let’s go, I’ll follow you in my car.”

Tora got in her car, grabbed her keys to start the car. Besides being a sexy woodsman, am I really taking an unknown man to my home? I guess I am. She chuckled to herself and drove away. Woodsman, hmmm... Yep, that’s his new codename.

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